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Hallucination Or Something Else?

Hello everyone!

First of all, I’d like to say that I am not a native speaker of English so please forgive any linguistic mistakes I make. Secondly, I am a very open-minded person and I believe in paranormal situations. I share my experience because I’d like to see whether there are other interpretations apart from the logical one: hallucination.

The first night of my summer vacation with my boyfriend, as I was tossing and turning in our bed, having my eyes closed, at a moment when I had my back against my boyfriend, I opened my eyes (for no reason, it just happened) and I saw my boyfriend standing next to the bed staring me. He wasn’t doing anything, he was just standing still, looking at me. And he didn’t say anything when he saw that I saw him. That lasted more than five seconds. He really gave me the creeps! I was so afraid and surprised because I didn’t hear him walking (since I wasn’t sleeping.) So with a frightened voice I asked him “what are you doing?” and then I realized that he was actually sleeping next to me! And the “creepy guy” was gone…

Was that a kind of hallucination or something else? (Extra information: I don’t take any drugs or medication and I don’t drink)

Asked by Catherine

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Hi Catherine,

Do a little research on ‘astral travel’ and you’ll find that your boyfriend’s spirit was actually out of his body and looking at both of you. There is nothing unusual about that. You could ask him if he has ever dreamed he’s done something like that? He might remember what he does when his body is sleeping.

It’s normal and healthy for people to astral travel while their bodies rest. We generally don’t remember doing so, but some people are born with the gift of being able to remember, and other people train themselves to do this when they want to.

Nothing to worry about,
Love & Peace

Thank you so much Ama! I am glad you answered! (you had once again helped me in another question)I’d like to know something else on astral travel. Is it usual for people to see someone while s/he is astral traveling?

Hello again,

No its not usual to see someone in particular when a person is ‘travelling’. What some people do is focus on who they want to visit before they go out of their bodies .. and I know of groups of friends who will ‘meet on the astral’. If it happened to you perhaps you were thinking about the person, or worrying about them, before you went to sleep.

It amuses me that people tell me they visit me .. and can’t get in the house .. since I keep it ‘closed’ against ghosts etc it also seems to work for unexpected astral travellers. LOL

Love & Peace

What about the people who are being visited by astral travellers? Can they see their visitors?(of course,I believe they can, since I did!) but is it something that happens frequently? Again thank you so much!

Some people can, some can’t. Every person is an individual and their gifts are individual. I don’t know of anyone who has measured how many people have seen others who were visiting them astrally .. you could try researching that on the internet. I am told it happens quite frequently in dreams.

Could be an interesting subject to investigate. 🙂

Love & Peace

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