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Feelings Of Being Watched And Followed By Wolf

Growing up I have had many ghostly and unexplained “happenings”, however since I was 16 (24 now ) I keep checking over my shoulder when I’m outside at night expecting to see a wolf or werewolf like I’m being followed but never see anything, its to the point now where every time I pass a window I look out expecting to see either a pair of eyes staring back at me or a black wolf watching me standing by one of the light thats by the kitchen window or the light thats about 20 feet from the patio door.

My mind can place a faint image of the creature, likeĀ  if some one reads you a story and you make an image of your head of a character as the story describes type thing. I dont know if its just me or what but I’d like to be able to go out at night and know that if I feel like I’m being followed or watched that its not my imagination.

Asked by Rachele