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Does Anger Or Hate Affect The Outcome Of A Ritual?

Anger/ Hate Fueled Burning of Corn Husks without Tobacco

When I was a younger, I remember my mother burned some corn husks to “purify” our home of evil. The thing is – My mother has never been taught to do anything like this and simply was just doing what she saw a relative of hers do to purify evil when she was a child. I had already been living with her at that home for a while and nothing out of the ordinary had ever happened there before that.

Shortly after she did that we (My mother, brother,and I) saw a short shadow person hiding behind her boyfriends shop (a bock away from our house) and I was later attacked in my room. I even visited her with my husband and children recently and had a waking dream of a robed decaying man in the room with us and he was reaching out to my family and I.

I want to know if burning non-tobacco corn husks can open doors to other realms letting spirits cross over to our side, and does burning them with anger or hate affect the outcome of the ritual?

I have to know if she unknowingly let anything loose at her boyfriends house.

Asked by Michelle

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Hi Michelle,

I did a quick online search for your question, and if you found the same webpage that I did, the lady there is speaking of her anger going into the husks, but she still burned them. Burning things releases trapped emotions, so no, burning corn husks would not bring trouble or negative energy to you.

When it comes to ritual, anything created in hate and anger is going to have an appalling rebound affect to the person doing the ritual. We can choose to give our anger into something to be burned, such as writing how we feel, and why, on paper and then deliberately choosing to burn it to release the emotions from us, which is a well-practiced healing process. If a person was using the husks to represent someone, or some issue, they were angry at, it would work the same way, be a healing process. But if the person was using the husks as a representation of a person they were angry at, and then deliberately choosing to burn them to harm the person .. karma is a bitch .. the law of 3, at the very least, means any harm sent to another person will be released and returned to the sender 3 times as strongly, if not 10 times .. depending on which beliefs you follow.

The symbolism of the husks is that of bounty and abundance, all good things. I would suggest that no one try to turn it into anything else. Burning it in your home to clear the atmosphere might work, but white sage works far better .. so I suggest you use that instead.

Love & Peace