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Why Am I Always Seeing 11:11?

I’ve been seeing the time or number 11:11 for the past two years. It is now happening daily.

Tonight one of those digital dashboard clocks that show you time, weather, websites was stuck at 11:11 am and it was about 10:20 pm. It wouldn’t change until unplugged and plugged back in.

Has anyone else been having this experience and what could it mean?

I don’t wear a watch but no matter how I go through my day something will cause me to see the time when it is exactly 11:11.

Asked by Wendy

Why Do I Keep Seeing The Number 11?

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[dropcap]Q:[/dropcap] I keep seeing the number 11 everywhere.

Back in April I’d started meditating and afterwards I started seeing the number 11 everywhere. Not just on clocks but my train ticket would have 11 on it, a car would have 11 on it. One time I checked the clock and six times in one day it had been 11 minutes past when I’d looked.

As it got more and more drastic I started seeing the number 41 everywhere also.

It started to stop and I didn’t see the number for a while, but this past month I’ve been seeing it everywhere again.

I just want to know if it’s some sort of message for me or anything?

Asked by Lexi

[dropcap]A:[/dropcap] Hi Lexi,

Personally, in the past few weeks, I have been seeing 11.11 and 4.44, which are my usual numbers. In the end I grumbled “ok, I get the messages” and it stopped. Yippee! ~ Love & Peace Ama

[dropcap]A:[/dropcap] Some people believe that seeing certain numbers can signify something you could possibly see it already somewhere on the internet what it could be ~ “Night”

POSTED 02-02-2014:

Portal Ascension is the 11:11, NOT what people are babbling about here!

More of a statement,
After having been in O.T.O. and other such groups, a formal degree in Religious Studies and so forth thru my MA, I can tell most here are not as in the know as I would have hoped. I too have been seeing 11:11 since my early twenties. It stopped and started up at various times in my life when stress seemed most prevalent and I needed to believe, have faith, in something greater than just belief in myself, which is foremost the teaching of the Great Planners’ Wisdom for (all)… To know oneself, to love oneself and to trust (in) oneself, not in God first, as debatable in many circles.

Read Portal Ascension And 11:11

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The Pythagoreans were not the only ones who gave symbolic meaning to numbers. According to Vincent Hopper, “nothing in the history of number symbolism is so striking as the unanimity of all ages and climates in regard to the meanings of a few number symbols.” He refers to this as elementary number symbolism.” ~Dartmouth College

The Significance of the Numbers 3, 4, and 7 in Fairy Tales, Folklore, and Mythology

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The Number 7 in the Epic of Gilgamesh

In Gilgamesh, seven is mentioned in the ‘gate of seven bolts’, crossing seven mountains to reach the Cedar Forest, felling seven cedars to Humbaba’s lair, sleeping for seven nights at Utnapishtim’s.” ~ Virginia Community College

Portal Ascension And 11:11 – (A reader submitted article) There is no 911, and certainly no other combinations, it is ONLY 11:11 and the only person who may have had some intelligent advice relating to Mayan, is also incorrect, but I can relate, I’ve made many mistakes.

The Kabala of Numbers – here is a system of interpretation in numerology which is supported by experience, but has its origin beyond the realm of the phenomenal worlds.

If no such system existed, it would be impossible to prove the geometrical relations of thought.

But this is done daily by those who make use of numbers for purposes of divination.

Angel Numbers 101: The Meaning of 111, 123, 444, and Other Number Sequences

One of the most common ways in which angels speak to us is by showing us repetitive number sequences.

Since the publication of her best-selling book Angel Numbers, Doreen Virtue has received even more information from the angels about the meaning of number sequences such as 111, 444, 1234, and so forth.

Angel Numbers 101 clearly explains how to receive accurate messages from your angels and heavenly loved ones whenever you see repetitive number sequences on telephone numbers, license plates, receipts, clocks, and such.

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Hi Wendy

Some meanings behind 11:11

The meaning of One:
One primarily deasl with strong will, positivity, pure energy. The number One reflects new beginnings, and purity. The symbolic meaning of number One is further clarified when we understand One represents both kinds of action: physical and mental. This combined with Ones urgency for new beginnings, we begin to see Ones recurring in our lives indicates a time to exert our natural forces, take action, and start a new venture. One encourages us our action will be rewarded in kind.

The meaning of Eleven:
The spiritual meaning of number eleven is quite diverse. The number 11 is thought of as a “master” number in numerology because it is a double digit of the same number. When this occurs – the vibrational frequency of the prime number doubles in power. Meaning, the attributes of the Number One are doubled.

Biblical; Numbers 11:11 “And Moses said to the LORD, “Why are you treating me, your servant, so harshly? Have mercy on me! What did I do to deserve the burden of all these people?”


Numerologists believe that events linked to the time 11:11 appear more often than can be explained by chance or coincidence. This belief is related to the concept of synchronicity. Some authors claim that seeing 11:11 on a clock is an auspicious sign. Others claim that 11:11 signals a spirit presence. The belief that the time 11:11 has mystical powers has been adopted by believers in New Age philosophies.

Significant Date

11-11-11 is a date which reoccurs every 100 years (every 400 years for it to fall on a Friday), when written in a 2-digit year style. For various reasons, people ascribe different kinds of significance to dates and numbers; for example the 2011 “11-11-11” showed an increase number of marriages taking place in different areas throughout the world, including the U.S. and across the Asian continent. Babies born on this date also received special media attention.

Seeing 11:11 for me, would be a message that I am about to make a new journey in my life. It is about change. Do you worry about change?


Hi A J
You say so many interesting things about this. Loads, in fact. You know what? Even my own flippin birthdate “adds up” to 11:11 and when I realised that, too, I was shaken massively. But, without a doubt, for me I really do think this 11:11 experience is a moment of personal awakening – which so many of us have. And I’ve got something special to say about one’s perception of that numerology: After meeting my friend, Stu, and going through the whole sunhydration thing (see Peter E Simon entry herebelow, 7:50am May 7th, 2013) I was affected by other deep thoughts regarding 11:11. The biggest recently was the Maya Apocalypse event – with that so-called apocalypse happening at 11.11am GMT!! Oh heck, when that moment arrived I ended up sitting by the river waiting and then thinking (upon that moment) “I Feel like such an incredible wally, this was obviously not at all about any end-of-the-world rubbish” period, coz that just didn’t happen. However, I don’t feel so bad about it all now because many, many, many millions of people all over the world were affected by that numerology. And my personal take is that the Maya calendar writers were also locked in on those numerals too, that never did refer to any specific date, but rather “a moment of personal enlightenment” – that’s backed up by the author of in section: The Mayan Kingdom, see “a time of awakening”. And subsequently, as a writer, I really did wake up to my own special moment that I ended up pursuing and writing about. Hope you will get to access your very own special experience, come the moment you’re watching out for!

This happens to me all of the time. I am a great believer in God and am not superstitious . My borthday is 11/11. my parents home address where I stayed for a year is 1111. I hear it was that you are on an angels wing.

I agree, that is about a shift in life, for the better in whatever way it is needed, I had a dream last night, and on the clock in my dream it read 11:11am….I was in my house with my daughters, feeding them breakfast, spirits started to walk through us from past, present and future…none was of evil, but all good…they past through us and we knew what they knew….all pure positive energy….true knowledge…I awoke…and was feeling calm about it…but in reality I have no clocks in my house that not on a kitchen appliance…cell phone, or cable receiver box…..when I wake I can never find my phone, the remote, I am no where near the kitchen…..I like your input thanks for sharing….

Great stuff AJ ..

Hello Wendy,

What does seeing 11.11 mean to you? Can you remember when you first started to notice it and what was happening in your life then? To me 11.11 means ‘Lightworker awaken’ .. since we are all Lightworkers, it really means ‘hey, wake up!’.

Why do you see it all the time .. because you have programmed your mind to look for it. It reminds you of something you saw, felt or learned back when it first came to your attention. When you see it it triggers an emotion. Which one? Stop and ask yourself ‘why’ (and when, who, where, how) to see what the message is you are giving yourself.

Love & Peace
Ama Nazra
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Obviously i agree with you. Maybe this’s the way God is speaking to us when we are called for a certain mission. I started to 11:11 almost everyday when i have a strong feeling for a certain mission GOD wants me to go. Thanks for your sharing.


I disagree with the comment here about God. God is creator of the world?? Not a mathmatician…
Why would he talk in numbers when he created us with the senses we have to communicate?? Because it leaves room for interpretation, other wise he would quite bluntly come out and say, hey you, belt up and get a grip get a job… Thats the guidance we want.

I am an open minded person, Extra terrestrials, My own theories in Religion, Spiritulists etc. I have my own views because I have made the effort to research as most of you?!

But I believe you see it a couple of times by chance and it sticks… Then at 11:10, you wait for it to change. Try doing the same with numbers that dont matter, like I finish work at 17:00, so why when i look at the clock does it say 16:55 every day?? Oh yes because I pay more attention to the clock at that time. Im not criticising im just saying, but an interesting thread all the same.


Hi Darren,

Great comment. 🙂 You brought up some questions for me.

I often wonder who originally created ‘mathematics’ (arabians according to what I have read)? But .. who put the idea in human’s head’s first? Whether you believe in God or not, it doesn’t matter .. some creative force taught us how to ‘measure’, just look at the passing of the day .. dawn, mid morning, noon, afternoon, dusk, dark, measured by the movement of the sun .. over and over again.

I agree it is us who gave each measure a name, and ascribed a meaning to the name, but who gave us the words we use, in whichever language we choose to speak? Back to the creative being? So to me ‘God’ (for want of a better? title) is a mathematician .. along with everything else. 🙂

And, personally, everything created by man is open to interpretation, or misinterpretation? That’s how we learn and grow .. by making choices and mistakes. I also wish God would just stand up and say ‘this is the right way’, but truthfully, I think humanity would stop learning that day. It’s very easy to be a sheep and just ‘follow’.

Love & Peace

Afternoon Ama,

Hey I agree in what your saying as I also am a believer in humanities lonesome (self) learning.(ive done alot)

By all means making a mistake in any walk of life is fine, as long as that mistake is recognised and learnt from and not to be made again.

As we know some learn and some dont. lol

Humanity does need to learn on its own to survive and prospour as we have for many years, I feel as if this is more toward belief of science and evolution,
look at Alexander Bells 1st telephone to Apples I phone 5 as an example.

I also recognise that with everyones
(miss-)interpretation/views, of what ever is discussed in open forum, media,networking, down the local pub with your freinds 🙂
Can produce further manifestations in the subconscience activating more brain receptors on newly created views or copy-cat beliefs. When I say that, I mean the change of a view to anothers because they can see more validity in an answer/statement, or what another sees…(sheep 😉
Some whom have the capability of an open mind to base there own views on numerous different perspectives.
Any way Im confusing myself with all this and with that in mind…

I still for some reason see 11:11 on the clock face!
At work on site, I walked in to the office to see the time being just that…

Simple coincidence or something else?

Numerology/Spirits/fairies/angels/Simple brain sub-conscience… Who knows but it still does not explain why I recognise this more than any other??

FYI I never really saw correlation in numbers until I noticed that I was seeing 11:11 more often!

Thats when I thought i’d do some research.

Thanks again.


I completely understand your perspective in what you believe in for the simple fact that they are your beliefs and nobody can tell you different. Unkess it’s someone like me who has actually really been through whatever it is everybody here wants to call it. The reason why im speaking in this tone is because all i read is people saying what they think it is but little do they know that they have no idea what it could possibly be. I can vouch for it because i’m going through it right now. I have no idea what it is. I can name 5 possibilites though but they could all be rebunked because i’ve done so in trying to figure out what this annoyance might be, because that’s what it is at this point in time. Seeing this number literally 10 times a day is annoying. Most of you that are reading this are probably thinking im just somebody trying to portray an argument but by sll means not at all. I’ll tell you the truth right now and whoever reads it and has had the same thing happen but in a differwent way is going to feel a certain way about it and actually believe what i have to say. So it started last year. I was seeing 1234 twice a week. At first it was a coincidence in my brain. Then after a couple of weeks with the same thing, i started seeing it daily as if it had escalated. After awhile of seeing it twice a day, it totally switched on me to where i didnt see it at all. Wierd right?!…..It just stopped. Instead of seeing 1234, it changed dramatically. At this point now i’m seeing your so called famous number 11. But not justt 11:11. 1:11…2:11…3:11..$:11….you get the point. So i was only seeing it once to twice a day. I’m still thinking its a coincidence because everyone around me that i show it to feels im kind of coconuts which i see their perspective in things and i understand. however, when i start seeing the number 10 times a day till this day, now i dont care what anybody says to me. They can’t tell me different at all. But guess what, that’s not all, after seeing 11 all the possible times in a day, it totally switches to another stage of escalation….now im seeing times ending in 11…22…33..44.. and 55….explain that one….i would explain it if i knew what it was….but that’s where i know im not crazy for the simple fact that i am admitting that till this day i still have no idea at all what this number is and what it is trying to get my attention. But believe me when i say this….it’s something extra for the simple fact that it has escalated more than ever and if you don’t believe it then fine i understand completely. 5 possibilities that it could be: it could be god telling me to tighten up and start worshipping him again(which i stopped doing completely)….it could be aliens trying to get my attention for whatever reason they wish….it could be a health issue that is accessing my brain telling me to hurry up and get checked out since i havent gone in 2 years and i know i have some problems…i just don’t have insurance so….yea…or it could be the devil…or it just might be something spiritually to ehich i have no idea what they waqnt from me….at the end of the day….it could be none of this…but i know its something because im young…athletic and never had this problem before a day in my life. Oh yea…one more thing….for those of you that think it could be a subconscience thing to where we are to seeing the number…move on to the next thing you think it is….cuz i can tell you right now….the day my mother told me she was going to be late for church and to see what time it was…the clock portrayed 8:11….that’s when i rebunked that out the window because others can be the reason why i look at the clock as well…oh yea and this is 100 percent real by the way…i know you guys feel it is…forget what everybody says on here….nothing compares to the actual truth of a person who is actually going through it in real life…its just not 11….its turns out to be all multiples of 11.

People who experience this know that it is not because you are looking for it. That is what makes it so compelling. It happens on clocks that are not anywhere near the right time and at times you are totally preoccupied… And because for most it largely involves the number 11 and includes so many people who have never heard of the phenomenon previously it shows it is quite unique and real. It is quite different from so many other things where people’s imaginations could possibly play a part. And it is greatly increasing in recent years.

Same line of thinking darren. I always see 11:11
it catches my eye constantly to the point it pisses me off. Is there a deeper meaning? Who knows. Its certainly has nothing to do with god though.

When I see 11 11 to means balance and being on the right path
spiritually your connection with the path is on tract and moving in the right direction .

Thank you to everyone for their responses. They all make sense to me. It seems I need to learn to ask myself questions and learn to trust my intuition. About two years ago I wanted to make some changes in my life but change is scary. I also need to learn patience that the changes will happen. Perhaps that is what 11:11 is reminding me. Be patient, change is happening, stay the course.

I have experienced the 11:11 and sometimes the 12:12. It bothers me when one night while lying in my bed and my phone is just beside me then suddenly a feel some kind of vibration. So i thought it was my phone that vibrates but I doubted because it should make a message tone while vibrating. But i thought it might that I haven’t heard it clearly so i took my phone to check if someone texted me but there is no one. And that moment the time on my phone was 11:11 pm and I thought I need to research about this. I never expecting that this really happens in other people. This date of my comment is when I decided to do some research.

I have so many dreams in my life that I want to achieve. I used to daydreaming of some things I wanted in my life like to be successful and to help other people. It might be that a positive outlook in my life has something to do with the 11:11 or repeated numbers. Note that I also seen other numbers like 22, 33, etc.

English is not my mother tongue. Hope you understand what I’m trying to say. Thank you

Hi Wendy
If you notice on your comments time it is sent on 11:14 am so you can tell when you were writing it it was passing through 11:11 am .
I’m seeing this number and other special and unique numbers since two months ago and that’s why I’m here ! And yes, I’m through a very big or let’s say huge changes in my life happened at the same time .I just point to some of them here : divorce,immigration, shutting down my company, leaving the sport club which I developed and was running it for last 23 years ,….. All happened in one month !!!
But I’ve never been closer than this couple of years after these changes to the peace and pure calmness that we mostly experience in our childhood !
I hear you Wendy!
It seems, somebody or some existence trying to tell me that ” I’m beside you and you weren’t and you’ll never be alone, till we meet again ; somewhere, somehow,… at the time of timelessness !…

Hey plz help me out with dis situation it’s real I don’t know the connection with 11.11 but it use to always appear to me it’s a bad sign for me coz whenever I go through it something bad goes on with me

Hello Anonymous,

You said ‘used to’ appear to you – do you mean during the time something bad was going on .. or just before it did? Have they stopped now, and how long ago? If the number appeared beforehand it might have been a warning to expect some difficulties, but if it appeared after the problems started, its more likely that you mind was only noticing the numbers and ‘then’ linking them to the situation. You are the only person, of thousands I have talked to, that has ever had a negative reaction to the numbers, so I am wondering if they are only co-incidental to what you experienced.

Love & Peace
Ama Nazra

I have personally experienced 11:11 non-stop for the past 6 years. I have had the few people that understand my plight with the numbers tell me the same thing. I feel like to understand from this angle you really have to be experiencing it yourself, like the 11:11 phenomenon itself. Days BEFORE an unfortunate event I begin to see the numbers in abundance. Then a few days later something terrible happens, like I’ll lose my job suddenly or my car requires a major repair when I don’t have the money. It’s this wave that ebbs & flows, life will return to normal for a bit & 11:11 comes & I have to literally brace myself for what happens. Sageing helps I feel but who knows. Now, good things happen once in a while too, like right as my parents told me I had only 1 week until they were taking the car they loaned me, I saw the numbers like crazy, assuming it was asking me to throw in the towel, I searched hard & ended up getting a car in the nick of time, & it felt like I was getting help from the angels, but that’s the only way good things happen to me. I have to be pulled to my wits end, & only then am I picked up. I had been looking extensively for a car for 6 months, went to several dealerships, gotten so many ”no’s’, had nearly given up & ultimatums given before I had relief, & that’s how it’s always been. Has to be terrible, not even bad, before it gets better, & when it gets better I’m always coming out of a hole. It’s happening now & I hate the feeling that some ill-willed puppetmaster is having a time with my life.

Hi Nikki,

What is your attitude to gratitude? When did you start believing that life had to be a struggle? You might have come into the world holding onto that belief, because it teaches us strength and determination, if we let it. It’s nice that you have turned 11.11 into an early warning system, but its not the universe punishing you. It is a common metaphysical belief that we create our reality, all the highs and lows, because we have so much to learn about love and compassion, among so many other virtues. That’s why we are all here, this is a planet that runs of ’cause and effect’ .. what we do, think and feel has an affect on what happens to us. We are self-creating entities. 🙂 I smile because I am very good at self-creating my own problems. Gotta smile. 🙂

In the meantime, instead of seeing the 11.11’s I am now doing the 5.55 .. every morning on my digital clock, or in the car. Usually its the 2.22 or 4.44 .. but no, it has to be the rollercoaster (if a person follows Ms Virtue’s meaning of the number). I am considering getting a helmet. 🙂

555 “Buckle your seat belts, because a major life change is upon you. This change should not be viewed as being “positive” or “negative”, since all change is but a natural part of life’s flow. Perhaps this change is an answer to your prayers, so continue seeing and feeling yourself at peace.” .. Hmm.. maybe I won’t buy the crash helmet? LOL (‘Healing with the angels’ by Ms Virtue.)

What is more interesting to me is the other number sequences that I never see – like 999 or 888 or 666 .. the only digital things we have around here are the clocks.

Sometimes it helps to recognise that we are the creators that ‘God/Spirit’ made us, and that the troubles in our lives are us self-sabotaging. This might not be your case, but .. that would be unusual. I suggest to people to Stop, think and review .. its a great way to change your life.

Love & Peace

I have always had a very lucky life. Even in the charts it says my may 29th birthday has many lucky aspects to it. Up until 6 years ago good luck & gifts always found itself my way easily in my life, so I’ve always viewed life in a happy manner & I love change & new surroundings. I didn’t even realize the numbers in its significance until a string of unfortunate events that I noticed looking back were seemingly connected to the numbers. For years I thought it was just a strange coinsidence or maybe it was help through the random but trying hard times. But time & time again, its usually left me stressed and upset. I’ve read one other persons story of 11:11 randomly searching for ’11:11 negative’ a few years ago since I was curious if anyone else could be possibly experiencing it as well. Just before I gave up, I randomly found by a nameless author that made me cry because it was like someone finally knew exactly what I was talking about. Nothing but trouble came along with the number, and eventually he ended up alone, living in his car with the number 11:11 flashing from the dash. But unfortunately he had no answer, no a means to an end to the story, just as confused as I am about what it all means. I am aware that for every action comes an equal & opposite reaction, I’m not looking to blame a clock for my problems. I’m saying in my personal life, I just have too many coincidences for it to be ignored, that 11:11 is going to the coming of something unpleasant in most cases. I have actually developed strong anxiety over the years from these frequent unfortunate events, now having to see a doctor. Sometimes I feel the more optimistic about a negative situation that at times that the force bears down even more, until, like I said in my earlier post, I am almost hopeless of the situation. Like it waits until I really can’t fight the good fight, then angels come to ‘save’ me.

Hello again, Nikki,

You raise some very interesting points and I sympathise, living, as I do, on the rollercoaster (no numbers attached). And I have been thinking about this subject for a long time.

Up until 6 years ago, for you life was fun, lucky and not a challenge. That would be wonderful, but the trouble is, we don’t seem to learn much about ourselves during the easy times, its the challenges that show us who we are. Are you 29 now, or 35 .. 29 means a year about learning ‘balancing forces’. Imagine a short piece of board balanced on a basket ball, with you standing on top of it balancing yourself perfectly. 35 means a year of learning your strengths .. I am 51 .. which means a year of ‘home and family’ .. oh the complications in that one. LOL

I know the anxiety feeling. Sometimes I think I need to duck. Life can throw up difficulties for me to work through (or I create them) but I accept them as part of the lessons I am choosing, and do my best to make the most of every situation .. to find the best solutions, or accept the ones I have to. It’s not easy. It’s not always fun. But .. if I want good times again I have to expect that I will have challenging times as well.

The thing is, its very easy to focus on the negative, to ‘expect trouble’ and then help it create itself in front of you from that expectation. I had a few years of that myself, until I decided to change my mind (the way I was viewing things, my focus), and in doing so started changing my life. So, what were, or are, the times when 11.11 didn’t signify an unpleasant event? Can you write yourself a list and use that as the beginning of a gratitude journal?

You said you searched the internet for stories of ‘11.11 negative’, which is fair enough. Thankfully they are not as prevalent as the more positive stories that people ascribe to the numbers. Yes, there are obviously negative events, you are living proof of that, as is the man in the car with the numbers flashing on the clock – makes a great ending to that event in his life, but what did he do next, or is he still sitting there feeling wrecked? Perhaps your life lesson at this time is, like me, ‘focus on the positive’ .. even if you have to struggle to do it at times.

I’ve been on the internet since 1997 and we didn’t have ‘numbers mean something’ back then, in quite the same way we do today. Oh there was gematria etc, but the information belonged to a much smaller number of people. I remember when Ms Virtue bought out her first book, and how ‘suddenly’ everyone was seeing the numbers everywhere and all the time, and ascribing the meanings she gave to them to themselves, and ‘making them fit’. That’s part of the problem, the western world’s collective consciousness now accepts that those number patterns have meaning .. I wonder if we never went to digital clocks, would they still have appeared? Or have we ‘made them fit’ into our new paradigm?

What I do when I see the 222 or 444 is just smile and shake my head. When I see 555, as I mentioned, I just get a little wary, and find something more positive to focus on. I stop looking. I say ‘no way is that happening’ .. and mean it. Sounds strange doesn’t it. If I create my reality, and I really believe I do, then I can ‘uncreate’ it as well. If 11.11 has become a warning of something difficult happening, then deny its right to happen. Just say NO! “Oh no you don’t”. Start believing that you can take back control of your life, and you might surprise yourself.

It’s lovely to think the angels rescue you so often, but its unlikely. They are not allowed to interfere in human free will, and our choices and mistakes are our way of learning, so really, you have been rescuing yourself. Perhaps you tried so much harder when your parents decided to take back the car .. as an example? Or maybe it simply was the right car, at the right time, and you were in the right place, which does happen.

I guess the other lesson for both of us is becoming responsible for our thoughts, feelings and actions on all levels. That makes us a better, happier person, or it is for me. The angels have told me for years ‘become responsible for the energy you send out into the world’. I have a temper. It’s very easy to be angry or sad, to feel challenged and overwhelmed. I am a realist, not an optimist, so being happy is not automatic. And there are life challenges right now, that test my courage and my patience .. but I love my teachers (friends, family, town committees) and appreciate the lessons.

I guess its all just a lesson in attitude?

Thank you being such an interesting person, and sparking me to write again.

Love & Peace

Anon, you were scared of the 11:11 effect, no doubt. And I think Ama’s right. But, hey, the 11:11 experience can and does really shake you up (I wrote my first novel all about it & what it led me to). But the chaos of it happens (as it did with me) because it’s trying to set you down upon the right path! I have temporal lobe epilepsy, so I get awesome moments, every single day, of Déjà vu, or Presque vu (these days my absolute favourite & most useful para sense). And of Jamais vu , as well as those 11:11 moments. But, hey, that’s my life and I had to adjust to it & to being a bit mysterious since most don’t understand. For instance, with me the Jamais vu stuff (always about extra terrestrials & UFO experiences or similar) happens because it’s simply a sense of the future. This parnormal sense is particularly terrifying to me when it happens. Though all of these are what I have to routinely put up with! And loads of the prophets had such Jamais moments (see Ezekiel 1:4-24 re Merkabah Chariot) in any case. But compared to the three “vu’s” 11:11 settles to becoming so very peaceful and enlightening! So I hope you’ve come down to understanding you had (and will perhaps continue to have) those “wake up” moments that stir you to being ready to notice the very important things that will touch/improve your life. That’s so good, isn’t it?

Suddenly I feel so much better. LOL

Hello Peter,

Jamais vu and Presque vu were two subjects I had no knowledge of, so I looked them up .. and laughed. They define me at times, not that I particularly worry about them, but its nice to know I’m not the only odd soul around here. 🙂

Welcome to the site,
Love & Peace

Greetings Ama!!

Fantastic to hear from you. Somehow, feel very at home at this site. Yes, Jamais & Presque – I’m laughing now but wasn’t back then. I thought I was going completely awol from everyone & everything I knew in my earlier life. Was so afraid. But, yes, once I found useful outlets for those 2 vu’s particularly, I never stopped smiling. But, Ama, you are very at one with all of these perceptions! As for me I feel, somehow, my life was going pear-shaped so that I took a turn down a road (to escape from the “everyday”) that I needed to. And so as to do the whole existential thing. And, in a way, that’s how I view my new life: Just “signs & turns” I try to move by – well, I try to make most decisions like that, anyway. Yet, the “existential roads” usually end up to be no-through-roads that throw more questions than answers at me . . .and . . . leave me on my own in those derelict places! Used to it all now. Good thing I accept myself. Otherwise, where could I go??? Don’t tell me, please, don’t tell me, Lol. But really pleased to meet you.
Happy starshine!!

Not so much ‘at one’ Peter, but I learned to be accepting, because of the unusualness of my life. ‘Life is a river, sometimes you just gotta flow’.

Must remember that today .. instead of growling at people. LOL

Love & Peace

Hallo again Ama
Had to squeeze reply in here, though actually replying to today’s (9/5/13)message and making little bit of chaos as I need to sometimes, LOL. Thanks for repost. You know what? When I first looked at your reply today (9/5/13) the message read: “11 hours ago”!! And glancing back at yesterday’s it read: “22 hours ago!! My 11:11 alarm is ringing again, Ama!! Also, when I wrote my first book, on its page 11 I described all about the first conscious “calling” I ever had (via its numerals that were 11:11-based) that still affects all of my life today – and I didn’t even plan that page numbering to do that!! So, guess what? The 11:11 bells rang BIG TIME when I noticed that – & that was a bit scary to me, have to say. But mindfully flowing like a river (as I am now) I can safely say you’ve got what I call in my book: “Mind Difference”, Ama. Now, I could tell you what that is, BUT, I’m not going to, LOL. . . because, you’re mantically and presciently talented!!


My life is controlled by the 3’s, 9’s and a few 6’s thrown in. In my numerology they are everywhere. All my phone numbers add up to 9, so do bank accounts etc etc .. it amuses the heck out of me.

We make our own fears or joys out of events in our lives. There’s really nothing scary or spooky about 11.11 or any other repeat numbers .. there’s an old saying “there’s really nothing good nor bad, but thinking make it so”. If no one had recognised the 11.11 combination and made it into something important, I wonder how much impact it would continue not to have, since its been around in some form or other since people could write numbers? Now .. its part of the western collective consciousness, and the meaning that was ascribed by one person, is the meaning accepted by all .. you see .. thinking reinforced the meaning. Before that it was just a bunch of numbers.

We are, or can be, what we create ourselves to be.

As for being Mind different .. yes, I am .. but I have no idea what ‘mantically’ is ? LOL

Love & Peace

Hi Ama
You know, on day I’ll get to be more 11:11 satisfied, maybe. I’m going through the transformation of adjusting from my erstwhile predatorial compulsions of work, making music and chasing money, to a more cerebral sense of living within one or more universes, praying (just LOVE to do that, because it works awesomely for me!!) and working out whether my TLE is a big help or big problem! And I’m glad to say it’s very much the former because I get so many “messages” from it. For instance, the most moving recent experience was the incredibly high-pitched “call” I received from a friend who died in hospital – it was in the early hours, and his brother told me the same time when Jim passed over. Which was exactly when I received that “high pitched” call!! Wow, I was shocked (because the whole thing’s electrical, as all epilepsy is). And I get to feel those same “shocks” (re perceptions of 11:11, the vu’s and loads of other number systems etc). I’m never “afraid” of any of it, as such. It’s just that I can physically feel so much “electrical chaos” that throws up mind storms in my head – so that I can “detect” the whole gamut of those spiritual energies and their outpourings. For example, the “bliss” that’s in so many religious experiences equates to “postictal bliss” (as researched by Beauregard & Paquette when they researched the “bliss” emotions of a group of Carmelite nuns (all on internet). Moreover, I can physically feel that same kind of joyful bliss, or its downturn, or even electrical lows that turn to fear. So have no choice with any of it. I can physically feel all of this “electrical weather” – and what’s weird is none of those streams are what I would emotionally choose to control or channel in the ordinary scheme of things. I have no choice but to absorb it all. I’m a human electricity sensor & feel my life is to just hunt those “charges” down & bring some closure when I can. And, my life’s come down to that Ama. But it gives so much joy – especially when prayers work. AND they definitely do if you can bring your body’s building bricks down to base level. And my 11:11 is so satisfying, electrically, so long as I don’t get too close to human conductors, LOL!
Bless you Ama

Hi Peter,

How are you with earth energy (leylines) which I ‘measure’ through my hands? That can be fun to play with, and I have had folk get a little ‘drunk’ on nodes (where strong lines cross in the earth). Was your ‘call’ a high pitched sound, or did you actually hear voices? I get high pitched noises, static, and just plain hear words at times, being clairaudient, among other things. It’s all fun .. most of the time. 🙂

Love & Peace

Happy Starshine Ama

Woww, Jodi’s post re her birth & time date is Exciting! Her 11:11 “calling” is really active and began even before she was born!! I’ll come back on that in a moment if I may.

But, had message back from the Aetherius Society to go meet with them in London where I live. Aetherius, that’s one of those UFO religions – just like to keep my hand in with anything Jamais vu-related & these guys are a bit more quieter in everybody’s “Luo” than Tom Cruise’s scientolgists, with John Trav flying his earth-shaking greased lightning jumbo jet all over the place trashing up my air space, LOL!! But, fun aside, the Aetherius people were quick to let me know my DOB comprises Master Numbers 11 and 22!! Although I already knew that as I said yesterday, well Yikes, 11:11 yet again!! Regarding Ley lines you know, Ama, I much prefer Feng (wind) shui (water) forces that really play theme park gravity flumes with my electromagnetic mindfulness. The Leys are mainly an English/Brit thing, and though I’m a Brit I get more thrills from I Ching, which is really what FS is all about, from that eastern angle. Seems to me that just about any earthworks can be charted to make a node. While, instead, using “chi” is, to me, so much more physical as well as cognitively enthralling – just love the rushing thrill of wind & water. Everything feels that way to me, though the low pressures (of EM) are sheer earth-falling turmoil!! Changing wind direction now, I definitely “hear” the electromagnetic high pitched shriek of Self materials when the Self-composites (souls) pass over! Though, can’t usually detect any kind of “voices” as such. I detect “hear words” but only when I’m Theta-dreaming. But, hey Ama, my Sufi-like annihilated cognition (that’s all but permanent these days) always softens the blow of heartache so that, most times I’m probably the guy who’s tripping and stumbling over all the ley lines in every universe, yet blissfully only aware of having to catch this singularly little Life-shop before it shuts, LOL.

11:11 Joy and regards

Hmm.. I really should Feng Shui my home, but not until the renovations are complete, otherwise everything will be moved out of alignment again. LOL We are working on the ‘heart’ (kitchen) right now, have it half done, but the turmoil in the energy it is creating is .. exhausting. My husband, who is usually not so energy-sensitive, is not sleeping much. Tomorrow we pull up the floor, to replace it, and I can’t wait! That done, the cupboards go into place .. and most of the work will be done. Yahoo.

I love London. The ancientness of civilization there floats like mist across every environment, though Stonehenge was a disappointment, energywise. Woodhenge was much more ‘connected’. I roamed the streets of London, and the towns like York, Wells, Salisbury, Glastonbury (of course) .. and bits of Scotland, and soaked it up. For me it was a feeling of ‘coming home’. Egypt was like that too, only more discordant, since the outside world is so patriarchal, but the inside world was matriarchal .. and does work that way, said the Muslim lady and her family who I stayed with during that visit. I have had many wonderful adventures learning ‘my’ reality. 🙂 Now I am happily grounded here in Oz and don’t feel like travelling much anymore .. but you never know. 🙂

Peter, I hope you don’t mind me asking, but I am curious to know how you manage to remain within the Sufi cogniziance and manage your epileptic discordance? Must be a real trial. Certainly a fantastic life lesson to give to yourself. Was it an accident that created the seizures, or were you born that way?

Wishing you well,
Love & Peace

Hi Ama
Was born with TLE. When my mother came to London – before I was born – she arrived at Paddington Station, and then promptly fell down and smacked her head on the station’s platform. She became epileptic on account of that fall. And when I was born – not speaking or smiling till I was 3 & a half, though running around like a “perfect little storm” from age of 1 – subsequently I received that hereditary “package” too!! Was fine for first 30 years (save for confusing time slips and flashbacks). When I was 13 I used to have epically long dreams that I could keep going nightly to make one big long, long entertaining serial entertainment – that lasted 15 years!! When I told my school mates in class about this they were horrified. So, knew from back then “something” was not quite halal so to speak: To explain, I travelled around Europe in my later 30s then ended back in London, homeless and living on the street till I was flagged down & taken in by a Turkish & Arabic Muslim family. My Muslim name is Hussein Al Basmalan. Then I became an ascetic and ended up hanging around with Muslims (including Sufis) as well as, Buddhists, Hindus, Christians – till, these days, I’m trying to catch up on my Judaism & loving that, too. Somewhere between I studied at Brunel, became a teacher, a musician, a stepfather and drank too much till Islam sorted me out. I don’t take any meds for my epilepsy – I do the Neil Young thing of channelling and deepthinking (praying) so that the grounding of faiths saves me thus far!! When I had an epileptic stroke I “forgot” my loving of music so all of that life came to an end. And,that’s my ascetic (and only) life Ama, LOL
11:11 enlightenment & bliss

I’ve been seeing 11’s in all sorts of places at different times AND SEVERAL times a day. I can see Building 111 or look at the clock and realize it’s 3:11. For me the seeing the 11’s began about 2 years ago when I was extremely stressed, so whenever I’d see the 11, I had a gut feeling something bad was about to happen. I don’t mean this in a way that seeing the 11’s would cause me physical harm, but something would tip over out of nowhere and break. Being a teacher, I would see the 11s on my classroom digital clock, and I literally expected something to happen. I had the experience of fights breaking out in front of me, my principal calling the classroom phone asking for a certain report (which meant extra hours after school to complete the task because she had forgotten to mention it to me the previous week), another time I looked at the clock and right then and there, I looked straight out the classroom window, and a car accident occurred before my eyes. I have become so annoyed with seeing 11s that now I just stop and say a silent prayer to myself for an entire minute if I can without people realizing that I’m concentrating on praying at that very moment instead of doing something “normal.” I honestly thought I was alone, but I’m sure glad it’s not only me. Now… I just have to tackle the meaning of seeing 11s everywhere I go :o(

I have been noticing 11:11 a lot. I usually will catch it twice a day but if not definitely 11:11pm. It is just this notion I cannot even explain it. I will be doing something or watching a program and I just look up at the time and It’s always on 11:11. It is a very random act. Lately it has been appearing more in receipts or totals. I work in retil so I deal with many numbers a day and I am just not sure if that is coincidence. I did lose my father trally in August 2012 we Were very close. His birthday was 9/11. Again another 11. Any information or any websites pertaining to this that anyone would like to share, is greatly appreciated.
Thank you for your time.

This 11:11 on digital clocks has been happening to me constantly for the last couple years. At first I thought it was a coincidence but it became more and more frequent. Now its constant. I don’t think its amusing anymore either. Neither does my husband who is experiencing his 11:11 on the clocks now. What is this? I do feel it is a message of some sort, but of what? It doesn’t come with an instruction manual to guide us or explain. What is ironic to my husband is that I am an intuitive so usually these mystifying things that happen in life don’t usually phase me. But this seems to be picking up speed and happening to more and more people. Probably more than we know if we count the ones who aren’t speaking out about it. I know talking about it does help my peace of mind.

Hello Anonymous, I would be nice to know your first name.

The 11.11 is said to be a message to all Lightworkers to ‘awaken’ to their spiritual caling, which is basically to be the person they are supposed to be – loving, thoughtful, kind, considerate .. attempting to control their negative emotions, and learn from all their experiences, good or bad. We can do it. It takes time and perseverence to ‘deprogram’ old behaviours, such as how we react when angry or challenged. We are reminded to look to the truth of our spiritual natures, created to learn, grow and teach, and to ‘walk our talk’. It’s all very well to tell others how to live, but first we have to learn to ‘live’ the way the Creator wanted us to.

The Buddha said ‘with our thoughts we create the world’, and 11.11 reminds us to ‘monitor our thoughts’. What is each of us ‘creating’ today?

Love & Peace
Ama Nazra

Thank you Ama for responding so quickly to my question. My name is Cindy. That was helpful about my 11:11 situation. It made sense on the reason. Glad I found this site.

Wow! this is the best explanation I found up to now for my second period of time in my life having those 1:11 and 11:11 everywhere, and almost all the times I look at the clock on my computers or other places. I was actually thinking that I needed to do this when the first period happened, and now, after almost one year of having a “break” of 1s, and living the worst year of my life, that I’m just resuming to be able to eat and lost 25 pounds…its happening again. I feel I need to understand this as a second message to be the one I was supposed to be, and forgive a few persons that betrayed me while I was so naïve and pure. Mainly one person.


That’s superb, Dan. The answers are coming – just hang in with it all. Good luck.

At first I thought it was funny seeing the number 11 or its multiples at a rate far exceeding ordinary statistics. I’ve read all the stuff everyone else has read on the internet so I need not repeat it here. If you’re here, then you know. You know that you’re situation has gotten to the point of more than just being “funny”. For me, it has gotten to be a minor concern. I can remember one point where I felt that life was playing a practical joke on me. In any event, I have made what could be an interesting observation and I wanted to put it out there. TV commercials and the times they come on. Many TV commercials seem to occur every eleven minutes or on the eleventh/multiple minute. Check it out yourself. Is that the influence? Are we merely the innocent victims of TV commercial scheduling, where we are programmed to break away and look at clocks (or do other things) at eleven minute intervals? Obviously, this need not be a malicious thing if the media believes their schedule is productive for them. However, one could also say that perhaps they are being influenced by the same factors which may be influencing us.

Hey KD,

Here in Australia I think are tv ads appear every five minutes. We definitely get more commericals than ‘show’ these days. The first series I do still watch on tv are often made ‘disconnected’ by the ads. I think its more about influencing a viewers’ desire to buy something .. but it has the opposite effect on me. The more they advertise the more resistant I am to even consider buying their problems .. funeral insurance being one point in case. We can have 3 ads for that in one section, two of them the same ad from the same company .. that’s bad programming by the tv people I think.

Love & Peace

when I first started to look for an explanation for 1111 issue, I didn’t think it would be that widely spread and so many people seeing it.
Now I found that every one has his own understaning and explanation for the phenomenon, but no one can present a strong proof for what they are saying.
for me it is not a good thing, at least it is distrubing and causing me to be distracted from my normal duties thinking of it.
Now I strated to see it less than before, and that is because I am trying to be more close to God.

Hi Nour,

The 1.11 message is a positive one that appears for people when they need it most. We only make it a distraction when our minds fix on ‘looking’ for it at the appropriate times of day or night. It’s us that give it meaning, whether positive or negative.

The whole world is not seeing it, even though there seems to be thousands that do .. there are 7 billion people, and many do not have digital clocks. We have to give some sense of proportion to the phenomena. If someone had first mentioned this happening on the internet, it might not have become a ‘fad/fact’ at all.

Look at what is happening in your life, or thoughts, when you see it. You will know the familiar places you notice it and so pretend they don’t exist. We can deprogram our minds from looking for it at the ‘certain times of day’. It’s up to us.

Love & Peace

Hi Ama

I am in fact, a victim of 11:11. I have an explanation for using the word Victim. Usually when ever i see the number 11:11 or 1:11 i have to face either an insult in a crowded place… like.. falling down on the floor with no reason, getting cloths torn with again no reason etc.. or i have to face a bad injury or pain of big or small.This is happening from 4 years. of course i still see 11:11 for many times.If you can explain me the reason for this i will be grateful to you for life long.


Hello Kalpana,

You are not a victim of 11.11. The numbers are not jumping up and grabbing you, or forcing people to hurt you. What do you do when you see them? Do you turn and walk away from wherever you were heading, or do you keep walking forward ‘expecting’ to be hurt? It is the expectation that might be creating the problem .. your body language might express itself in some way that says ‘victim’ or ‘hit me’ to people who like to bully others, but that is not the work of the numbers but your reaction to seeing them.

The next time you see them, turn around completely and walk away quietly, keeping your body language in a calm fashion, not frightened or pushy. To my way of thinking, the numbers are a warning to remind you to protect yourself in a situation that might be dangerous .. give it a try, it could be lifechanging.

Love & Peace

Ama.. my friend!!

After reading your reply I am trying to realize about what i do or how i behave after looking at 11:11 and 1:11. It makes me loose my positive thinking.I start pointing out the mistakes of others unknowingly…or i commit mistakes deliberately..
Do you think there is some negative energy passing on me after looking at this number?!! or any bad spirit is taking my mind into its control??


Hello again,

No, I don’t think its a negative spirit. We are more than capable of messing up our own lives with our own thinking, without having an entity anywhere near us. We decide to believe certain things create certain events, such as you seeing the numbers and then causing problems for yourself .. so now that you are aware that you are doing this .. stop. Start observing your behaviour when you see the numbers, and tell yourself you don’t have to create trouble for yourself anymore. You have to reprogram your mind and give it a new way of thinking. 11.11 is such a positive number for so many people .. let it be a positive one for you.

And if you really are worried about entities, at the bottom of this page is the Michael Invocation which removes negativity from people .. read it the way it is, doesn’t matter if you believe in Jesus or not, the dark does. That will clear anything if its hanging around.

And then have fun. Life is meant to be good. 🙂

Love & Peace

I will be on a machine at the gym doing cardio, look at the heart rate and when i do 111 will pop up at that moment! Nowhere near the pulse i am at. That tells me it isn’t something you can turn off or you can deprogram. I think it means truth, knowing, knowledge of enlightenment and collective conciousness. awakening call.

This page is the most viewed most popular page on the entire site. The 2nd has less than half the views as this page does. It really makes you wonder doesnt it? You wouldnt believe all the people searching the Internet for info about seeing these particular numbers.

Ah yes, the fascination with having sex with demons ..sigh.

I think I told you guys about the man who wrote to me on the other ‘expert’ site who demanded I find him a succubus to have sex with him ‘because its supposed to be the best sex of your life’. He was very annoyed with him when I explained why it was a very stupid thing to want to do, and then refused to co-operate. LOL He tried a little emotional blackmail ‘it will be all your fault if something nasty happens’ .. that is the first time, and hopefully the last, that I was ever truly rude on that forum. Well, not really, just call it ‘abrupt’. 🙂

Gotta love em .. somebody gotta love them. I was only thinking about him yesterday, hoping he never got what he wanted.

Love & Peace

Most new age concepts have ‘made me wonder’ over the years, CT. I don’t know whether the focus intensified before or after Ms Virtue bought out her book ‘healing with the angels’ but that’s the first time I ever noticed the numbers, and apart from 444 (the distance to Brisbane from Armidale NSW) which was on a street sign I drove past every day in my taxi I’ve never noticed them much since. Occasionally when triple numbers appear I’ll go and check their meaning again, but the mind is a funny thing, it ‘will’ focus on patterns and shapes, it does latch onto concepts, and then we imbue them with meaning .. rather than the other way around.

If a person who grew up in the jungle with no clocks moved to the city and saw 1.11 or 11.11 everywhere and then had the angels arrive and tell them what to do .. I might consider the concept .. but now I think its so much a part of the new age belief system that number patterns are important it will never go away, and anyone who decides they are ‘spiritual’ and starts following that path expects to have that experience at least once? They often go looking for things they consider mystical.

Love & Peace

I have seen 11:11 on clocks for years now and never thought anything of it. I fell pregnant in feb 2011 and was told my due date was 11/11/11. I then ended up giving birth on the 14/11/11 and when my son was born the nurse said “born at 11:11pm”. I said “What?” Are you kidding me! I could not believe it!
I still see 11:11 all the time but then googled it today and found there is so many people. I do not know what to make of it at all. I just thought I would share my story.

I have been seeing the number 11 on digital clocks multiple times a day for the past few months.
I only now researched it as I was telling a person I just met how my son was born on 11/11/08 at 11:08 pm, and that person said to me.. That’s crazy because I have something with 11.. I keep seeing it everywhere.
That’s when I realized it wasn’t just me.

I see 11:11 often im not sure what it means but i see it in the morning and night for about 4yrs now.


Hello & welcome, i

How do you feel inside when you see those times/numerals? Does it even seem that you are noticing them “too” often?

Stay cool

Been seeing 11:11 and 1:11 and its multiples a lot recently and even today I had 11:11 am when I arrived somewhere same with yesterday and 11:11 pm when I randomly looked at the clock while reading the internet.

I see the same numbers every single day nonstop on clocks even if the time is completely wrong by 5 hours or by 5 minutes it doesnt matter.

I’m even more freaked out than before. About 9 months ago, right directly after my divorce, In Aug 2012 I started noticing that anytime I’d look at the clock it would be 9:11 am or pm. Went on a month or so and I remember being extra scared on 9/11’s anniversary. Now, some 10m months later, about 5 months ago it just started becoming 00:11… didn’t matter if it was 9:11 or 2:11 or 7:11 etc., The minute is always 11 when i think to look at my cell, pc or any digital clock. Happens no less than once a day but usually 2-4x a day. When I asked a friend who’s a psychic reader with tarot cards what does this mean (not huge psychic believer but….)She told me that 11 is the “angels” card in a tarot deck. I’ve since asked her what does the angels card mean but haven’t got a reply yet. All I know is it happens constantly to me, to a point that it’s caused me to research it. An angels tarot card means what? death? protection? I don’t know. But the worst year I’ve EVER had in my life has been the past year and 11’s pop up everywhere before me. So far everything I’ve found online has been pure speculation. Does ANYONE really know?????

psychic friend answered me and said:

11 just means your angel is with you. Most see it when they are on the verge of enlightenment or learning a lesson. It is at this time you should acknowedge their presence

and her answer made great sense as the past 10 months (since divorce and since 11’s started to appear, I’ve contemplated suicide and been in deep darkness and sadness beyond imagination. I still just don’t know though., I’m praying but I’m still scared., Seeing how many other people are experiencing the same exact thing, makes me more scared and confused.

Hello again Renee,

I am sorry you are sad and scared. The 11.11 message is a very positive one, that people have picked up on and decided to make important. Don’t let it frighten you. It’s good for us to know we are loved and watched over by our angels. Personally, I wish they would appear in front of everyone and display the illusion they do not exist, but they are not allowed to. We have to choose to believe in them. They have never stopped loving and believing in us, no matter what are life circumstances and choices have been.

Love & Peace
Ama Nazra

11, to me, means ’empowered balance’. It adds up to 2 in numerology, and is a power number by itself. That has nothing to do with angels.

The 1.11 meaning I first saw came from Ms Virtue in Healing with the Angels. She wrote we had to monitor our thoughts carefully, and only think positive ones, when the number combination appeared. The simple version of the meaning was ‘you are a lightworker, so wake up to your true potential and be more positive’. She has since written a book ascribing meanings to every possible number combination but I do not own that book.

Love & Peace

No, people do not ‘really’ know, they can only speculate and invent meanings.

Are you american Renee? 9/11 was a ‘world’ event, not just an american one. The world stopped still, just as it did when Hiroshima and Nagasaki were blown up by the atomic bombs. It imprinted in our minds a ‘fear’ reaction – it could happen to us! The world changed again, grew more fearful for a while, made more people try to find peace and a better way of living. the ‘111’ type message appeared, and if they are from the angels, and do mean the angels are around and its time you woke up to their presence’ then that’s a good thing. In times of great trial and fear we do have more angels looking after us, whether we can see them, feel them, hear them or sense them. It doesn’t matter if we don’t believe in them, because they are always there. ‘

Now I say that because I can ‘see’ and talk to angels, and I often know who is feeling ‘in crisis’ because of the number of angels around them. I don’t walk up to them in the street and demand to know their problems, but sometimes they come to me and tell me, particularly when I had the healing centres. I’m retired from that now, but I haven’t stopped seeing the angels.

The way I would interpret your 9.11 to 00.11 is to stay that your life is changing for the better. Yes, its a slow process, particularly if we are in the habit of self-sabotaging and always seeing the worst in ever situation .. but it is improving. The worst year of your life, and I’ve had one or two too, can teach us so much – just to start with – our own strength and courage, because you are still here.

The other thing is that the 11 card in the tarot is either ‘judgment’ or ‘strength’ depending on which deck you use. I have 13 decks and they swap and change those cards about. There is one deck where its the Aeon (Thoth deck) but I can’t remember its number?

You wrote some more to your comment so I’ll move down there.

Love & Peace

Hi Everyone
I hope its okay to write down the name of Doreen Virtue’s book. I’ve owned and used it for a few years now and have passed it around so much that the pages are falling out. I personally would recommend it to anyone for their library.The name is “Healing with the Angels.” It has every number combination and an explanation for its meaning. Have a great day!

Hello again
After I perused what you wrote in your reply Ama I saw you did mention the name of Ms Virtues book. Oops! Time for glasses-LOL

Hi, this 11:11 numeral has been like a storm in my recent life! In 2010 I met a guy (Stu) who was also fixed on 11:11 and who threw himself into a Scottish canal (on purpose) in mid winter 2006, to make himself feel cured of worries. Stu did that in a moment when the sky was full of sunlight! He’d left his family and home just to do that!! Then I realised, I had visited my own local outdoor swimming pool (in teenaged days when I could hardly read and write whilst feeling angy & hurt over that prob)and done exactly that same outdoor water immersion and sunlight thing!! Even more startlingly, the same “sunhydration” is done by Jesus (John3:5, where Spirit = sunlight); it’s in the Bhagavad Gita (12:6-7) plus somewhat in the Qur’an in so many places (e.g. 64:8-9). So, I’m still trying to get my head round all this. Yet 11:11 kind of “woke me up” to the fact that I (and others) can still do what proved to be a “human survival science” that’s called sunhydration, while the biology has been within all of us (Luke 17:21) since primordial days before humans stood up on 2 feet!

I was born on 11-11-66 at 11:11 pm I am constantly seeing 11:11
almost everyday usually when I see it I see it both am and pm is there any significance with my
birth date and time and the fact that I see it so much?

Have you always see the number cominbation, Jodi, or only in the past few years when people have been talking about it? The significance comes from the importance you place on the numbers. 11, in numerology, is a power number, a person of strength and determination, is that what you have decided to be in this lifetime, otherwise what significance, or importance, to you place on having chose the date and time you did to be born?

Love & Peace

Hi Jodie
I was a while ago saying to Ama that your 11:11 birth date, birth time plus recent and regular perceptions of 11:11 are truly exciting, and began before you were born. Please forgive me as I now try to explain some modern and Westernised Kalachakra Tantra (cycle of time) teaching, using annoying “” and other irritations: There’s no such thing as “coincidense” because just about everything we know (and don’t know so well) comprises of (or was formed by) electromagnetic building blocks we commonly refer to as energy. When we see plants, animals, or anything we “recognise” we’re just “sensing” (seeing, hearing etc) packaged arrangements of those “building blocks” of that potential. So, every pattern we recognise/notice is a life or burgeoning event. And your life “means” something, Jodie – as does everyone’s. But many don’t get to “wake” and see our “purpose” – so important as you’ll now see!! Also, there can’t be a present or a future (of anything) without there having been a past – so that’s a pattern, too. In any case, your 11:11 experiences were meant to be – and so is the following, by the same philosophy: Your sensing of such pattern-events means that you are “near” to finding your “purpose” (of becoming enlightened to your purpose in this life cycle of time). When you find that purpose (attainment of enlightenment) then what you are to do with that “enlightenment” becomes clearly mapped out because you will quickly see how that awesome level of your life’s energy can become a gift for enabling what has to be done. That moment is getting really close because of the regularity of your noticing those 11:11 events. So your being able to “see” that all-important” purpose is upon you!! And Jodie, I “found” the thing I personally had to see ( so that I was enlightened). And that was to make enough money for my brother and mother (who has dementia) to survive. He was suffering in work badly, and we wanted to look after my mother because he’s a deep carer!! And I FOUND that enlightenment!!! I “saw” a way to make that possible – and now I’m overjoyed!! I’ve got a few finishing touches to add. But damn, I’m ALMOST there!!
And when you become enlightened to see that thing you will be able to do, you’ll achieve your own miracle too.
Good luck!!

Hi Jodi
Hope all’s well and really hoping to hear from you because there’s been lots said (relating to your posting) from May 10th 2013 up till the present moment. Please forgive me, I added an “e” to your name, but rest of you is perfectly unaltered, LOL.
11:11 Sunshine and all my prayers

Hi Everyone
I wrote in here earlier that I had been seeing 11:11 on the clock for at least two years now. At the time I didn’t even know that others out there had also been experiencing the same. I am not a “clock watcher” so when I would look at the time, either night or day and it seemed to be consistently 11:11 or I would wake up from a sound sleep at exactly 11:11 I decided to search and see if others are experiencing this. I was very surprised to see how many really are and that we all are on the same timetable ( the last two or three years.)
The reason I am writing about this again is that I agree with what Peter just wrote to Jodie that it is basically a “wake up call” to our life’s purpose. In my mind I look at it like a “text” from the universe. I believe its just one form of communicating. Since we are all so different, Spirit will reach out to us in different ways. Some of us will pick it up, some will have a different way. I too do not believe in coinsidense and it makes sense that its telling us that we are near to our life’s purpose. I was on a very positive path about four years ago and was starting to achieve my life’s dream when a few things happened that just put it all on “halt”. It was about two years after that when I started seeing 11:11 regularly. And believe me I wasn’t looking for any sign or answer at that time, I was pretty much just going through the motions of my day to day life. When it started happening it actually kind of irritated me because by nature I am a very curious person and it was like someone poking you on the shoulder over and over to get your attention and your just not in the mood!:(
But a funny thing happened while 11:11 blinked away at me. My whole life changed almost overnight. My kids left the nest,I lost my job, and was completely uprooted to a town that I never even been to before! ( Yes, within a month this all happened.)
To get to my point about what you wrote Peter, is yes I still see !!:11 on occasion but since all this has happened it shook me out of my temperary coma and I am now back on track to what I originally was doing, which has always been my life’s dream. I believe my life’s “purpose”. The 11:11 sightings were just the Universe’s way of saying “Wake Up!!” Take care Cindy

Hi Cindy
Have been intrigued with what you’ve posted here!! You know what, Cindy? I think this thread space on this site is something of a “special” place we’ve all gravitated to! A bit like our collective place of treasure!! Have to say, for all the different religions (that have their own words and terms for what many experience, deeply or not) we are “all” human beings – wherever we are on this globe – and, therefore, are “all” able to share this spiritual science, if we allow ourselves to do so. In other words, what some may call “attainment of enlightenment” is the same as what’s in Bible’s Luke 17:21 and is the same again as what others perceive as 11:11 cognition. It’s ALL the SAME, Cindy! The terms – and associated cultures – may be different. Yet these all “mean” the same experience!! And all my multi-faith friends consider these all to be “the same thing, as well!!” So, truly Cindy, ours is a “global and collective” ability, I believe, and the same “revelation” which – I’m sure – is a “human tool” so many can use. And here at this site we all seem to be able to “pick up” on this 11:11 ability! Again that, somehow, we are all able to tap into our own individual purpose which is to “wake up to our own life’s purpose”. I think it’s all so incredibly awesome, and I hope we can all share this more deeply with each other – and that others will arrive here, too!! I’m also amazed that your life changed (when kids had flown nest, you lost job, ended up in a different location). I did the SAME – even ended up living in a caravan and existing by the river! Huhh?? That’s not “me”, yet my whole life “chaotically” changed. In any case, I found my life’s dream AND I act on all subsequent 11:11 alarm calls – that are awesome-feeling events which actually transpire. This is such a special time – and I hope and pray your life’s dream is turning out – as I’m confident it will. Stay in touch with us all!!
Sunshine and all my prayers.

Hi again Cindy
Though, I’m also thinking that Spirit is also trying to “stir you” very sharply – re your life’s purpose – to “notice” something you are also close to missing! Now, that something may be a threat or otherwise. But that, further, with your life’s purpose you ALSO have a very massive opportunity to “help” someone incredibly – especially a member of family; even that this someone may even have a chance to learn something from what you’re doing so that, for example, you might even save one or more lives, literally or otherwise!!! I say this because, you went through a MASSIVE change, and that’s Spirit’s way, perhaps – and as was my case – of biologically purging you so that you can become awesomely tuned in to the d what rama of you need to see!!
Sunshine and all my prayers

Hello Cindy
Just wanted to “smooth out” the ending of my second shorter message (12.41 pm) I sent you yesterday (that went pear-shaped) so that it should now read: And that’s perhaps the Spirit’s way – as was also my “new life’s adjustment” – of biologically purging you so that you can become awesomely tuned into the drama of what you need to see for yourself. And again, it’s a revelation that, somehow, us 11:11 people are able to tap into what – re our deeper human science – some of us are able to accomplish. Lots of people also refer to this human survival science as “self-realization”!!
Sunshine and all my prayers

I have been seeing 11:11 my since I have been a child. I only noticed it when I was 17. 1111 has always been in my daily life am or pm, though it just passes by and I have grown accustom to it. The strange thing is my favorite number developed later in life to 8 then 88 though I keep seeing 11:11. came across this site researching 1111.
Any insights?

Hi Mak

The consensus is that the 11:11 experience is one of needing to “awake” to something – taking place (or about to take place) in your life and or in the life of person/s near to you. This seems to have even been picked up in the Maya culture that subsequently went into the Maya Calendar – I mentioned all of this back in an earlier post – and which millions all over the globe took to be an “end of the world” event! Hmmm, that outcome never happened. But, be sure Mak, this appears to be a “tool” for giving you the ability (or urging you) to see something so very important! It could so easily amount to something brilliant – or otherwise.

I want to share my experience from the beginning to people that see the number 11:11 on a rapid basis. When I started seeing the number 11:11 I dismissed it as just a random event.
However, in the last five years I begin to experience this phenomenon so rapidly and in the strangest unpredictable places that I knew it was something special and at the same time something scary because I didn’t know why I was experiencing this.
Let me start at the beginning. I am a sensitive person. Im a fixer and a giver I tend to wear my heart on my sleeve and I can put myself in anyone shoes and understand. Basically I trust easily. This will come into play later.
The first time I started seeing 11:11 I was engaged to be married and had a baby on the way. I was happy and scared all at the same time. It was my first child and I was getting married. 3 Months before we were to married I started seeing 11:11 for the first time in my life. I started seeing it on clocks.
As I got closer to the big day of marriage I started seeing 11:11 like crazy. However, this experience would be on clocks, and the time on the bottom right of my computer and on tv, for example I would be watching a football game and they would take a time out at 11:11! on the scoreboard. It was crazy I even would laugh about this. I never said much to anyone because I thought it was kinda crazy and just being in the right place at the right TIME, lol.
Well, 0ne week before I got married, I found out my fiance was cheating. That all ENDED and took me awhile to recover.
As I progressed in my journey after that stage in my life I began to see 11:11 like crazy but ONLY when I started to date someone after awhile.
In the last 5 years I have dated 4 women and none of them worked out. I have dated commitment phobes, narcissistic, women at the time I didnt realize this was there personality until I could put two and two together on some basic relationship needs.
During this time I would experience the 11:11 phenomenon like crazy. I saw it spray painted on a brick wall walking to sonic drive-in to grab a slushy. I had a cell phone that wasn’t set with the right time on it and I would pull it out of my pocket to see 11:11 on it. I began talking to my mom about my experience in this number. We were driving to wal-mart to grab some camping things when I was explaining what was happening. My mouth dropped open, I said see mom look as I was driving. On a digital Bank sign the time was 11:11 and it was creepy. My mom was an instant believer. The more and more I would see 11:11 the more and more I thought it was telling me not to date certain girls, WAKE UP CHRIS!
I was seeing 11:11 so much and sometimes I would just say shut up! I get it! stop showing me this stupid number! As all those relationships were ending. I would see this 11:11.

So I took a break from dating and tried to figure out why I flock to these powerful type of women that I know weren’t healthy for me. They were beautiful but self centered.

Fast forward to this past 3 months. I have been at my job for 5 years. I am a manager. Been managing Restaurants for 12 years. I have only managed one other place for 7years.
For the last 3 months I began seeing 11:11 like crazy! OMG here it goes again but this time I’m not dating anyone. Now I’m confused and don’t understand why I am seeing this number! I’m seeing it on my check out reports! giving guest back 11.11 cents in change, it was crazy NO WAY THIS CAN HAPPEN LIKE THIS im telling myself. I call my parents whom I very close to and telling them I’m experiencing this again and the highest rate I have ever experience it. sometimes I would see 11:11 3 to 4 times a day. Fast forward to this week. On Tuesday I saw 11:11 5 times. I said enough! got on the internet to find the answer!!! I had enough!
I came across this great article that said 11:11 is a wake up call, HOWEVER, it something telling you THE END IS NEAR, Time isnt liner it is circular.I finally said I get it! something is about to happen to me! I thought am I loosing my job? Is something going to happen to me or my son or a family member? I finally get it, I said!
Now this might seem crazy but its the truth!! As I begin to understand and related all my experiences I said out loud “I get it”! and a orb flew across the corner of my eye and disappeared. I was shaking and OMG its been an ANGEL or something. The Next morning I went into my job at 9:00am and there were my bosses and handed me my last paycheck and said they were going a different direction with management and I got laid off!

It took me 5 years to understand this. It is a wake up call. I knew dating those women weren’t a good fit for me and in my heart of hearts I knew someone was getting laid off at my work because we had new management that was cleaning house and bringing in there own management teams from their markets. I knew all of this but failed to listen to my GUT.
Someone or something was watching over me, WARNING ME and TELLING ME TO BE READY for a new chapter. I have no reason to share this story to anyone, except to help you understand why you might be experiencing this yourself.
I know this has brought me closer to religion and the belief there is something bigger then us and that Love exists on the other side. I never thought I would be writing something like this on the internet. Im a 37 year old single father, who is dedicated to his son. I struggle just like everyone else. I have a college degree. I am completely normal. I know I wasn’t following my true self for the last 5 years and maybe this was my WAKE UP CALL. But who or what ever it was, I am grateful for because I know if someone is watching over me Ill always be OK no matter the changes I go through. I hope this article will help and give answers to those who read it. I haven’t seen 11:11 for days now and I wonder if it will ever come back the way it did. If it doesn’t I know this Angle did its Job.

PS: My mom called to tell me she was crying upset in her bed praying to god and her mother with her rosary asking for me to be OK and she looked over to the clock and it said 11:11 and she live in Iowa I live in Kansas.


Wow! Thank you, Christ, for sharing your explanation of what you believe 11.11 has come to mean in your life. It could be used as a wonderful tool to keep you on track, and perhaps to pick your friends and loved ones by. Yes, we are watched over and loved profoundly. I guess you told your guides to make sure that you got very precise help with certain events in your life. That sort of choice always makes me wonder what mischief I got up to in previous lives. LOL

Love & Peace

And wow again!! But, you know, there’s nothing so bad here sir – plain and simple, you have the “gift” of being able to see really important events (including warnings) in you life and, perhaps, in the lives of others too. And in a very interesting way you have even, yourself, stated how you have received warnings (of being attracted to powerful and self-motivated women) and are getting all the “assistance” you need. And you are being awakened to the fact that none of these individuals is good for you!! So 11:11 is working beautifully for you. Plus, the thing is to “wait” and “study” these individuals very, very closely indeed. You are looking for a life partner – and it’s critical that you waken your senses to those opportunities that come your way, and give yourself (and her) time. You will come to learn your fears and she will in time learn to see your fears also. Then you will be a brilliant life partner for her, and she will have the time to look out for you as well. So give yourself TIME (which is why we often see this warning in watches, clocks etc!! And you already have that incredible gift – that’s scary and makes you feel you’re going mad!! I panicked in the same but I’m at peace with my beautiful 11:11 ability at last. And this is DEFINITELY the site for all 11:11ers to get in touch with others who are all sharing and studying the same 11:11 need.

Yours is a great story, Anonymous

Hi Brandon
The first thing to say is, you’ve got one of those minds that has “a wider range of ways for tuning into this life”. Please accept this, Brandon. It’s also miraculous, too. And certainly don’t be dismayed by the fact that some of us can use our brains in this way. And that brains can do this and then send private and direct messages to you – in the form of 11:11 (1111) and similar!! Please read the comments on this page (shared by all of us here). And we’d love to hear more from you about this , especially when you’ve given yourself a little more time to get your head around this. So please read all the posts on this subject. You know, Shakespeare says it so well when he writes in Hamlet, act 1 scene 5: “There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio, than are dreamt of in your philosophy!” The Bard is, of course, perfectly right!! Look forward to more from you, Brandon – especially once you’ve got your head around this.

I like the ‘a wider range of ways for tuning into this life’ comment, Peter. 🙂

Hello Brandon,

nothing is happening. The world is not going to stand on its head, or fall apart, or change profoundly if you are seeing 1.11 or 11.11 everywhere. It doesn’t for 2.22 or 3.33, which are my favourite numbers that continue to pop up everywhere. Nor 4.44, which I see less often.

Some people have decided to give specific meanings to certain number combinations, and that is totally appropriate to what they believe. It started far longer ago (back before bibilical times – Hebrew Gematria being an example) than most modern people realise. But .. the meanings are what ‘we’ choose them to be.

In the modern age, thanks to mass communication, those meanings have become known, and often accepted, in most of the western world. If we didn’t have mass communication, perhaps they would not be. What we are not seeing is ‘mass change’ because of the numbers. That doesn’t mean that individuals lives are not affected by seeing the number patterns all the time, but its an affect they are agreeing to experience, not one thrust upon them by outside sources (be it aliens, angels or demons), no, the results are often what they have been ‘told’ will happen .. and having been told, they help to make it happen, consciously or unconsciously, because of their expectations.

You haven’t told us what your experiences are with 11.11 or 1.11 .. are they worrying you? Personally, I just laugh when I look at the clock and see 3.33 (usually in my car .. but sometimes very early in the morning when I should be asleep) and wonder if, as one writer says ‘the ascended masters are around you’ .. lovely. What are they doing while they are there, and haven’t they got somewhere more interesting to be, than talking to me (without me being aware of it – and I am clairaudient, which means I can ‘hear’ unseen entities) as I drive down the road, or when I’m sleeping? 2.22 means ‘our newly planted ideas are beginning to grow’ .. my question is then ‘what ideas’? Did someone forget to tell me? 🙂

Number patterns are not something to worry about. The meanings are what we (humanity) have decided they will be, but that doesn’t mean they are the same thing for every person. I generally just ignore them when they pop up .. until someone unseen decides to talk to me. 🙂

Love & Peace

Hi Ama
Thanks for the above top line!! You know have to say, I’m amazed at the number of posts going on herein re 11:11. I didn’t know about this at all till I was “struck” by the wonder of it in my personal life especially just before this last Christmas. It was definitely driving me up the wall. Then I came to relax into it and finally love & marvel at it!! Yet I’ve had an obsession about number 11 since early 1980s – it’s awful coz when 9/11 happened I couldn’t stop thinking about 9/11 = 9+1+1=11, while ground zero is 1-1=0!! I even started punctuating so much of what I wrote with !! – and still do so even till this very post. I really started getting into it on “Remembrance day” some years back,(re 11th hour, 11th day of 11th month etc). And consequently love the “feel” of 33 as well – which, to me is an expression of 11 since 11=aa, where “a” can represent any digit!! And I love the way you write about your triplex numbers also, as above, 3.33. First saw such numbers in the first MATRIX film (1999 – opps, there’s another: 999)or, rather, near triplexes (101 etc) especially on doors in that film. And there’s that bit when Neo gets killed by Agent Smith & his 2 cronies – then comes back (in a new life again) on a door with a near triplex – don’t remember exactly which one right now. Plus, that film commences with a digital scrolled list of so many near triplexes, 101, 102, 103 etc. It’s because of that particular film (& so many of its numbers) thatI knew I “had to find out” something I didn’t know about myself, when I was really unwell. Then, soon after, I was diagnosed as having temporal lobe epilepsy!! And as I said before, even my birth date “adds up” to 11:11 in my very odd & personal number system. Ah well, don’t you just love this life, Ama? Honestly, I’m transfixed by the love of every single day!!
Talk soon

I love life most of the time, Peter, but even I have my off days.

My birth number is a 9, and the rest of the my numbers are either 3s, 6s or 9s .. phone numbers, bank account numbers, credit card numbers, library card numbers .. you can’t pick those things yourself here in Oz – but up they pop. Weird but fun. 🙂

Love & Peace

Hi all a friend just directed me to this forum/conversation and though i havnt read it all, what i have read seems pretty interesting. I also for a VERY long time keep seeing the time 11:11 and it has and still does continue to baffle me. It will come in waves where sometimes i’ll see it evryday sometimes twice a day for a few weeks, then not again for some weeks. I also never know that it is even close to that time when i see it, so i know im definately not contiously looking for it, its always a surprise. Anyway just thought id share that, i’ll continue to read the posts for interest sake, but ultimately no-one will REALLY know what it means hey?

Very interesting reading. I also have been seeing 11:11, but NOT only that. 22:22; 4:44; , no matter what and for no reason at all I just look at any clock and see doubles all the time? What do you think?

p.s. my birthday is 991963 which is a No. 1 and my eldest son was born on 12121997.

I am still seeing double digits a lot and 11’s and still havent figured out why and my friends are starting to see it a lot also.

My friend got 99999 on his speedo on his bike this last weekend when he arrived at his destination.

Hi all,
I want to share my experience that I am seeing 11:11 for more than 10 yrs. But in my experience there should be something negative effect caused in my life even it is small or big incidents. Now I realized the situation and I am now keeping more alert once I seeing it.

I’ve been seening the 11 # for about 2 yrs now on a clock or even some one saying the number, God is my rock and no you’re blessed .Yes it’s weird at time’s but just no God is on you’re side. Trust him ask God he will show u this site helped me. Thanks God for showing me I’m not the only one,

Hi all!

Micah I am.
So to start, I find myself here because of the 11:11 phenomena. At first i read up somewhere that it could be my body’s pattern of wanting to look at the time at 11:11. Everyday, for two years I’ve ignored it. Last night I just got so frustrated I started doing what every new age person does, GOOGLE!!! *smartie face* I was very relieved to find various information links. I looked up about guardian angels…the whole order, bible versus etc. What i discovered is the symbol for guardian angels are 4 11’s that over lap each other creating an 8 point star. When you look at it more your eye starts playing with what you see and other patterns imbedded in that symbol. This lead me to discover that my most personal possessions all contain the figure 8. The lights i design portray that exact same 8 point star. I have 8 of those light designs. Individual close relationships with 8 friends, the design works i do for people are to do with 8 and 11. I decided to stop as i was like…you’re over imagining things… ‘aint nobody got time for that¡? ‘ lol so i am writing here, to share what i have experienced. What i can add, eery time i see 11, i feel it means to say im in the ight track but im always puzzled. I just have this knack for always thinking i’m not doing enough to discover more.

This is a fairly new experience for me, Today I had enough of seeing 11.11 or 1.11 and I thought I will look on the web for any possible explanation, I was never a superstitious person, But now I am confused, So much of 1111 every where I go, all day along.

It all started for me since 11/11/11(the day). Since that day I have started no notice 1111 at many places several times a day. I also must say that my birthday falls on the 11th day of a month, Since 11/11/11 every day in the morning and evening I am drawn toward my watch at exactly 11:11, there is not a day that passes by not looking at the time exactly at that moment two time a day, Also every other time I need to check the time would be the 11th minute of that particular hour. Apart from this I come across many instances that display 1111 or involves it.

When I found this site I was so surprised and in a funny way it also was comforting to me to know that there are many people who share similar experiences, I thought no one is going to believe me if I cam out with this story.

So why does it happen? Why now? and why me? Since today I read many stories and comments and Ideas, But I still don’t know if there is a reason for all this or if it is just all a coincidence !

Dear ParanormalQA,

I was wondering why I kept on seeing number 48 all the time. I kept on seeing that number ever since I moved in a house that is number 48 and the door says 48. I think I moved in that house since 2008 or 2009. It’s 2013 and I’m still seeing number 48 everywhere literally. I moved in a different house since I think 2011 and the door number is 26, but in still seeing 48. When I had summer fair in school July 2013, I joined an activity called How many sweets in a jar, I put 480, then suddenly I won!!!! The actual number was 472 sweets in the jar, I was the closest, I was shocked when my teacher told me I won. So does number 48 bad luck or good luck? And when I press my circle button on my iPhone4, it comes like: 1:48, 2:48, 3:48, 4:48, 5:48, 6:48, 7:48, 8:48, 9:48, 10:48, 11:48 & 12:48. Sometimes I see the other way around which is number 84, but I still mostly 48 than 84. What does 48/84 really mean? Please answer my question, I really need to know. Thanks for reading this message!

Laika O.

this is happening to me now. I always look block when it is 11:11 ! This been happenin for two months now i was going crazy

When I started to see the number 11 I was very excited and positive about it. Now a few years on having watched my life take turn after turn for the worse and exerience constant hardship, cruelty and declining physical and mental health I am feeling less positive about it all. If infact it is meant to be such a blessing why has my suffering continued for so long.

Hello Anonymous,

The power of numbers is in the mind of the beholder. Different numbers mean different things – such as the 11.11 combination with its positive meaning to the new age people, but what does that mean in Gematria, which is a far older numbering system from the Hebrew culture? I doubt they are the same.

We give numbers meaning. The number combination itself does not create the problems, we do it to ourselves. Often we are our own worst enemy. What are you doing to help yourself get away from all the painful things that are happening to you? The answer lies within you.

Love & Peace

Its just that I chanced on this site while trying to locate what does the number 11:11 means…
Since some months have been having bad times, have lost my job, have a huge house loan, have a family to support and times are really rude to me.
But somehow have a peace within and though my confidence of gettinga job and earning of living are dwindling due to no replies for my applications, there is still a happiness within.
It is so difficult to understand this feeling. Do not understand how to live my life.. at the moment thare are people helping me as i have nothing… the no 11:11 keeps coming in everytime and gives me a kind of hope.. can someone please tell me what am i supposed to take this as… and nowadays am seeing 12:11 tooo…

I’ve been seeing 11 for over 10 years now. Sometimes it will go away for about 6 moths or so, and I never know when it will reappear. When it does I noticed that things always turn out good. It is reassurance on whatever is going on in my life.

I have been very in tune to this for quite some time now. I just became unemployed, looking for a job, and now 11 came back to visit me…. I may not get the first job I interview for,I may not make a million dollars, but I have without a doubt, the reassurance that this will turn out ok for me.



I’ve been seeing 11.11 on my watch and 111 on my petrol gauge for the last 2years. It was only 2weeks ago when I seen it all day that I finally looked into it. At first i thought it was coincidence and really strange that I would always look at my watch at that time then assumed its the time I get bored in work so that must be why. As time went on I thought I had some kind of mental issues because I would see it every day so I believed I was obsessing or imagining it!. So to
my great relief when I goggled why do I keep seeing 11.11 that I’ve realised I’m not insane it’s something that’s happening to millions of people across the world. I haven’t found the answer why yet but all I know is its very real and I hope it has something to do with being a light carrier as I’ve read. I’m a deeply spiritual person who believes in God and the afterlife and im someone who has a lot of love and empathy for people.

I just googled this question, “does 11:11 mean anything?”. I never expected all of this info. I have NO idea what to make of it. It began for me while I was pregnant for my fourth child in 2010. And then my son was born, January 11, 2011. I see this time on my cell phone, the microwave, my coffee maker and even on the tv’s digital box. For some reason, I always see it.
And I have this innate feeling that it is not a coincidence……I hope it is someone watching over me. I do have a strong faith in the Lord. Also, when I was nine I had a dream that my 19 year old uncle died. I woke up crying and told my mother. She assured me that Glen was fine……..we found out. The next day that he was hit by a transport truck the night before. While I was dreaming he was dying. He was hit at approx 3am. Could it be him saying hello in some manner?? Who knows?.

Hi Kiesha,

I always see 222 and 444, the occasional 888, when I do get 111 or 777 (once) I just smile. They are just numbers until we decide to give them meaning. Perhaps, for a week, you could keep a written record of what is happening to you, for you or around you, when you see the 111 combinations?

Your dream – do you or your mother remember what time did you wake up crying? You might have had a precognitive dream, if it was earlier than 3.00am, or you might have ‘seen’ him when he died for two possible reasons .. the shock of his death sent a burst of energy through your family which touched a psychic gift you might have, or he came to check everyone was ok after he died. He would have spent time around the family, for the next three days, before he crossed into heaven.

Love & Peace

I woke up in the morning for school and it was daylight. In the dream, the sky over our house turned dark and a “voice” announced, “Glen is dead”. Also, in the dream I ran upstairs and as I was going up my grandfather was coming down the stairs with very swollen eyes, wearing a white t-shirt and tanned slacks. And that is exactly how I saw Papa when I came home from school. It was May 7th, 1984. I was only 9.
Ama, thanks so much for responding to me. As far as 11:11, it catches my attention all of the time. So much that I googled it. It floored me how many others this affects.

I’m posting today because I have been seeing 11:11 for the past 3 months and again today at 11:11 p.m and I became so frustrated. Why do I keep seeing 11:11? I said to myself. I started seeing 11:11 a week or two before my grandpa passed away. At first I thought it was a coincidence but then I saw it more and more. I would just randomly look up at the clock and it would say 11:11. After I was told by my dad that my grandpa had passed away, the time read 11:11.

After that, I still was seeing it all the time. Sometimes twice a day. I told my husband about it and he thought that maybe 11:11 just stands out and that is why I notice it. But a couple of nights ago we got into the biggest argument we have ever had and then we heard a loud banging sound as if something metal had fallen or clanked. And then for some reason we looked up at the clock at it was 11:11. We all around and could not find what had made that strange sound. My husband finally understood that something was going on. He even said that the sound didn’t sound like something here on earth.

Then today, I looked at a receipt from a purchase I made that said the item I purchased was purchased at 11:11, receipt emailed to me at 11:11, item shipped at 11:11, etc. I also was baking tonight and randomly looked at the microwave for no reason at all and it was 11:11. What is going on here?

Dear don’t give it a thought !! My dear devil want us to be in fear and to not be happy !!believe me it’s just Coincidence just leave it !! And pray to God alwayes !I think 11:11 is not stronger than god right!?!! Just think as if it’s ur lucky number or some thing !!be safe dear ^_^

Hellow all
In-spite of making my mind that 11:11 is ignorable and no where it is concern with good or bad, i see this number again and again. especially when i look at my watch, it either shows me 11:11 or it shows me 1:11 why?? why?? and Why??? Today also i saw both numbers in my wrist watch… and it happens to me only when i see the clock unexpectedly.Deliberately never i could see these numbers any where including my digital watch!!! my mobile too has shown me the same.


The why is easy .. you have trained your mind to look at your watch at a certain time each day. Something might happen in your environment that triggers you to check the time .. it could be a sound, a smell, seeing something pass you by .. or it could be hunger pangs, if you eat at the same time each day. There’s nothing paranormal in that. LOL Just smile, instead of worrying .. and remember that ‘we’ create our reality, and make it what it is. Perhaps the pattern is repeating now to remind you that good things happen too?

BTW, I was doing the same with 222 the last few days. It means, in D Virtue’s book, ‘our carefully laid plans are coming to fruitition’ .. and I think that’s wonderful, but I have no idea what the plans actually are!!!! 🙂 Makes for an adventure I suppose. 🙂

Love & Peace

These days i started seeing 2:11,3:11,4:11,5:11,6:11’7:11,8:11,9:11 and 10:11 as well!! but very very UN-intentionally.Why?


Hello .. ask yourself why you are looking at your clock every hour?

I doubt there’s anything paranormal going on, just your mind playing games for some reason. Only you can know why, so why not sit down quietly, meditate if you do, and then ask yourself ‘why’ the number 11 is important to you.

Love & Peace

hello everyone my name is zafar i born on 11.11.1968 and but last 6 month,s i saw many times 11:11 on clock whats then contion with me ??

I did a search on this topic because since I’ve been pregnant my husband and I have both noticed an increase in 11:11. What may have been a couple incidences here and there “Oh! It’s 11:11 – make a wish”…have now become extremely commonplace – probably 5-7 times a week.

I was floored when I read the article and saw that there were already 111 comments!

I almost hate to leave this comment as it would be #112 and I don’t want to break it, but had to say how interesting I found it!

Thank u so much !! Ijust start to search about this matter coz iwas little bet scared why I see always 11:11 and it’s start to be daily am and pm too !!when I read ur comment and ask my self !!iremembered on 11-11-11 iwanted to see 11:11 soooo bad ; coz I thought its awesome to see all Theas match numbers !!but I over slept the hole day =_= and I was so sad after that it’s start to happen !!!I think this is the main reason and yeah I notest when am motivated to make changes coz iwant to be an artist but am lazy to improve my self but when ireally try my best I en up d seeing 11:11 am and pm too so glad to know its for a good thing ^_^ am reliefed ^^ Thanx a lot

Yeah I forgot to say I believe so much in GOD and I pay attention for the sign and it helped me a lot at my work usually when I have a difficulties sending the report or some work to my boss I will recheck it then iwill find a mistake or a problem !! !! Or when I want to go some where but some thing delay or didn’t let me I will accept and wait and most of the time I saw when I pass there was a big car accident on the same way And if I fight to go that time I will be one of these victims =_=

That works for emails too, Noomico. If they won’t ‘send’ I go back and re-read and re-write, or correct whatever .. or add something or change something .. and then they flow away quick as water .. 🙂

It’s nice to be looked after. 🙂

Love & Peace

Dear Ama,

I come across 11:11….for the past 7 months. It could me my laptop, when i switched it on, my car clock when I start the engine, My handphone when I receive a sms or look unintentially, even today when I was away & sat back at my desk to continue my work I saw 11:11am in my notebook. I got married in May, since then this number always appear around me…..I am clueless what is the message behind this sign, what is it trying to project………

I’ve been glancing at digital clocks and seeing 11:11 for a couple of years now – freaking me out a bit. I find myself trying to avoid checking the time if I know it’s around 11:00. Sometimes I feel like I know the clock will read 11:11 before I even look, and sure enough… boom, 11:11. What shook me just now, in researching this topic, a looked at the clock on my laptop and it was 11:11. I just hope that if there is an actual meaning to this, that it is positive. I don’t really notice it anywhere but on digital clocks. I also see other times of day at the 11th minute, including 1:11 at a more frequent rate than I would consider to be a normal coincidence.

I think the people who say 11:11 is positive are wrong, perhaps dangerously wrong. I started seeing this a few years ago. Some say, you hear about it and it buries in to your subconscious so you begin noticing it, but I had never heard of this phenomenon, at all. At first I thought it was kinda cool, but probably random, over time it got to the point where I felt like these numbers were stalking me, I saw them everywhere and not just on clocks. At the time I had met an American man (I am British) and we were planning to marry, I was going through all the immigration process, the further I got the more I saw these numbers. I turned to the internet of course, discovering this was a common thing put my mind at rest, I thought perhaps this international move was lucky, or 11:11 represented that I had found my soul mate, as some say it is the number of twin flames. I realised this was a good omen and truly believed that.
About a month before we were due to move I lost everything, my home, my money, my Fiance, even my children. I was so depressed I thought there were shadows in the room, trying to take me. I look back and even now cannot figure out how this happened as months earlier everything was amazing and I was the happiest I had ever been.
The devastation all occurred in November 2011 (11:11) a realization that chilled me.
It’s taken me three years to get my life back on track, I have had psychotherapy and still do, and still no one can pin point exactly why my life hit such utter destruction.
Now I am seeing the numbers again, and I am very, very nervous. I have searched high and low for meanings, and the only one that made any sense to me was that this is a warning from Midwayers (angels) and you have to look at where you are standing in that moment and choose very carefully what path you will take, the path of transformation or the one of ruin. Problem is back then I thought I was taking a wonderful path. Everything seemed perfect then suddenly it wasn’t.
I am still trying to figure out exactly what this means or how to stop it. I used to feel a little excited when I saw 11:11 now I completely renounce it, pray or even say out loud “Go away”

Just as I posted my above message, I glanced at the clock 01:11. Really does start to feel like being the butt of some cruel joke.

I realize that now daily I see 11:11 but I want you to know that I do not look at the clock hardly ever. it is very strange this phenomenon because I know for a fact that I do not watch the clock for any amount of time so it makes me realize that when I look at it twice a day and one of those times I see 11:11 that there is something to it there are no coincidences in this world thank you all for your input but spiritualism has something to do with this phenomenon. yeah I just saw 11:11 today that’s why I’ve searched it on Google and found this site
11 11.
Steven Payne

ok, after feeling compelled to look at the clock at 11:11, 1:11, so many times, I had to google it today. (after again looking at 11:11) I saw someone posted about their birthday numbers adding up to 11:11 (not sure how she did the math) but I tried it for both my full birthdate adding numbers together till it was just 1 digit… and sure enough, it was a 1. Even when I omit my birth year, my birth month and day still equal a 1.
It’s like a group of people can be linked by numbers, not just 1’s. I feel a bit crazy saying that but it’s a thought I get every now and then. my parents, my sister and myself all have a 4 in our birthdays (4th, 14th, 24th), my two kids were born 7 years apart, both on the 7th of their months, and my husband was born in 77. It’s no wonder so many people over time start putting theories about number meanings. It feels uncanny.

Dear readers, I was seeing the number 11 on my clock, usually at 11:11 AM or PM Then I was told my mother was very sick in the hospital. I was estranged from her because I didnt like who she was living with..I still feel guilty as she passed in a few months, but I was there everyday.. Something tells me now I should have intervenned sooner. Seeing those numbers to me now meant she needed help, and I wasnt there.. Maybe this will help someone else.

…hey yooh’s…

…11:11 is in my life also…and as i was reading everyones comments, something came into my mind…

…as above so below…
…from within so without…

…its all about balance…and remember…negative attracts negative and positive attracts positive…

…maybe its juss that simple…who knows…hmmmm…

…dark blessings…

I too am plagued by this phenomenon and do not know the significance. It is more than just seeing the clock at 11:11 or 1:11. I recently went to the market and my change was $11.11 I filed my taxes yesterday and I owed the state $1111. This has got to mean something! I’m starting to feel like Jim Carrey in number 23!!!!!

This started for me a few years ago. But not with clocks, well not at first. I was in McDonald’s buying breakfast and the girl serving me shut the till by accident before she gave me my change. My change was 11p. That’s not strange in itself. 11p isn’t an unusual amount of change to get, right? Later that day I was in a petrol station buying some lunch and it happened again. The girl shut the Till forgetting to give me my change. The amount of change I was due? Yes…11p. 11 & 11. Incredible coincidence? Ever then since 11.11 has followed me. It happens at least 5 out of 7 days a week. I look at my phones clock and it’s 11.11. It’s so weird. I can’t believe it’s coincidence. Not when it’s nearly every single day.

I was on Night Watch when my grandpa was in Hospice at my mother’s house when I experienced the 11:11 p.m.. the rest of the family had just gone to bed except for my niece and I. When they seen the clock saying 11:11 p.m. I made a big deal out of it and my niece told me to make a wish. At this point Grandpa was completely under and off of his medication so it was only a matter of time. You may wish was that Grandpa wouldn’t suffer anymore in the Angels could come and take him away peacefully. Of course my niece wish to the same thing. Grandpa had already suffered way too much and we knew we couldn’t bring him back so we know the best thing was for him to go visit Grandma. Grandpa took it so hard when Grandma passed away. Like I said a half hour after I realized it was 11:11 Grandpa started struggling pretty hard out of the blue because he was totally under for days. When scrap the started having issues of course a few minutes seemed like forever but I knew what that clock meant and I told my grandpa to go see his wife and then he closed his eyes and left us. I have to say I believe the spirits were around letting us know they were there and boy did it help the whole process and it’s still helping me today. I definitely know there’s a meeting behind all of it because I seen it in action. I was very verbal with all the hospice nurses and everybody around about my belief in spirits and my crazy lucid dreams. Getting the clock saying 11:11 is crazy have a lucid dream and I’m telling you don’t be afraid of it and it probably won’t work out the first time or many times after but eventually you can move around and control things. There’s another world really close to home. The more you believe the more you will see.

I’m seeing 11:11 or 1:11 almost everyday & even twice a day. & I’m scared of this. Because it happened with me in the recent past some 6 months ago & then something bad happened. That broke me I started seeing it again & I’m afraid of this now. I also often see 1122, 1212, 333, 555. Please help what should I do.

I am from Nigeria, I started seeing this 11:11 early 2011, I thought it was just a normal phenomena,till now I still see it regularly…I believe seeing 11:11 is a gift from our love ones from the other realm that we are remembered just like when we place flower on our late love ones tomb right here to remind them of our loves.