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Writing On The Walls And Being Scratched

Me and my girlfriend woke up this morning to find her name written in pencil on the wall. It was written in what appears to be a child’s hand writing. A couple of the letters are facing the wrong way but it’s without a doubt her name.

As we talked about it this morning my girlfriend was scratched on her waist. With what appeared to be 5 clear scratches.

Can anyone tell me what I’m dealing with, it has our full attention and we don’t want it to become worse or get more aggressive.

I have photos of both scratches and writings if your interested in viewing them.

Thank you.

Asked by Mat

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Hi Mat,

I am deja vuing on this message. Have you written to the site before?

In the meantime, scroll to the bottom of this webpage, find the Michael Invocation, and use it for yourself, and ask your girlfriend to do so too .. to clear the house and both of you of any uninvited inhabitants. A scratch is not a friendly gesture.

Love & Peace

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