Shadow Person Or Man In Hat?

I have the gift of seeing spirits and sensing when they are in a room, and nothing like this has ever occurred.

I was in my kitchen, late at night, and all of a sudden, I turn around and see a shadow person almost like lunge at me. I was terrified. I felt a presence behind me and saw black in the corner of my eye. I turned around and there it was and sprinted almost through me. If I remember correctly it was tall, and long arms. It almost wrapped its arms around me in a way.

I read the man in the hat often appears during family turmoil, and my parents were currently fighting and saying they were getting divorced after several screaming outburst at each other over the week for a few months.

So, any idea what this could be? A negative energy manifestation, or a true shadow, or even “him?”

All is helpful. Thank you!

Asked by Logan


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One reply on “Shadow Person Or Man In Hat?”

Hi Logan,

I am sorry to hear about your parents, but quite often a divorce can be a good thing for a couple if they cannot find peace with each other again.

The man in the hat is a specific entity that is not shaped the way you describe your shadow person. They do occasionally notice the living, but generally don’t do any harm. As to why it was visiting – I have never heard of them being drawn to negative energy, but its always possible.

Unless the entity appears again, I would not be worried. People are becoming more sensitive to spirits and other beings these days, so we just have to get used to seeing things now, that were always there before anyway, without us being aware of them.

Love & Peace
Ama Nazra