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Why Do I See Writing When My Eyes Are Closed?

Sometimes I see writing like newspaper headlines when my eyes are closed.

These are not any writings I have ever seen. Once it appeared as if a definition in the dictionary. It was for a New Zealand word from one of the tribes.

Asked by Butch

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Hi Butch,

I once spent 3 weeks watching the Greeks and Macedonians furiously fighting each other every time I closed my eyes. It even came with sound. I don’t know why I saw it, it just happened. I got very bored after a while and ‘wished it away’, and about 2 weeks later it faded. I don’t know what I was supposed to learn from the experience, its just one the many unusual ones that do.

What I suggest you do is keep a written record of all the headlines, as clearly as you can, each time it happens. Record the date and time, and everything you can ‘see’ as quickly as possible, before your memory has time to change them. (Our minds will do that). Then, after a few months, look for patterns that seem to repeat .. you might be able to work out what you are ‘seeing’ in that way.

Love & Peace