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How Can I See Ghosts All Of A Sudden?

So hi there, it all started when I was about 10 years old. I went on holiday with my class. on the 1st day I had a terrible nightmare. I was in a forest, and I walked on a path, which ended in a flat area filled with white sand. When I came there, there was someone, with her back turned to me. Then she turned, and I saw her face, it was a terrible face. According to me, I had seen the face earlier somewhere, though that wouldn ‘t be possible as such a terrible face doesn’t exist. Anyways, it came closer to me, and closer… and when it came really close I woke up.

The next day, we went to the forest with our class at 12 am. The same path…leading to the same place. When we arrived at the sand there was no one there… the whole class turned around and went back. Of course I had to be as stupid as to stay. But okay, after a while I also turned around and left. But when I turned around I felt something behind me so I looked back. And that’s when I saw someone standing there… exactly the woman from my nightmare. I immediately ran away and got back to class. That’s when my life changed.

When I turned 14 I started seeing weird shadows around me. Especially in my room, it was really weird but I had no idea what it was and I had weird those dreams I saw things that would happen in the future.

I thought that was the worst part but it was not. It continued in January, 2014, I was 16. I was at my grandmother and grandfather. When we left, we hugged them and gave them a kiss. When I held my grandfather I felt something so terrible… something so evil. I felt like he was dying, and I was right… a few days later, he passed away…without a reason. No one knew how. The doctors were astonished. They had no clue how it could happen and they couldn’t stop it… after that it all became worse. I saw more and more shadows in my room and I also felt like something grabbed me. One week ago, I went to the bathroom, took a shower, and got out. In the mirror I saw letters written on it. I don’t know what is happening to me so if someone can please explain this… I don’t want to live like this anymore… It’s not fun seeing ghosts…

Asked by Tim

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Hey Tim, first things first, life is precious and although you are experiencing something rather scary that you don’t understand please don’t do anything crazy or stupid. I do not know what all this means but I’m pretty sure you may find some answers in a couple different places. I would first locate a respected medium or psychic and talk with them about your situation, or possibly a priest if your more comfortable with that. If you feel this is something evil seek out a paranormal group for help, they can point you in the right direction. Stay positive at all cost….read your Bible, it can’t hurt.

Hi Tim

You are 16. At 16 I had been seeing, and hiding from, ghosts, demons and other entities since I was two. I was wondering if it was a curse too, this odd ‘gift’ I have, that I was not allowed to talk about, that made me so different from everyone around me. It is only the years since then .. I’m 52 now .. that has shown me that this gift can do so much good, can be such a blessing, for others .. and fun sometimes .. but at 16 I wanted it to stop and go away.

The lady at the pond was a ghost, poor lost soul. You were going to the pond, so you were focused on the adventure, and touched the energy of the place, and found her. You could do it again now, ask your angels to ‘find’ her and ‘take’ her into healing. That would help her find peace.

What was the writing on the mirror?

A bit of help .. scroll down this page .. two things. The Michael Invocation. Use it to clear yourself, and then your home. That should remove any ghosts (I call them spooks). Then there’s the link to the white light shields, learn them and use them .. particularly around your home at night, and during the day, if you feel the need .. to give you a safe place to retreat to.

I should tell you one story .. my daughter inherited my gift. She’s 28 now. One day she was walking to the railway station, and passes a school along the way. In the school yard, at 7.30 am, were a group of children playing. They decided they would follow her instead, like geese in a row, laughing and giggling. She crossed them over through a special ‘gate’ she created in her mind as she walked along .. yes, they were ghosts, still ‘playing’ .. so not all ghosts are bad, some are simply lost and need help.

Your grandfather. I am very sorry to read that story. I won’t lie to you, I know what it is like to touch a person and feel something nasty in their energy, and sometimes people die because of that. But perhaps it was simply his time to go, and the nasty feeling might actually be an ’empty’ feeling, as his spirit lets go. Death is an inevitable end to life and is not actually frightening for the majority of people who step through that ‘door’ .. but for the ones who are frightened, and for many other reasons, there are some ghosts who need our help .. if you can see or sense a ghost, you can cross it into heaven .. which is what I learned to do in all the years since I was 2. Scroll down the page and click on my name under Friends and you can read my webpages, and many of my stories, under the section ‘Victorian Paranormal Connection’ .. and if you have questions, ask ..

Love & Peace

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