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Do I Have A Gift? (help I’m scared)

I’ve been to a few mediums and told them about my experiences and they all have said I have a “gift” but I don’t know what that gift is.

Ever since I was young (6 years old) I have been terrified of spirits. Sometimes it feels like someone walks in the room when no ones there. Sometimes I get sad out of no where I just want to cry, and I’m not even sad. Its like someone else’s emotions.

I have dreams about ghosts all the time. And its not like they say they are dead. It will be a normal house, and normal person. Then all of a sudden I know they aren’t alive… But they don’t tell me.

My most terrifying dreams are ones that are always at on old house I use to live in… I was never able to sleep in my room alone I would go sleep with my mom because I was to scared. I have had many experiences in that house. Seen shadows, heard people talk in my ear, things move or levitate in front of me. Now every where I have lived since then, I still see shadows hear things but now when it talks it is in my momma’s voice saying my name. It has me shaking when that happens.

I will say ever since I started believing in god it has settled down with activity in the house. But the dreams wont… please help me. I am so confused and scared. I don’t want to be scared anymore.

Asked by Dominique Friend

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Hello Dominique,

I saw my first ghost when I was 2 .. my mother says. I leaned over her shoulder and called out Grandma! .. I only had ‘Nanna’, my father’s mother, living .. but my mother’s mother had said she would only be ‘grandma’. My mother swung around puzzled, smelled her mother’s perfume and realised that ‘Grandma’ had dropped in for a visit and I could ‘see’ her. My Grandmother made many more ‘visits’ to me as I was growing up .. I didn’t realise she was a ghost (a lost soul) until I was 29 and she crossed over. I grieved as if she had just died.

There’s a difference between ghosts and spirits. By the sounds of things you have been experiencing ghosts, who are ‘earthbound’ (not crossed into heaven). They want attention, and energy .. and since they need our energy to maintain their existence, they will scare it out of you if they can. Not all ghosts mean to do this, they just want company, or to be remembered as if they were alive. Some of them share their last memories with you .. I’ve been woken by plenty of ‘dreams’ where I have watched people die. Used the scare the heck out of me as a child, now .. I just wake up .. work out where the ghost is standing, and cross it over into heaven before it has a chance to go someplace else.

There’s an easy way of doing this: “Archangel Michael, please find the ghost that just haunted my dreams (you might describe something you saw in the dream) and take it into healing”. The words ‘find’ and ‘take’ are important, because they give the angels permission to go up to the ghost, tap it on the shoulder and say ‘hi, let’s have a chat’ .. and their angel will stay with them until the ghost crosses, which never takes very long. One less ghost in the world means one less problem for people like you and me (and millions of others) who can see, hear or sense ghosts.

Spirits .. they visit too, but they are generally family members, only stay for a moment to remind us that they love us, and then they are gone again. They don’t need our energy .. nor take it.

So yes, you have a gift. It is called ‘mediumship’ .. which clairvoyance and clairsentience tied together. You also have empathy. You can look each of those gifts up on the internet and you’ll find they are not unusual, particularly these days.

Then two things .. at the bottom of this page are two links – the Michael Invocation and White Light Shields. Go and learn both and use them. The house shield will let you sleep at night without worrying about ghosts dropping in for a visit. And those pages are mine .. go and have a look around. There’s information that will be helpful about all sorts of things. You can also email me privately from there if you want to.

Not everyone wants to talk to ghosts, or be bugged by them .. I do it because I can help them be free. That’s very important to me. The personal shields will give you back your capacity to choose to or not. That really will help. Any other questions, you know where to find me ..

Love & Peace

ive always beevivd in ghost but never saw one for my self till about 2 years ago so the first time i saw a ghost i was scared and in awe my cousins katie and zane saw it too i belive it was my moms mom and on july 2011 i saw her once more and i asked her if she was my grandma she took two steps across the kitchin and disapered. we resently moved in to a new house and me and my nefew have reson to belive that it too is haunted from a lady humming to people talking we have tried to debunck all the hapenings but got nothing .we watch Ghost adventures every time it comes on and now we also added paranormal challange to are list. brooklyn

Hi I’m Katie I had the SAME exact things happen to me in my old house. Everything that your saying is so freaky similar to my experiences I was so scared I slept in my moms bed or in my brothers room I never slept alone because if I did they would shake my bed throw things claw at doors thump on the walls etc. I saw a little boy one night standing in front of my moms bedroom tv I told her and she still didn’t see it! Can we please somehow talk and share our experiences together?

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