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What Is Going On With Me?

I have a question regarding an activity that has happened twice in my life. I have had sights, I even have been attacked by some strange looking demon and have been held down by some lady that looked like an old ugly woman and a girl about 10 years old but very strong.

What I’m wondering about is being thrown inside my dads body to see something that was about to happen to my son. Oh it did happen to my son. At the moment I was in the body I couldn’t focus on what I was suppose to because I was so amused over the eye sockets. The bony area around the eye. I felt nothing but amusement.

What is that traveling into another and how would one do it again? Oh I figure I have some dang ghost around me but I worry someone is talking to my grandson at times. He dead stopped in the middle of sliding down the slide when he said, and I mean he was angry and pointed to his head saying to someone, “Your crazy this is my house”. Not sure who he was talking to but since he has something he can see or do, I didn’t want to take that from him or add to it.

We didn’t say anything to him just looked at him and wondered who he was talking to. However, later that night he referred the conversation to “they” so I take it there were more than one he was talking to.

I’ve been attacked in this home twice and even moved my bedroom downstairs because of it. Usually I’m not afraid of a ghost cause I’ve been around so much strange stuff now and I normally would tell them to settle down and stop cause I’m tired and want to go to sleep. However after being really assaulted upstairs I had to move down here.

Asked by Linda

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Hello Linda,

Simple answer – you astral travel. That means that your spirit can leave your body and go places .. though going ‘into’ people, unless in times of emergency, is not good practice for either of you. Usually we only do that sort of thing during certain types of spiritual healing. No matter how ‘fun’ it feels, its actually an invasion of personal space, and our bodies are only supposed to house one spirit, not many.

Your grandson also sees ghosts and possibly spirits. That’s never easy for a child, particularly when they get demanding (ghosts – spirit never do us any harm). You might consider teaching him how to protect himself from unwanted entities, by scrolling down to the bottom of this webpage and following the link through to White Light Shields. They are easy to create and very helpful. The instructions are on the webpage. The shields will also benefit you.

And while you are at the bottom of this webpage, I suggest you also open the Michael Invocation page and use it to clear your home .. so that you can move upstairs again without having to worry about anything hurting you.

I have a few questions .. what happens to your body when your spirit is not inside it? What were you doing when your spirit left to visit your father .. and was your son all right? There had to be a good reason for you to do that, even involuntarily. The fact that it happens could mean that your father is vulnerable to entity intrusion, so he should also learn to use the shields, for his own protection. Lastly, was he aware that you were there too?

Love & Peace