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Are Closets And Mirrors Portals For Spirits?

Are closets and mirrors portals for spirits to use to enter this world?

Asked by Julia

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Hi Julia,

Closets are places we usually put clothes and boxes full of stuff we don’t know what to do with .. or they are in my house. Doors on closets, if they have mirrors on them, can be portals, so can bathroom mirrors, dressing table mirrors, ordinary mirrors, compacts people carry in their purses, and reflective windows. When someone dies mirrors are covered so that the living won’t see the dead in them .. creepy but true.

In all cases, in all houses I live in or visit, I go around ‘closing’ these objects. It’s very simple. If you are Christian draw a cross on each one with the intention of closing it. In that case you could say “I close this mirror in the name of Jesus Christ” .. or Buddha or Allah or whomever you honour in your belief system. It’s the intention that counts not the name of the being. Sometimes, because I can, I use the Reiki symbol for opening and closing, Choku Rei, which works equally well. Cupboard doors sometimes need doing twice, because we have a habit of opening them regularly .. usually unintentionally.

Love & Peace

How are mirrors portals to the other worlds Ama I have always heard this but never put any stock into it because they are man made out of cheap materials. Also all windows are reflective when dark so that would be that all windows are portals as well and if that is the case and if we open them often by mistakes then more people would be possessed and or more demons would be set lose on us. I just need enlightenment on this whole issue

Hello Sunshine,

There are actually lots of issues in what you asked.

The human imagination is a wonderous thing – but, since humans create their reality, it can also lead to mischief.

Starting with mirrors – the mirror reflects the person who looks into it. While the figure copies the movements of the viewer, it is without the personality or emotions, regardless of the look on the face of the reflection. It is, or could be, an ‘alternative self’. Ancient people would wonder “What if this ‘self’ was real and living in another world, or dimension”.

A mirror reflects the room behind the person, so the question arose “what if the person in that other ‘room’ could step out of the mirror and change places with me and force me into its world”, “can I step through the mirror into its world (if they wanted to escape this one, or for some other reason)”? There are stories about events such as this from many cultures in ancient history. I know I have read at least one said to be a legend in ancient Rome.

In not-so-ancient times people believed that the spirit of the person could be captured in the mirror, which is why they would cover mirrors in the house of someone who had just passed over.

People still use reflective surfaces, such as pools of still water, and polished metal, to help focus their clairvoyance to show them ‘step into’ (psychically) the future or the past.

Not all mirrors are gates (vortexes, portals), some are simply reflective, but some have been imbued with the power of belief, by either someone very psychically (magically) strong, or by many people over hundreds of years (thinking mirrors in old houses that are handed down through families etc), and can ‘become’ a doorway, by the will of the living. Once the door is open, it can be closed, but the average person won’t be aware its open, so entities from the other ‘dimension’ can use it, in either direction .. particular if the opener uses it for astral travelling.

Windows – the reason mirrors are gates and windows are not, is that, even in the darkest night, you can still see ‘through’ the windows, and the reflections are often distorted by whatever light is behind you in the house. A mirror traps the image against the silver back and sends it back to us .. think an ‘in’ and then ‘out’ again loop of energy, like a swinging door.

And there are far less demons than people imagine. They don’t need portals to travel through if they are already on this plane. A living person is more likely to be ‘possessed’ by a ghost than a demon. It is not true possession, just attachment and influence. And just because a mirror is a portal does not mean that some entity is going to be hanging around on the other side waiting to leap through and haunt/grab the living, as you wrote, if that were so, more people would have trouble with hauntings, and other nastier experiences.

How does it work .. belief creates a door .. but .. it takes a lot of strength of belief to do so. It doesn’t usually happen at the first vague thought.

Love & Peace

You are making the assumption that all humans behave the same way or have produced the same results. With all the different religions and customs on earth, your superstitions may be not be similar to someone else’s. Sure a spirit that has been trapped and segregated from this plane can manipulate pheromones and possibly alter the senses, but that’s making strident attempts. Quite simply telling it to get lost seems to work best. Never give it momentum or validation, let it know what you think of it and it can feel your disgust.

I am a believer in many things some things that are so crazy and out of this world but I really dont think that I would ever open one that is for sure though I have an open mind beyond most but I dont believe in this so no harm will come to those who dont believe right? I am not saying that there is nothing to this just that I dont believe but then again as I have always said any thing is possible

sir/madam i am twinkle. from childhood i like ghosts or spirits lot. having a dream to communicate with spirits in day time. if there is anyway plzzz suggest me. i am browsing lot but not finding proper solution.

Hi Twinkle,

I don’t recommend talking to ghosts because they have negative effects on the living, but still there are people who go on ghost tours and try getting contact from ghosts through their electronic tools. This is me just saying this information, I am not suggesting you go on ghost tours :p You could try going to a good medium and try talking to spirits through them. There’s spiritualist churches that sometimes offer medium readings to people as a part of their practice for people in their mediumship circles. You also have your own spirit guides that you can call upon and ask for help from. They love you, you can feel safe with them. As for loved ones in heaven, including pets, just speak to them out loud or in your mind and they’ll hear you.

the mirror is a gate or a door to the spirit realm if you have a mirror in any of your rooms that you do your business the spirit may as well be watching you even possibly in your room while you are sleeping tip 1: if you hear noises from the rooms with your mirror take it down immediately step 2: if you do anything near the mirror like an ougia board get away from that area step 3:
if you feel watched even if your door is closed and has no mirror it probably was strong enough to open the gate and step into your house

spirits can be of danger of many types it could be a relative trying to scare you ( rarely) but if you feel grabbed spoken too or someone is watching you close the door if no mirror is in it and turn on the recording audio you might catch something

if you think there is no ghost in your house try again you might be freaked out the power it might and most defiantly have a demon

here are some helpfull tips to help you know if it is watching you or following you and you know where it is

1: stay in a room with your dog/cat and see his reactions
2: get an emf detector and go to your bathroom
3: lock all doors or close all doors and leave and come back to see what happened
4: keep your phone with you at all times
5:ask out loud 1 tap for bad spirit 2 for good on anything if no response its a demon