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Understanding The Forces (Energies) Of Paranormal

This is my understanding of the Paranormal, and how things happen in the reality of this world. I am researching a lot of the areas of Paranormal. I years of experience in Daemonology, and have studied the Dark Arts, and Witchcraft for many years. I respect all religions. Nevertheless, this not really the question, of questions. I am writing a book(s) on some the topics, which I cannot really say what they are.

Understanding the Forces of Paranormal, and how to understand the logical side of this dimension. In the afterlife, it is really hard to place the subject in the paranormal, not because I wish to dismiss the subject, it is hard to really write about this subject with title above.

I believe we can create Bad spirits, which in general is not really the case. The Spirit world is a high level of dimension, and has many bad and good areas, traveling from one place to another.

The Paranormal world exists, in varies of branches, from Ghosts, to Bad Spirits, and entities.

You must think how many people have past on to spirit worlds, and realms, and some have never left this world. And years span a thousand fold.

I wish for some feed back, from Normal people, I mean people of open minds, and there experiences of paranormal.

Asked by Darkco(sg)