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Can One Room In A House Be Haunted?

I have been trying for years to find some sort of answers, so any insight on the issue would be greatly appreciated. My name is Erin when I was about 10 or so I moved into my older sisters room. When I first moved in there I remember the lights beginning turned off on me, I could hear the “click” of the chain, but I was the only person in the room.

Another time in the middle of the night a toy that had been tucked away in my closet for years just started going off, but this is not what still bothers me today.

As I got a little older probably around 14 or 15 I began to have these reoccurring nightmares. It was like I wasn’t completely asleep or awake it just felt so real, it felt like I had no control over my body I could not move or scream out for help or anything. The dreams became more intense I would begin to float and was beginning pulled towards my window I was not seeing anyone or thing but felt like it was something bad or even evil. These continued for years, but I only had them while asleep in my bedroom.

The last dream I had in there it began just like all the others a feeling of no control and beginning controlled by something else, but this time in my dream the door to my bedroom began to open and I could see a creature come in and it was running around my bed laughing, it had horns and looked like a little devil. I then looked to my right and Mary, like the mother of God Mary, was standing on the other side of my room, she was glowing and pulsating this bright blue light. I never slept in there again.

I am now 25 and still think about it and will still not sleep in that room. I want to make it very clear that besides the light switching off and my toy going off in the early years I have not experienced any of those things awake, like I said it was almost like I was not fully asleep or awake.

I am not sure if this is related or not, but I feel the need to write about it also. My older sister who live in the room before me was into very heavy drugs and dark things, I’m pretty sure she was even into a little witchcraft.

So my question is, is it possible for a room to be haunted? I know this is a long post, but again an insight on this would be greatly appreciated.

Asked by Erin

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Hello Erin,

I don’t think the room was haunted, but since a light was turned off, the house probably was, but not by anything particularly unfriendly, or you would have had other experiences.

It’s not often Mother Mary actually turns up personally, but she does it to make sure a person is safe, not a room or a building. That she did this for you makes you a very special person, perhaps one of her group of healers who live in the world these days.

The little ‘demonlike creature’ could have been an elemental .. a nature spirit, they are not harmful, just generally very strange to us. It could also have been a demon, but, as I said before, you would have had other experiences as well, rather than this brief visitation.

The ‘floating’ is astral travelling, the ‘cannot control your body’ is called ‘sleep paralysis’ which happens because of a normal chemical reaction in our bodies, to stop us acting out our dreams (mind you, my husband says I ‘ride a bike’ a lot). LOL

Astral travelling happens when our spirit leaves our bodies, when we sleep, and goes into the heavens, to meet friends and family, and go back to school. That’s normal. Most people do this unconsciously, never being aware of doing so. Some people can ‘travel’ consciously, and get a great deal of pleasure from it.

The sleep paralysis happens when your mind wakes up before your body does. You become ‘aware’, but cannot move. It usually only lasts a few minutes (but can feel like forever), and during that period of time you can ‘feel’ as though there is some other entity in the room with you, although you can’t see anything. With your heightened awareness you might be able to ‘see’ the unseen, such as elementals and angels .. because the lady in blue might have been your guardian angel, who only looked like what you believe Mother Mary would look like. They appear to us in a way our minds can accept.

You’ve had some unusual experiences. They might have happened anyway. They might have been triggered by an astral vortex (gate) in your sister’s bedroom. She might have been using an ouija in there, which can open a door into the void .. or it could have been just the right time for you to experience something that opened your mind to the possibility that there’s more to ‘life’ on this planet than we usually acknowledge.

Don’t sleep in the room again if you are uncomfortable, but also don’t frighten yourself over and over by remembering only the negative. You got to see someone truly beautiful, perhaps you could choose to focus on that?

Love & Peace

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