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Entity Attacking Wife Leaves Marks On Body

I have recently moved to a new apartment and have been staying there since February 2015. I stayed alone in the apartment for about 3 weeks before my wife moved in.

About 2 weeks ago she told me that she has been having the same dream almost every night where she sees a lady in our bathroom but she cannot look at the face. In the dream my wife tries to move away from her but as soon as she tries the lady holds her hands and my wife wakes up.

Recently the dream changed and my wife saw the lady standing beside our bed. In another dream, the lady asked her as to when is she leaving. Of late there have been attacks on my wife where the entity is trying to pull her out of the apartment window. We live on the 27th floor of the building.

There have been 3 attacks till now one of which happened last night. In all the attacks there are marks left on the body from where she was grabbed. The mars looks like that the entity has three fingers but it does not look like human fingers. Marks from earlier attacks have started healing but have changed color from red to black.

I am physically present in the house but it happens most of the times when I am asleep and she wakes me up after this as happened. What should I do. I am a Hindu and live in India.

Asked by Abhishek Tyagi

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Hello Tyagi,

Is there someone who can come to your apartment and clear it of the ghost that is inhabiting it, and appears to resent your wife’s being on the property? I would do that very soon.

If not, at the bottom of this webpage there is an Invocation to Archangel Michael that can be used to remove whatever entities are in the property, the whole property, not just your apartment. When you use the Invocation request that the building, using its street address, be cleared of all unwanted entities. Have your wife also use it on herself.

I know it has the name Jesus Christ in it, but that doesn’t matter. Say it the way it is written, because ghosts and demons both believe in JC no matter what religion the ghost had when living, and the other entities also know the power of change invoking that name can bring, no matter what your faith is.

Love & Peace
Ama Nazra