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3 Different People With The Same Visions

I was riding dirt roads with a friend one night, and as we were riding along, I saw a semi-transparent boy in a striped shirt riding a bicycle right in front of us. He was peddling hard and fast and he looked back at us and seemed to peddle harder looking back to the front of him. Before I could get a word out my friend ran him over, it seemed. The driver didn’t see what I saw and it didn’t feel or sound like we had ran over anything.

My daughter, who was not even born at the time of my vision, told me she saw a boy riding a bike on a dirt road this weekend. She also told me she saw a interview on TV of a girl that described the same vision.

I never told any one,not even the friend I was riding with, what I saw that night. What does this mean?

Mystically Spiritually,Curious,

Beth & Zoey

Asked by Elizabeth

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Hello Beth & Zoey

You all saw the same ghost. I am so sorry for the boy on the bike. I wonder what he was riding away from so fast .. perhaps a car? Apart from the striped shirt, you don’t say what you saw him wearing .. the clothes might give the era he was alive in?

He probably makes that ride over and over again, seeking some way off the road? Or perhaps his fear has written the image onto the road, or into the air above it, that might be activated when someone drives that way … either way, it would be good to set him free.

What you could do is this – ask your guardian angel for help. You don’t have to believe in angels, make the request anyway.

“Archangel Michael, please Find the boy in the striped shirt, riding the bicycle in front of me that night, and Take him Home”. It’s easily done, and the angels will do exactly what you ask .. help the boy avoid getting run over again.

Love & Peace

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