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Caught A Spirit?

All my life I was told a story of my fathers great grandfather who caught a “spirit” while it was trying to kill his wife. The great grandfather was given the choice of iron or hair. I am not sure what he chose or what this means.

I do come from a ” special” family. My grandmother aunt myself and daughter (all on my fathers side of the family) have abilities.

My daughter and myself see and talk to spirits. We lived in a house that was very haunted. We have since moved.

I am very interested in learning the meaning of this family story.

Asked by Tina

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Hi Tina,

A few definitions first …

A spirit is a person who has died and crossed into heaven. They don’t attack the living. They also don’t hang around haunting houses, or people. They will come, briefly, and sometimes give messages, but then they go away again.

A ghost is a person who has died and Not crossed into heaven. They might attach themselves to the living, to steal their energy, but they don’t usually attack. However they do hang around and haunt houses, families, strangers, and many other locations. You probably see and talk to them, though you might talk to spirits too.

A demon is also called a spirit in the Bible, but they are not spirits, and have never been human. They do occasionally ‘attack’ the living .. and they can be bound by hair or iron, as can elementals (nature spirits/fairies) but you really need to know how to do that .. and I DO NOT recommend anyone even consider it.

I would be more interested to know what your great grandfather did with the bound entity, because something bound may eventually break free, and, if it is a demon, they might seek revenge .. but since your great grandfather may well have passed over too, there is less to worry about there. Hopefully he took it with him.

There are safer ways of dealing with demons than binding them into, or by, anything. And binding an elemental is asking for a lot of trouble. They may be a pain at times, but we live in their world .. not they in ours. Might sound strange, but its true.

I think the only way you could find out what happened would be to ask the elders in your family, or look for your great grandfather’s journal, if he had one. The story might be written there, if only for safety’s sake.

Love & Peace

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