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What Made That Growling Sound?

About two years ago I went out on my rear screened porch to smoke a cig before turning in for the night. It was somewhere between 12:00 &  1:00 am.

As I stood by the table I suddenly heard a very deep growl from the corner of my home about 20-25 ft. away. The growl sounded like it was maybe even closer than the corner of my home. I snap my head to the right instantly to see what it was, and there was nothing there.

I knew instantly it was not an animal, it wasn’t that kind of growl. I have wondered many times what it could have been and have never heard it since. Any explanations?

Asked by chip

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It very possibly was a animal they make different noises some of can make noises that you never would have thought possible. maybe a cat or a small dog even a coon will growl. There may have been more then one of what ever critter it was and one had some kind of food and was warning the other(s) to stay away. Some thing small and low to the ground in the dark can be missed. If you only heard it once then you may have scared them away when you moved. Have ever heard any thing like that again? What makes you think it was not an animal? Is there any back story to the place you are living?

Well I have lived on a farm in a rural area of N. Fla., raised typical farm animals and a avid hunter. I know this does not make me an expert but have heard and seen hogs, coons, possum, bears and even a rare Fl. Panther while in the deep woods. The growl I heard matched nothing I have ever incountered before, I had an unexplained fear instantly and a very uneasy feeling that something was not right with this growl. I have never had real paranormal experiences before but over time thought maybe something evil was just passing through and I happened to just be there. What say you?

Hi guys,

Being from Australia does N. Fla translate as north Florida?

Chip, there are more beings on earth than we realise, some animalistic, some not. Unless we heard the sound its hard to say what it might be. You and Icey have covered the ‘animal’ side of things very well. I was thinking ‘dog’ or ‘panther’ myself, but there are elemental (nature spirit) beasts around these days too. The questions I have are: did the growl happen when you turned on the light to go outside, or after you had been there some time? Why would something want to draw attention to itself that way? What else were you doing at the time (going to step off the verandah?? .. or what were you thinking about?) Some entities feed on fear, so a flash of panic from you could be a bit of a snack for it.

Sorry I can’t be more help,
Love & Peace

Hi Ama, first, yes north Fl., but this happened in central Fl. where I llve now in a subdv. in a semi-rural area. I did not turn on any lights but enough moon out to see. I was on patio for about 3-5 mins. when this occurred and I was perfectly calm and still just standing there. The growl in question if I can be frank, sounded evil and not of the natural, that and the feeling that overcame me suggest this. I have been on my patio several times since I don’t smoke in my home. I will say that when it’s late and I step out for a smoke I often worry I may hear it again, I hope not. I did install a motion light on that corner of the home. I do and have watched a few paranormal shows, my ghost stories and the likes, this can’t trigger anything can it? I am sane and not obsessed with that type of shows but do find them interesting especially since my experience.

Im from canada and have never been that way, however I do believe that werewolves,aliens,vampires etc exist. I had a friend in high school who was a vampire. So here are my questions, whas it a full moon? Did it sound like a deep growl or a higher pitched growl? Another theory that comes to my mind is big foot, where I live in northern alberta, there have been many big foot sightings and reports. In fact big foot can growl and its rather bone chilling from what iv heard. Or it could simply be a skin walker. All are a possibility,my suggestion would be to do some research and find out what kind of creatures have been spotted in your area and go from there.

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