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General Questions About Silver

I know that silver is a metal that is supposed to have magical properties as well as the ability to repel certain creatures. That being said I have two questions I’ve been unable to answer.

The first is, does the silver content of an item (a charm, coin, necklace) determine the objects repelling power? Will something that is pure silver be more effective in repelling than something like sterling silver that is only 90% silver if that? Or would they be equal just because the metal is present?

The second is I have heard that the metal silver repels certain creatures, and can also prevent someone from being spelled or hexed by a witch.

Are there any spirits that are repelled or weakened by silver?

My main concern is demons and other malicious entities such as some ghosts. Will the silver have an effect on them as well? Or is it only iron that works in this case?

Asked by Jessica

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Hi Jessica,

Why do you want to play with beings that need to be repelled by silver? The Fae (fairies) don’t like it, but iron works better with them. It is said to be able to kill werewolves. It has no effect on vampires. It doesn’t frighten ghosts. Demons are not bothered by it. So really, we are back to the fae, who are generally only curious about the living, and werewolves, who might, or might not, exist. I have never met one myself, so I don’t know for sure.

Ghosts are generally not malicious, just demanding and annoying at times. If you want some information on them I suggest you read my webpages .. you can get there from a link at the bottom of this webpage called ‘Sacred Gates – Ama Nazra’, you’ll find it all in the section called Victorian Paranormal.

So, back to the original question .. what trouble are you trying to get yourself into?

Love & Peace

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