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Can Night Terrors Affect Multiple People?

Can night terror affect three people in the same house at minutes apart?

In 2007, my self, my father and my cousin were hired to do a job in Nova Scotia, Our employer got us a house to rent, our first night in the house was a rough one.

Around 11:30 my cousin Jerry woke up screening and scared belong belief.

Around 12:45 am my father work up screening.

Around 1:30 am I woke up screaming, feeling terrified, as if something was in my room.

This happened three nights in a roll, until Jerry mentioned it to our landlord, he smiled and said nothing.

That evening when we got back to the house we notice the attic door sealed shut, we asked why and got no answers, but the terror stopped, but we always felt uneasy, in the house especially on the second floor, so the question is was it a night terror, or was it something more?

Asked by Matt

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Hello Matt,

What I am going to tell you is just a possibility based from personal experience, but maybe you guys experienced a mixture of dream telepathy, astral projection, and precognition (the gift of seeing the future, which many people experience it at first through dreams).

To explain, I once had a friend who lived in New York (I live on the West Coast of the United States) and she was telepathic, empathic, involuntarily would astral travel at night often and sometimes even felt as if she were about to in the middle of the day while getting a sip of water (yes, she felt her body feel lighter as if she were about to leave her body). We shared some gifts in common, although she mentioned that she was known by the people in her area to appear in their dreams at night and then in the day time they would tell her and she would say, “Me too! I had the exact same dream!” It wasn’t unusual to her, it happened pretty often.

One night, I had a dream we met up at night and we were chased out in a 50’s diner and I made tornados because we were being shot at with guns. It was an intense dream. I woke up and had this urge to tell her the dream and it felt important to tell her the exact details. When she responded, she said she had the exact same dream, except 2 weeks BEFORE I had mine!

I have had interesting telepathic dreams like these after that, but it seems our gifts blended together and showed up in our dreams.

So for you, yes, it’s possible that someone had a night terror and since all 3 of you are telepathic, you guys shared the dreams and passed them on to each other. Maybe you guys were astral projecting (mostly everyone does this naturally in their sleep) and going over the dream and it slipped through, or maybe it was dream telepathy plus seeping through time with the seeing the future gift and then the feeling you guys felt as if something was in your room was just the astral body/soul of your family members in their sleep hovering around. I know it sounds a little complicated and odd, but it’s just an idea of what might’ve happened.

The simpler idea, although kinda something that bugs people, is that it could have been a passing ghost that was trying to get your guys attention. Maybe the ghost’s energy clashed with your guy’s energies and caused you guys to see into their world and eyes and it freaked you guys out in your sleep. Just to be safe, you can ask your guardian angel to “FIND” the ghost or entity that gave you the night terror in 2007 and “TAKE” them into healing. That should stop them from causing any more night terrors on anyone.