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Why Are Spirits And Black Masses Outside My House?

Why are these spirits and black masses roaming around outside our house, they disappear from the outside of our house into the garage from the driveway.

“What is this?!!”

We’ve said “The Michael Invocation” that was on your website inside and outside the whole house.

“Is there something else we need to do to stop this?”

Asked by Rebecca Reed

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Hello Rebecca,

What do the spirits look like? What do the black masses of energy look like? What do they do apart from go into the garage? Do they come back out again? Has this stopped happening since you said the Invocation? If they haven’t, when you said it did you ask that the Michael clear your house-block, not just the house itself?

Hmm.. I always have questions. 🙂

Love & Peace
Ama Nazra (writer of the Invocation)

“Hello,” Ama Nazra. The Spirits and the black masses were solid, they had no shape and they were short to the ground. They just go straight into the garage. “No,”they stay into the pitch darkness liike a bat in a cave. “No,” after we said “The Michael Invocation,” the spirits have stopped bothering and appearing to me and my daughter, and started bothering our animals: 2 Lovebirds and 1 female Guinea Pig. “No,” we haven’t cleared the whole block at all, we just did the inside and the outside of the house itself.

Hello Rebecca,

Ask the angels to clear your house block, just to make sure.

Also, at the bottom of this page there’s a link to White Light Shields that you might like to check out and use. That should keep entities off the property. Any questions you can ask here, or from links on the site.

Love & Peace

That’s what I was going to say, Ama …. but then realised you’d already said it. LOL!

Rebecca, you might have a gnome infestation, or something similar belonging to the same ‘family-tree’ such as goblins. Why not go into the garage and politely ask them to leave, or be a little more discrete when going about their business because they are upsetting you and your pets.

Most elementals respond well to requests, but seldom respond well to demands.

You may even find a present left for you, from them, to say sorry for all the trouble.


“Hello,” Ama Nazra. I need to explain something to you. “Okay,” there’s some negativity that has been going on tonight on December 22, 2012 in the house, and it’s not elemental beings or nature spirits, it’s more like there’s demons in the house controlling this old man named, “Rodney” that we lived with for quite a while now, and is still living with us, right now. There was a strange woman named,”Merie” that lived in that room before him, in the same room. When this strange looking woman used to stay here, she was having a conversation with herself, and the voices were different from each other, one was a child’s voice and one was a man’s voice, and she said,”Love Me Mommy, Love Me Daddy,” so my mom told her to “stop that loud behavior, people have to go to work the next morning!” She stopped talking and yelled,”Huh?!” through the closed door, and went right back to her conversation, talking in tongues again. There also was another strange woman that stayed in the same room before her named: Danielle, and she was paranoid of animals, she abandoned the little Guinea Pig that she had and left up in the room to die with a dirty cage with no food and no water. We found her way on the top of the Wardrobe, huddled up in the corner with a very dirty, infested, cage!! After that, there’s been a negative imprint on that room, ever since. Rodney use to like to talk to us about the Lord, Jesus Christ and we gave him a blessed Rosary and a beautiful picture of Jesus, although he never prayed with us, he excepted the Rosary and the picture, and all of a sudden, the made him take the picture and Rosary and put it away, out of sight, out of mine, and that was it!! Tonight, he came crying out to us about seeing things in his room, so we asked him if we could come in his room and pray for him to have some peace and harmony in his room, which I though he would say,”Sure!” but he looked at me and said,”No, got mop the bathroom floor,” just to get us out of his face for praising and preaching about the Lord. We can’t help him anymore and we feel helpless, defeated, and sad. “Please help us.”

“Hello, Ama Nazra.” What we ment to say was that Rodney use to like to talk to us about the Lord, Jesus Christ, and we gave him a blessed rosary, plus a beautiful picture of Jesus, although he never prayed with us, he excepted the blessed rosary and the picture. Now,”all of a sudden,” the devil and his demonds in his room and inside of him made him take the picture and the blessed rosary and put it away, out of site, out of mind, instead of hanging the blessed rosary and the picture up in his room, and that was it!! This all happened tonight on December 22, 2012. To correct the end of the sentence, tonight, December 22, 2012, he came crying to us about seeing things in his room move, and standing there, looking at him at the end of the bed, so we asked him if we could come in and pray with him and for him, in his room for some peace, harmony, and relief in his room, which I thought he would say,”sure, go ahead, I need help!!” but that demon inside of him made him think,”I could handle this, I don’t need the Lord’s help for nothing!!!” and said,”No, go mop the bathroom floor, just to get us out of his face for praising and preaching about the Lord, Jesus. We can’t help him anymore and we feel helpless, defeated, and sad. “Please help.”

Hello Rebecca,

To start with, why do you think there’s a demon inside Rodney? What other signs of its presence have you had? How do you know he has put away the picture of Jesus and the Rosary you gave him – has he told you, or did you see him do it? Have you been in his room when he’s not there to investigate, or has he put it somewhere out of your sight, but not necessarily out of his?

Did his voice change when he said he wanted to mop the bathroom, it might simply be that it was very dirty? I ask people not to come into my home at the moment, because I’m renovating, and its too messy for visitors. That doesn’t mean I’m possessed, it means I’m conscious of the impact the mess will have on the visitors and their opinions of me.

Just because a person decides not to pray with me, doesn’t mean they are possessed, they might prefer to do it their own way, and in their own time. Although you have not given much information on why you think Rodney is possessed, it does worry me that you might be making assumptions about him based on the activities, and illnesses, of the people using the room before him. The first lady, Merie, might have suffered from schizophrenia, which, in many cases has nothing to do with possession, but everything to do with childhood abuse, that means parts of herself split off and became seperate personalities from which she interacts with the world. It is a medical condition, which can often be treated and even cured, but not always. And Danielle might have also been mentally ill. It is very sad that she treated the guinea pig that way, but it doesn’t mean she’s possessed by any entity. We cannot even begin to know her motives for her behaviour without speaking to her about it in depth.

When you said ‘talking in tongues’ did you mean Merie went back to the child’s voice or a conversation, or do you mean she just made a whole lot of noises that sounded like a foreign language? A conversation calling out for one parent or another is not talking in tongues.

A negative imprint can be left by other people, but it can also be created by those living in the house, who only ‘think’ it is there. In either case the Michael Invocation, the link to which is at the bottom of this page, will help remove all the negative energy of any kind.

I am very sorry that Rodney has seen something in his room, in your home, that is frightening him. Clearing the house with the request to Jesus and Archangel Michael will also clear his space. Hopefully then he’ll also get the peace of mind he needs, and you’ll get the reassurance that he’s not possessed, just private.

Never assume that someone is possessed just because they do not act in a way you expect them to. You don’t always act in ways that people expect either, when it suits you. We create our own negativity from our own fears and beliefs, we should not try to impress them onto the behaviours of others, and certainly not in the case of possession, which is a truly horrible experience for anyone to live through.

Wishing you peace of mind and a very happy Christmas,
Love & Peace

“Hello, Ama Nazra.” All of the rooms are rented out by different people by a Landlord, we also rent a room from the landlord and it’s a Boarding House. How do we say,”The Michael Invocation” properly?

Hello Rebecca,

The instructions for the Invocation are on the webpage. To clear your home change the third line as advised. It is a request. Say it like you mean it. The Michael knows what is required, they just needs your permission to act.

Love & Peace

“Hello, Ama. I don’t mean to be like I’m dense headed, but we need to understand “The Michael Invocation,” when you asked us,”did we do the whole block, after you did the whole house?” “Well,” what do we need to do to do the whole entire block?

It’s ok, Rebecca, I’m sorry, let me explain a bit more clearly.

Every building that we live in has land that it rests on which has a perimeter, an outside edge. My house has a fence, you live in an apartment block, so the walls of your building would be the outside edge, unless you had a back and front yard, or sidewalk area that was marked in some way .. like a fence, be it wooden, chain or just the end of the concrete path. That’s the house block (of land).

What I do when I clear a house block is I see in my mind the whole building, room by room if necessary (you could draw a floor plan of the house and look at that as you make the request), and the outside area as well. You can include other sections, for instance, if you had a built-on garage next door, you could include that in your ‘visualization’ (the image in your mind) .. and then I ask Michael ..

Archangel Michael,
Remove all attachments from my home (you could say here ‘including the house block and garage area’) .. etc.

If you lived somewhere that has houses attached in rows, you could specify only your home be cleared, but since they have adjoining walls with other buildings, and spooks love to slip away, I would include every house in the ‘house block’ (block of houses) and specify ‘including the gardens’. I also add in beneath the floors and under the ceilings’ .. when I feel like it.

The Michael angels know how to clear negativity energy from everywhere without us being that specific, and without our help, but when we ‘own’ a space (whether we bought it or rent it) we have to give them permission to act, just in case some ghost decides to argue – which is why I also invented the quick version – ‘Archangel Michael, please clear the energy of my home. Take Home (which is heaven or healing) anyone who wants to go Home, anyone who needs to go Home, and anyone who wants to argue’. The first time I did that I swear the air laughed. LOL But a ghost was being a pain in the butt at the time, and arguing both with me and the angels I work with. 🙂

I hope that helps, if it doesn’t, tell me what else I need to elaborate on?

Love & Peace

My aunt and I saw 2 ghosts (appeared to be slaves) moving across a wide open field at just after dusk. The did not have feet & were floating across the ground. Faces were goulish & it appeared that they planned to pass through our car. We spead up never saw them again. I was approcimately 10 inches from them when the car pulled off.