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Three Rings Three Knocks Three Nights In A Row

I was lying in bed early in the morning, around 3:30 am. I heard 3 knocks on my apartment door. Then the telephone rang 3 times. I looked at the phone and there was no light on. This happened 3 nights in a row.

I thought it could a meaning in the bible, but there wasn’t anything there. I use to see ghost when I was little, about until the age of 10 years old. They gradually ceased when I moved to D.C. This is the first time I’ve heard something in a long time.

I’m still here in the city. I stop being afraid of them, with all the noise and lights. I was wide awake, I just don’t know what it could mean….. or, if it means anything. I haven’t heard it again, and it’s been two months.

What do you guys think?


Asked by Beatrice

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Hi Beatrice,

My first thought is has someone in your family died recently? It appears someone was trying to get your attention, but if it wasn’t a family member, it could be practically anyone who has died – which leads to questions such as can you remember what you were thinking about when you heard the knocks on the door? Or did you have any strange dreams when you did go to sleep?

And does your home still feel a bit spooky?

Love & Peace


If you are able to rule out recent deaths whether related to you directly or indirectly then there are some other things to look at. First off, where you reside. If it’s in an apartment building or condominium have you had any recent neighbors move in or out? If it’s a house than the same goes; any new neighbors moving in or out? On a more personal level – but we used to call “the quick checklist”; have you recently purchased anything from an arts fair, fleamarket, or secondhand store? More specifically, have you been given any gifts or presence lately? Especially from people you may not know very well.

There is also another avenue or question rarely looked at (as in it never was or is looked at). That is religious devotion. We categorize religious devotion into 5 types: 1st, Vocational; 2nd, Lay. 3rd, Active; 4th, Passive; 5th, None. The usual two targets for evil is 1, 2 and 3. People of religious vocation are always targets of evil as are people that are extremely active in their devotion. We don’t attach any right or wrong to any of the five. But 1, 2 and 3 have been historically singled out.

The reason I explained this is that if a person was passive and is edging toward active; or the reverse, this may attract negative energies that will try and influence the individual. I’ve had enough experience with all 7 stages of demonic influences (yes, there are 7) that I would have to go with a death that is recently occurred. Whether it’s in your family are not, or if you have brought something into your home recently that could again be connected to a recent death. Granted the groupings or sets of three are kind of spooky but they are not a definitive ‘yes’ or ‘no’ to the demonic. Hollywood has forever brainwashed us with threes. My family even believes that deaths always occur in threes; but nobody says anything about ones or twos.

Another not so remote and not so weird explanation our modern times. Has the stress level at work/home recently increased without really taking notice of it? This is been a big factor I know what myself before I was disabled. I am definitely a type 3-4 and will pray for you. Deus tecum est semper.


Hi Kristoph,

Interesting answer, thank you .. but I would question these:

“People of religious vocation are always targets of evil as are people that are extremely active in their devotion.”

If all these people were ‘always’ targets, I’ve have a lot more work. And are you speaking about problems with demons or ghosts? Ghosts will haunt anyone, and there are far more them than there are demons. Demons attack the vulnerable, but what makes their victims vulnerable often has nothing to do with their faith, practiced or not.

Also, it wasn’t Hollywood that brainwashed people into believing that ‘things happen in threes’ .. its a superstition thousands of years old. Hollywood, and other active media centres, are certainly adding fuel to the fire of people’s beliefs and fears about the unknown, but they are only one culprit among many. Having lived through the ‘things happen in threes’ experiences for most of my life, I am numbered among the believers.

In the meantime, I am curious of your version of the seven levels of demonic possession .. though I think it has absolutely nothing to do with Beatrice’s question.

Love & Peace