Tall Shadow Figure Says Thoth

I keep seeing a tall shadow figure in my house it stares at me and hurt me when I told it to leave in the name of Jesus Christ.

I have the same dream over and over of a clown doll with black smoke emanating from its eyes that I feel intense fear to look upon. It tells me its known me since the dawn of time then says, “THOTH” over and over and says to seek him out.

Asked by Timothy

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Keep telling him to leave in the name of Jesus Christ. when he tries to talk to you, keep ordering him out in Jesus name. dont listen to him and try not to be afraid or angry because he will feed off that negative energy and become stronger. stay strong in faith, angels fight these demons for us everyday – but the demons will always loose.

Hi Timothy,

How old are you and do you watch horror movies on tv? And how did it hurt you when you told it to leave in the name of JC?

Thoth is an old egyptian godd .. it is not some new age wonder ‘god’ that is going to help you, but more likely a demon playing games.

Or is it saying ‘you’ are thoth?

The dark like to play games with living people. I suggest you clear your energy with the Michael Invocation, that you will find a link to at the bottom of this page .. and use it to clear your home as well. You can. Humanity has the authority to protect itself from evil, so do so.

Love & Peace

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