Am I Gifted Or Cursed?

I’ve experienced things that have me questioning my sanity at times. I’ve always felt different and over sensitive. Let me give you some examples.

When someone is telling me something I feel like I know if they are lying or not. I actually set up what really happened in my head to grave detail. This happens if I’m talking on the phone as well as in person. I’m usually confirmed of my feelings when they tell me the truth or I find out.

I had a dream a few years ago that I took a pregnancy test and it was positive. I woke and bought one and sure enough it was.

On the other hand I’ve had horribly vivid dreams about my family members, children etc., dying and I felt the deep agonizing pain of losing them and woke up still feeling that pain. I’ve also talked to a deceased loved one in my dreams too.

I’m emotional drained and tired all day long. Paranormal things have happened in every house I’ve lived and now it’s starting to get worse.

Sometimes when I’m about to fall asleep I’ll hear faint voices trying to talk to me or yelling at me. Only once was it loud enough to scare me and it was an older man with a southern accent calling my name. Last week unexplainable bruises appeared over night on my thighs that resembled a baby foot. I always feel like I have a piece of hair dangling on my arms and when I go to get it there’s nothing after I search and search. Am I gifted or haunted? Please help

Asked by Ashley

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Hi Ashley,

I’d say the answer is both. You are gifted, and you are haunted .. so let’s get a handle on each.

Start by scrolling to the bottom of this page and clicking on the link to White Light Shields. Learn both and use both. The personal ones are very effective for cutting off those nocturnal visitors who like disturbing your sleep (they wake me up at times too, when I forget to shields myself or the house) .. and the house one is for everyone else, not just yourself .. to keep ghosts out of the house. That will help the tired feeling, and the emotional exhaustion. Do you have small children now? They definitely add to both, much as we love them – even after they grow up. LOL

Knowing things, or dreaming them – whether its the future or truth or lie is called claircognisance. Keep a diary, and before you put your feet on the floor in the morning, write down everything you can remember from your dreams, including things like colours and smells, names and faces, important images etc .. you’ll learn to be more detailed as you review the dreams over time and realise the meanings might not be exactly what you thought they were, or you might have understood something more clearly if you’d written down what colour the fence was around a building. It’s always the little things that count. And remember to date the entries, that’s important. There’s nothing more frustrating reading back and realising you don’t know exactly what day you ‘saw’ something.

I usually know who is on the phone, if its one of my friends ringing .. before I answer it. Little things like that can be fun.

The dreams where you see your family being hurt, can often just be a glimpse of your ‘fears’ rather than the future. What I do when that happens is I wake up and say “NO! It’s not going to happen”, quietly and firmly. There’s a metaphysical belief that we control our reality, and create it, and if I create dreams like that, then I can decide to change the future, and let them be a warning rather than an event. Some things we cannot avoid, but some we can. So its definitely worth trying to.

The old man who was calling your name – could he have been a relative? Or he might have been drawn to you because you shared the same name as someone he is looking for. What I do in that instance is to ask my angels to ‘find’ the man and ‘take’ him into healing. They can provide a scene where he finds the person he seeks, and then they will escort him into a place of healing, so that he can find peace.

And lastly, also at the bottom of the page is the Michael Invocation. It’s very good for ‘clearing house’ .. so use it to give your home, and yourself, a lift .. and whenever you feel the need. We aren’t always haunted around here, but sometimes this house feels like a railway station .. :-). I see ghosts, my husband sees spirits .. and the cats ignore both, which can be very entertaining. 🙂

Take care, and remember to take good care of yourself,
Love & Peace

I would not be afraid about it but try to look into it even more because they could be giving you a warning that something down the road may happen so please ask them what is it that’s you need to know and listen to them its a reason that they are coming to you guys because if they wanted to hurt you guys they would have they are there for a reason listen to them they are trying to warn you about something that you can’t see pray for them and help them find peace as well but don’t push them away to soon.

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