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What Is Living In My Land?

I would always played in the 40 acres next to my grandparents house. I always felt a warmth a love in there that I sometimes didn’t even feel at home. I have always felt an motherly female energy in the woods and called her ‘mama’ one day, I was driving on a four-wheeler in the woods, when I got heat stroke. I was trying to get back to the house before a passed out but ran the four-wheeler into the gate. I stumbled off and tried to open it but I passed out before I got the latch undone. I remember that I fell forward before passing out onto the gate. When I woke up, I was laying on my back, several feet behind the fore-wheeler and facing the woods and felt perfectly fine. No one was there to move me. That was a year ago.

Just a few weeks ago, my friend got out a Ouija board at my grandparents. We cleansed the room an then used it, asking the spirit. It said it wasn’t from the area and we asked what brought it here. It repeatedly spelled out ‘m-o-m-o’ I suddenly asked it it meant mama and it went to yes immediately. I just blew it of until a day later, we used it again. It was a different spirit but said again that ‘mama’ had brought it just to talk to us.

We asked some more things and it was just going to random letters. I than asked what ‘mama’ felt torts me. it stopped completely and then spelled out plainly ‘L-O-V-E’.

What is ‘mama’?

Asked by Sarah

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Hello Sarah,

From what you have written I cannot answer what Mama is, but knowing how ouija boards work, and the energy of the Void they connect to, I am asking nicely that you destroy the board and not use it again .. just in case Momo comes back. Not Mama. Just because some entity changes its name to suit what you want to hear, does not mean the entity is friendly.

I am sorry you got heat stroke. You must have been very sick. Having had it myself, I know what it feels like. It is possible that you moved yourself away from the vehicle without realising it, but it is also possible that you had some help from the elemental kingdom in the woods that you love. I have had experiences with Elemental (nature spirits) beings who can love us very much, and are protective of those they love. But they don’t communicate through ouija boards. We know them as fairies, sylphs, elves and gnomes .. and as strange as that might sound, they are real .. and they do have attitude. 🙂

So, all the woods, fields, forests and gardens, have elemental beings living in them. Some are curious about humanity, some love us and some loathe us .. given our treatment of their homes I am not surprised they don’t like us much .. but if we take care of them, they take care of us. For which we should be grateful. I hope you said thank you after the event. We all appreciate gratitude once in a while.

The Void is a place between heaven and earth where incredibly negative, and often dangerous, entities hang out. It is where you find ghosts, wandering lost souls who seek out humanity because we are a source of comfort and energy for them. They will drain a person dry of their energy if they can, and attach themselves and affect a person’s emotions in negative ways. Often ghosts don’t intend to do harm, but it happens anyway .. until someone finds them and crosses them into healing in heaven.

Ouija boards connect to this place. Sometimes you might talk to someone friendly, but if you don’t, the outcome can be very damaging .. so better not to .. just like its better not to put a gun to your head and pull the trigger without checking to see if its loaded first.

Love & Peace