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Can A Ghost Follow You?

Hi all I’m form England west Midlands from 2010 when I moved into my home I started to see Shadows after 3 months and no one believed me at first and it was always at the same time at 00:00 on the dot every night. So I called a mate and he seen it as well. But you can only see for 3 seconds then its gone. In the end we moved that’s when the fun started.

2012 Within 3 weeks in my new home it started again but this time it was in my home you can see the Shadows walking from the kitchen to the living room then back and it was gone. One night you could be in bed and you can hear them walking up and down my stairs and banging and about 2 times a week we could hear one big crash it was like plates smashing in the kitchen but you went downstairs and nothing was undisturbed and stuff was going missing then turning back up later then it would calm down eventually but you can still here them.

In 2014 its all happening all over again where I am now still at the same place we can see objects falling off and we can still see the shadows, But now on 21/04/2016 I Felt someone or something touch me on the ear, So what am I doing?

Asked by Lee

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Hi Lee,

You, personally, are not doing anything. Ghosts are everywhere. They are attracted to the energy of certain people, you are perhaps one of them .. its hard to put a stop to that, but what you can do is clear your home of negative energy and wrap energy shields around it to keep ghosts out.

You’ll find a link for both at the bottom of this webpage .. Michael Invocation to clear your home, and the White Light Shields to keep it that way.

But yes, ghosts can follow you. To do that they have to be attached to you, and that’s not good for your energy .. so clear yourself as well. The instructions for everything are on the webpages.

Love & Peace

To add onto what Ama said you can definitely be followed by ghosts. I have had it happen in my past a lot, and I find that usually it’s because you are giving it attention. Ghosts crave attention, they are on a spiritual plane by themselves and all they want are the living to pay attention to them. Now it seem’s pretty harmless but even I don’t like having them around, it’s very draining.

The best thing I can suggest is ignore it completely, force yourself to not give any fear towards it. Eventually when you stop noticing it, it’ll leave out of boredom. I’ve done this on numerous occasions, it takes awhile, but honestly after about 2 months of living with a ghost they become less scary and more annoying anyway.

Hi all I just seen the replys
I have move out of my flat a now in a house still whit me. ant got anything dark or old anymore part from my tattoo. My front door will nock 2 or 3 in the morning that happend 1 time. I was in the live room one night my miss was at work hard a boom so went in the kitchen my back door was open and my cupboard was open we had no wind that night that got me thinking. But now I can’t be ass whit it. Now I ignore it

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