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Strange Things Going On In Our House

Hi. We first heard this strange knock, like, 10-15 years ago. My siblings and I are studying around 8 in the evening mid December, then 5 banging knocks hit our heavy wooden door from the outside. We know no one’s there since our parents are still not at home. We checked outside and yes, no one’s there.

Second time it happened, my husband and I are sleeping. Around 5 a.m, we heard 5 very light knocks, but this time outside our bedroom door; and just yesterday, I was awaken by these 4 knocks in the middle of the night, as if it’s the palm of a hand knocking outside our bedroom.

These are not the only strange things happening in our house:

You will hear someone taking a bath; then my 3 year-old child insisted to go down stairs past 3 a.m, he went down alone, I followed him, then downstairs, he strangely looked directly into “something” in our living room, after that he suddenly hugged me and cried then whispered “Mommy there’s a dead man standing there.”; there is also a time when I heard my brother’s voice in his room, so I talked to him from downstairs, then my sister noticed me then told me our brother is taking a bath, and no one is in the room; our nanny and my child also experienced someone calling their names, my child heard his daddy’s voice calling him even he’s still not at home; and when I’m doing a recording for a song inside our bedroom, when I played back the record, I heard a deep man’s voice laughing at the background when I know it’s very quiet and I’m all alone… I’m not sure if it is a doppelganger as what they call it, since we are hearing someone copying our voices… Please help.

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Hi Kristina,

Did this all happen in the same home? It sounds like you are haunted, but no worries, there is a simple solution. Just use both of the Michael Invocations and the White Light Shields listed under “Page” on the bottom of this web page and you should be fine. Use the shields daily if you need to, they’re easy to make. Also, if you’d like you can ask Archangel Michael to “FIND” the dead man your son saw standing in the living room and “TAKE” him into healing. After that, if the dead man is still a ghost, it won’t bother your family anymore.

If you have trouble visualizing the White Light Shields, you can also have them up by saying: “Archangel Michael, please put White Light Shields around me now” or “I want white light energy shields around me now please”.

From my memory, doppelgängers are another version of “you”, like a twin, that symbolizes or is a sign that you’ll die soon. I think doppelgängers are seen, not just heard. I don’t think you have to worry about dying soon though! I think you might have some ghosts, that’s all.

Hi Kristina,

It would appear your home has been haunted for a number of years, and now your young son has seen the ‘dead man’, which can be very frightening for them.

When I was around 17 or 18 I met my doppelganger on a busy street in Sydney Australia. We looked so alike, except that I was chubby and she wasn’t. Her name was Jennifer, which was the name my mother was going to give me but changed her mind. She was an ordinary living person. Events like this don’t happen often, but they do happen. A ghost copying the male voices in your household is not unusual either, but unless it appears looking like someone you know, its not a doppelganger.

What you have to decide is what you want to do about it? If you go to church you could ask your minister or priest to come and bless your home, with the intention of sending the ghost into heaven. You could arrange for a Rescue Medium/Spirit Rescuer to visit and talk to the ghost and cross it over .. or you could scroll to the bottom of this webpage and follow the link through to the Michael Invocation and use it to clear the house, and then each of you individually. The instructions are on the webpage. You might also consider learning the White Light Shields and using them to protect your son, since he’s a medium and can see paranormal beings. He might grow out of the gift, or not .. and a little added protection can be a wonderful thing.

Whatever your decision, tell us how you go in a couple of weeks.

Love & Peace