Ghosts And The Spirit World

Marine Spirit Or Spiritual Husband?

In part of Africa where come from people believe in a lot of stuff, sometimes makes me wonder if its like that with other countries.

A friend of mine told me his girlfriend confessed to him that she is married to a marine spirit, after he told her that he have been having a weird dream of late. In the dream a man would always attack him and accuse him of sleeping with his wife. Now the man in the dream warned him to stay off the girl or he will rain misfortune on him.

The girlfriend confessed when he told her about his dreams she told him that she have tried all means to get rid it (going to Church and all) still nothing. Lately she was told to go to her family house buy orange soda, then pour libations to appease the marine spiritual husband. But still it is not at peace. So is there anything like marine spirit or spirit husband?

Asked by Chinelo