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Why Are We Hearing Walking Around And Banging Upstairs?

The past four days or so we have been hearing walking around and banging upstairs while no one is up there (both cats were also down here with us).

At first we tried playing it off as just the house making weird noises or something along those lines… but it does sound exactly like when someone is walking around up there.

Two days ago I went upstairs and all of my baby socks were taken out of the basket that they are kept in and placed underneath the basket instead. Our baby will be here any time now (he is 5 days over due) and we have never had any of this sort of stuff go on I. This house in the five years we have lived here up until now.

It’s really bothering me that whatever it is showed up right as the baby is about to be here and is messing with his stuff. We are moving out in Decemeber, but that still leaves us here for another about 3 months and at this point I won’t even be leaving him in a room to nap alone… ever.

Do you have any explanations or advice?

Asked by Krista

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Hi Krista,

You might have a ghost. I suggest you clear your home. Either ask your minister to come and bless the house, or ask a medium in to talk to the ghost and cross it into heaven, or scroll to the bottom of this page and go the Michael Invocation and use it to give the house a spring (energy) clean. That should take care of the problem.

Good luck and have fun with your new baby,
Love & Peace

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