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Can A Spirit Be Attached To Furniture?

Can a spirit attach itself to a piece of wooden furniture?

Asked by Frank

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Hi Frank,

Yes, if someone loved the wooden furniture a lot, after they died they could choose to travel around with it.

If you think the furniture is haunted I suggest you use the Michael Invocation to clear it and send the ghost into healing. The link is just down the bottom of this webpage.

Love & Peace

Frank the answer to your question is yes, absolutely. Especially if it’s a place she was happy. Do you feel her presence?. You feel your being hugged?. It’s not your imagination Frank.
Talk to her. She can hear you. Ask her for a sign of her presence. Make a sound etc. Hope that helps. PS. Set a glass filled with purified water next to your bed. Also, place a picture of her under your pillow and ask her to come to you in your dreams. 😉