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Distinguishing Between Paranormal And Non-paranormal Experiences?

I was just wondering how a person might tell the difference between, say, a vivid/lucid dream, sensations experienced during an episode of sleep paralysis or a hallucination and paranormal experiences (apparitions, entities, etc).

For another example, if someone were falling asleep, only to be woken by another person, and turned to find that they were actually the only one in the room – would they know if they hadn’t just dreamed the experience, and if so, how?

Asked by Lani

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Hi Lani,

Sounds like you are experiencing a few weird things. (I live in the weird world where paranormal things are normal around here).

Everything you have asked about are different events.

Lucid dreaming – you ‘wake up’ inside a dream and find you can control what is happening. In a normal dream its more like you are along for the ride and can’t change anything.

Sleep paralysis – your body is still asleep although your mind is awake. You can’t move, even blink. It only lasts for a moment, but seems like forever. You might feel there is an entity in the room with you that is very frightening. But, it is often your spirit (vibrating at a much higher speed, which causes a feeling of anxiety/fear) settling back into your body. That’s why we speak of the separation of mind, body and spirit. The mind/ego control certain motor functions of the body but we need all three to by in synch with each other to be a living person. We can be paralysed by fear, but that is not sleep paralysis, and some entities do cause this, but its a physiological reaction, not a paranormal one.

Hallucinations happen when we have a very high fever, or are taking drugs that interfere in a healthy state of mind. They might over-sensitise a person, making them aware of entities they would not normally ‘see’ with their eyes, or our imaginations can create them because of the fever or chemicals. Best to stay away from drugs and try and stay well. Yes, there are entities out there that some people can tune into, without artificial help, but that is a natural Gift, or a curse for some people. So if you can see or sense things without illness or drugs, you are probably clairvoyant (sight) or clairsentient (sensing) or clairaudient (hearing) .. and if you are, finding a group to train you to understand your gifts would be a very good idea.

As we go into sleep we reach a state of mind that is more connected with the spiritual planes than the physical and can experience hynagogic images. We can imagine that a person from our dreams is real, and they can seem to wake us up .. on the other hand, ghosts wake me up. They can seem very real at the time. Once I am awake enough to realise they are ghosts, I either help them or ask them to come back in daylight. Sometimes I am strongly aware of their presence and sometimes they only appear in my dreams. Either way I recognise why they came and try to react accordingly. In the beginning they would scare me, but now I know that they only want to be remembered, and get some energy from me .. so if the person waking me up is not there when I finally open my eyes, I ask my angels for help with finding them and crossing them over, and then go back to sleep.

How do I know its not just my imagination? The air around ghosts is very cold, so is their touch. They can leave the living feeling very drained, tired and upset, or angry or frightened. Sometimes they leave finger marks. The way I view it is this – if its my imagination there’s no harm in asking for help for them. If they are really there, its also a good idea to ask for help for them .. that’s what they generally come to me for – a doorway Home.

So, if you are experiencing anything you have asked questions about, you might want to consider learning White Light Shields to use before you sleep, to make you feel safe and comfortable .. you can find them by following the link at the bottom of this webpage …

Love & Peace