Dreams and Sleep

Creepy Dreams And Fallen Angels

Hello, Good evening. Me and a friend of my have been going through a lot of weird things. For start I have many memories that never happened. I know many people have, and I just wonder what it’s mean, mine are a night sky, full of stars, a church window, but bigger as if was a door, and a white room, and I have the feeling that in this last one, I’ve just got married. I have those “memories” since I can remember. It’s possible that there’s past life? Or what could be? I’m not sure if it’s important, but I have a dream about a house in the middle of woods, it’s a big, white house, I’m always so happy there, every time I dream about this place when I awake up I awake with that feeling of “wish return to there”.

Some months ago, I wrote some symbols, like without thinking about it, you know, like in the automatically and then a voice(distant and hoarse) in my head translate it . I don’t know if it’s a real language or what. But the voice was pretty real. I wrote it in the hospital, I was taking care of my grandma’, It might be just from my mind, but she was okay one day and than I wrote the symbols and she got worse and died a couple days later.

My friend dreamed that there was a kinda of army after us, they forced her translate those symbols. A couple days later the army appears here, near to my house, they kept just watching, waiting for something,and there was nothing in the news, maybe I’m just overreacting, but I don’t believe in coincidence (the army from her dreams were like from the Nazis time and the real one was normal from now days). She dreamed again about these army, this time, they were after a child, that she and a man was protecting, this child had powers and people called her “devil’s child” for that, this child was me.

I always dream awake (like imagination) that there’s a man helping us, maybe it’s just a coincidence, or nothing…

I can make things happen, or maybe guess what gonna happen, sometimes it’s take seconds, sometimes years.Example: I didn’t know my sister, only her name and I’m not sure if I knew that she was a teacher or not. I started to wish, dream (awake) that I met her in the school, every new school that I was, every new teacher that I was introduced I expected that was gonna be her, and one day was. This is just one example.

A name came to my mind: Asle or Asele or Asale, I’m not sure how its written, but it’s something like this.(I don’t know if this is important, but…)

Some time ago my friend was touched by a hand in the middle of night and she heard a voice whispering “ha” as if was joking, she said the touch was warm, made her feel safety, then one night she dream with him, but didn’t get the chance to see his face, just feel his presence, she dreamed with this presence a couple time more, and she feel he’s there with her, watching her, in her house, all time.

Some day ago she dreamed something like this: she was playing video game when a bright light blinded her, and when she could back to see she was on a kinda of rotten woods, and there was some creatures, all black like if was covered by petrol, they were hunting her and a child and a baby( she didn’t know who was those kids but when she woke up she say she thought about me) but then a huge tree appeared in the middle, it was like in format of a man, also in petrol, the man/tree shouted to her “YOU MUST SEE” than another bright light and she woke up.

In another dream she got a key and was in a forest, and than she found a tree in fires, and was like a hole place, I don’t quite remember this one, but later if this “case” interest you I can get the conversation, once it’s saved in my phone.

Anyway… This sounds a little stupid but I found a key last year, old key, and I wanted to use it as a necklace, but I just couldn’t, I started to feel really odd about this key, like I don’t wanna no one to see, and I just take it to wherever a go, I just keep this feeling of protect this key you know, for a while a felt a strange angry towards this object, I felt like throw away, but I just couldn’t, those dreams and stuff began after I found this key. There was one day that I didn’t use, I was like “I going stop with this” and I went out of home without it and right in this night my grandma'(the one I mentioned above) got an CVA, when I was out, I voice say “it start tonight”…

But there is one another thing that happens to me for a longer time and it’s what really take off my sleep. I’ve always feel like if I was surrounded by darkness, since child, when I look back I don’t feel I had an innocent childhood, I feel like I was never pure, some years ago I started to feel or realize(cause I don’t know if I feel this before, since forever, and only than got worse) some weird feeling towards Lucifer, a attraction, more than this, as if he was “calling” for me, and the worst part it’s that I feel as if my soul was “calling” for him too, as if I wanted him, I just started to feel so similar to him, in my mind sometimes I try find answers, day dream you know, so I even imagined that he had put a part of his soul inside me, just for you have an idea of how much was this “connection”.

Well, I got tired, scared, wished for a normal life, I buried this (not the feelings, the feelings kept here I just ignored it) pretended nothing happened, nothing was happening, until I found this key. So I opened myself to try understand those feelings again, but it seems that the more I study they, bigger they become. Or maybe I’m just accepting they more, understanding it, now I still feel this way for him, but as I said, I understand more or it got worse… now when I think about him, I feel like I know him, not me, me, but my soul, and him not as in his face, but as in his soul too, as if my soul knew his. And I just keeping wishing for he not be Satan (cause second the bible Satan gonna perish in hell forever and I don’t wanna this for him), I keep “see” they as two different entities, or maybe I just wanna believe so, I don’t know why it’s so important to me he be good or be forgiven, but it’s, lately I just keep thinking about this, searching to see if I can find anything more about him (after all no of us can know for sure what happened, right)I just don’t accept that he’s evil, or it’s too late for him (him that I keep say it’s Lucifer, the angel, not Satan, even if they are the same) this really bother me, don’t understand, why it’s so important to me, why he seems to be important to me. I know that it can all be a trick, he be playing with my mind, tricking my heart, but I don’t know, why he would do this? (I consider things like you know… to me give birth to the Antichrist) part of me just feel like this whole story it’s wrong, and he’s good or at least it’s not all bad, I don’t know… maybe I just don’t wanna accept… it’s so confusing, and it’s drive me crazy.

I heard a voice in my head some time ago, when I was subscribing to a draw(of a autographed book)saying “you gonna win this time, and if this happen it mean he is here” or “he’s with you” I don’t remember for sure, but it was in this context, and I won, like for the first time ever I won something, it might be coincidence, but as I said before I don’t believe in coincidences.

It’s been about four days since I started to hear noises in the middle of night, it in my bedroom, it’s sounds like if a computer cable was moving from one site to another, touching in something else, you know or if the computer screen was shaking, it’s loud, one night woke me up, it keep like “bump, bump, -pause- bump, bump, bump – long pause – bump” and this happen all night, but with pauses you know, only in the night, at tops in the beginning of the morning, it could be a rat haha but the same sound? every night? Only in the night? If was it would be stuck in the same place, and I’ve looked, there’s nothing in the cables, or in anywhere. So… It’s scared me, but I’m not afraid, I mean I’m not feeling a bad presence here or anything like this. In the night that woke me up I was half sleeping, half awake and the voice in my head said: “maybe it’s a Morse code” so now I’m trying to “read it”, understand, if the noises could be letters, am I doing right? I mean, in first place it’s this possible? If so what could be?

Well, so, what do you think about all this? It’s real? If so, what could be happening? And what should we do?

There’s one more thing that I forgot to say, since I was child I hear this voice talking to me, it was a girl, she told me, her name was Emily and she was my guardian angel, I grew up believing in this, until some years I still believe and heard her, in fact I think I still believe, but I send her away(cause I wanted to be normal), and she changed, as if she wasn’t talking to me anymore, now I have a man talking to me, doing what she did, advising me, etc, I was explaining this to my friend and a answer came to my mind, just pup it in my mind you know: Emily’s voice and this man’s are the same, she change according to my needs, when I was younger I wanted/needed it (my angel) as a girl, now I wanted/needed my angel as a man. Is this make sense? It’s possible?

Thank you!

PS: sorry about my English, this is not my first language.

PS: This is not my real name, I just don’t feel comfy publishing my real name to everyone.

Asked by Asale Emily

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Hello Asale Emily,

Yes, memories of experiences that you have never had can often be from past lives, or from tv programs you watched as a child that you no longer remember. I have a lot of past life memories that I was born with, to the confusion of my parents when I tried to talk about them, so I don’t find the situation very unusual.

Everything you wrote about the Nazi based dreams could also be past life connected, brought to your attention by events happening around you. Memories can arise from all sorts of triggers, some as simple as familiar smells. It is highly likely that the army down the street was a co-incidence, but, because of you and your friend’s dreaming, they seem to be related.

Meeting your sister – might have been ‘precognition’ (that is the word for knowing something is going to happen before it happens – could be a moment before, or, as you wrote more longer.

The ‘ha’ might be a touch from your friend’s guardian angel, because of warmth and the sense of safety. We all have a guardian who stands behind our right shoulder, from the group of angels governed by Archangel Michael. You can ask its name (angels are neither male nor female, just energy forms that often look human). That might also explain the name you got, but unless you give me more information about when the name came to mind, its hard to say. Your friend has some interesting dreams, but dreams can be made up of memories, from this life and others, and events that happen every day, plus anything we watch or listen to .. so they can end up very scrambled. It would be better if your friend wrote up her dreams, if she wanted them looked at, and sent them to me herself, rather than through you. Then I would get other details she remembered and thought important.

I am sorry about your grandmother, but I do not think the key is related to what happened to her. The strange sensations you picked up might have happened because of a gift called psychometry .. which is the ability to pick up images, feelings and emotions from the past from people who have owned something the psychometrist touches. It’s very interesting, particularly when you can check your facts afterwards. Did you ever find out what it was that was supposed to have started that night?

As far as the comment about Lucifer, would you please write to me privately and I’ll answer it that way. You can find my email address on my webpages, the link to which is down below (Sacred Gates – Ama Nazra). It is not something for you to worry about, but is important all the same. You can use your real name then. Yes, Lucifer and Satan are two different entities.

And then we go back to the Guardian angel. Yes, it can appear, and sound, as either male or female, depending on what you need. You cannot send it away, because it is a gift from God to protect your spirit and non-returnable. What they will do is ‘step back’, just out of your sense-range, and still watch over you without you having the aware they are there. You can ask it to go back to being Emily if you are more comfortable, but .. before you do that, ask it this, “Do you come to me in the name of Jesus Christ?” It MUST answer, ‘Yes, I come to you in the name of Jesus Christ’. Regardless of whether you believe in Jesus Christ or not, the angels and dark entities do. If the ‘angel’ does anything at all except answer exactly what I wrote, then you can ask your guardian angel to send it away, and it will be sent away and never return.

There are entities in the spiritual planes that do not love humanity and will harm us if they can. For those spiritually sensitive we must be very careful of our energy, and those beings that we allow to stay around us. It is best to learn their names and natures, and to TEST every one of them, to make sure they are beings of Light. That is also very true for you, Asale, because you are very sensitive.

The rest of the answer will be in private,
Until then,
Love & Peace
Ama Nazra
(in many ways just like you).