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Bed Sheet And Ghosts

I travel a lot and sometimes the hotel I am in will have ghost hanging around. I can sense when one is around for some reason. I don’t bother them they don’t bother me.

Since getting old and losing my hair I will sometimes sit with a sheet or blanket over the top of my head to keep warm. I found this seems to bother ghost. I feel their uneasy feeling. Sometimes it is an anger.

I have had times I would  be sitting read or whatever and all of the sudden there would be a tug on the blanket or sheet like they are trying to remove it.

Each spirit reacts a little different but always react.

I now carry a hat to wear when I feel there is a ghost in my room. Why does the sheet bother them?

Asked by Bill

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Hi Bill,

When I was a child I used to cover my head with a sheet, but I learned very fast not to cover my face, because the ghost/s who caused me to hide in the first place, was generally watching my face waiting for me to remove the sheet .. either to give me a fright, or truthfully, now that I am older, and hopefully a little wiser, to help them cross into heaven .. which I didn’t know I could do when I was that young.

Ghosts want to be noticed, recognised and remembered. If they can’t have that, they’ll settle for the fear people produce when they see or sense them. If you do not provide any of that, they might get a little cross. They might also think you are playing games by hiding under the sheet and ignoring them. Given that ghosts still have all the emotions, fears, phobias and beliefs they had when alive, I would be frustrated and annoyed if someone did that to me, living or dead. That might explain what you are feeling when you cover your head for warmth .. a hat seems a lot less complicated.

Love & Peace

The hat isn’t as warm and comfortable but they don’t seem to mind it like the blanket. I would ask why they don’t like the blanket but I no longer communicate with the dead because of a bad experience years ago. I opened more and more doors going deeper and deeper into talking with the underworld and things were getting worse and worse. I think I opened the gates to hell it was way beyond anything I could control or wanted to see. I finally got I all under control so now I don’t even acknowledge them and things are fine.