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Vanity Changes Color

Today I was standing in front of my vanity looking into my mirror. All of a sudden the vanity top started to change to a darker color with crooked lines spreading across my vanity and sink. Then it slowly changed back to it’s normal color. What was it?

Asked by Kelly Brown

One reply on “Vanity Changes Color”

Hi Kelly,

That is nowhere near enough information to say what was happening. I have questions.

1) What time of day or night was it?
2) How much light was in the room?
3) How long had you been standing staring in the mirror?
4) Where you trying any spells or invocations to get something to appear in the mirror?
5) Had you been taking any drugs that might cause hallucinations?
6) Did the vanity change ‘in the mirror’, or right under your hands?
7) Do you have problems with your eyes?
8) Do you suffer from epilespy or fits of any kind?
9) Was there any feelings associated with what you were seeing, not including your sense of surprise?
10) Did the temperature in the room go down, up or stay the same?
11) How long did the event last?

I think that about covers it to begin with?

Love & Peace
Ama Nazra