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What Am I Seeing That Looks Like People?

When I was little I was able to see “people” that weren’t there, as nobody else saw them. Now I find as I am driving I can see them on both sides of the highway, some are mirror-like meaning you can only notice them because they look exactly like the surroundings except it doesn’t match up. Others look like regular people except they are cloudy and you can see through them. They are always very busy doing what I do not know and never notice me.

Yesterday I was looking out of my sons window watching these people coming in and out of his house, and last night I saw one on the side of the road sleeping, and another just fly up into the air effortlessly.

I do not feel frightened, and I only tell a very few people, some believe me some do not. And I can also see animals as well.

I guess my question is, am I crazy?  Am I hallucinating?

Asked by Todiann

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Hello Todiann,

One of my many jobs over the years, was to drive a taxi at all hours of the day and night. I had the lease, and actually, I loved the night shift .. particularly about 2.00am after we had taken the drunken university kids back to college and the night became very quiet, with just two of us working in my small country town.

Often the only fares we had for the night were the ghosts. One lady, in a knitted top and denim skirt, was waiting for me on the taxi rank. Others, like joggers and ladies pushing prams, went up and down the main roads regularly. I don’t think many of them knew they were dead, quite truthfully, but I made a point of sending as many as possible into healing (heaven) once they caught my attention. I would request that whatever entrance the ghost was using turned into a gate into heaven, or just imagined one in front of them as they walked along oblivious to the real world. They would disappear into it and not appear again. I did night shift on and off for 2 years, so I checked.

So no, you are not crazy, hallucinating, or anything like that. You are like me, and millions of others of us ..we see ghosts. I say ghosts because they never made it to heaven after they died. Spirits have, and they know exactly where they are, and who they are, when they visit.

Oh, and its the same for animals too ..they love to visit. I have had any number over the years. I just wrote a long answer to someone about some of my ‘animal visitors’… that’s the link.

Love & Peace

Hi Todiann,

I also sometimes see what seems to be people, especially out of the corner of my eye. Objects and plant shrubs look like they were humans walking by and the sound of a door shutting closed sounds like it calls my name, as funny as that sounds. Have you tried examining an area with your minds eye and see if you notice any more ghosts clearer that way? That’s how I found a ghost cat one day next to my home and realized the things I am seeing, in my head and with my eyes, are more real than I thought!