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Spirit Crawling In Bed With My Mother

My mother has been having someone or something crawl in to bed with her. It has been occurring more frequently and it is becoming more aggressive with her. She is not able to sleep at all and it is truly affecting her sense of security and life in general. If anyone has any advice or suggestions, we would appreciate it greatly.

– In the spring, early one morning she felt someone/something bump in to her bed. She wasn’t asleep and assumed it was the dog but she thought it was weird she couldn’t hear the dog claws on the wood floor. Then she felt someone climb in to the bed. She knew she was awake so she thought someone had broken in to the house. She was paralyzed with fear and laid there for a moment. Then she sprang up and was swinging her arms but no one was there.

– A few months later, the same thing happened. This time, she was on her side and the “person” climbed in and laid up against her body. She said she’s sure it’s a male and could feel his weight against her body. No one was there.

– A few weeks ago, “he” climbed in to bed with her and this time he laid horizontal across the bed, so his body was laying across her lower abdomen and legs.

– Tuesday night, “he” climbed in to bed and lightly poked her lips with his finger. Obviously he was tying to get her attention.

She told me about these issues on Saturday night when I was in town visiting her. She was so upset when she was telling me this that she actually started crying. I looked up some paranormal investigation companies in NC and told her to call them in case it happens again. Neither of us were worried about it last night because I was there with her and it’s only happened to her while she’s alone in the house.

I went to bed around 1pm and wasn’t scared or thinking about it. Around 5:58am, I woke up on my left side and flipped over to my right side. I sleep with an eye mask so I wasn’t sure of the time. Right after I flipped over, I heard the bedroom door move. I assumed it was my mom because she closes my door when she wakes up. My bedroom is by the kitchen so she doesn’t ever want to wake me. After I heard the door, I felt something crawl on to the bed on the left side. It was coming up behind me. It wasn’t heavy like a person but I could every movement coming towards me. I was so scared that I could move. I finally was able to hello “hello ghost” and I flipped over quickly. Nothing was there. The experience was terrifying.

Thank you for your time and any assistance!

Asked by Camille

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Hi Camille,

It sounds as though you have a ghost in the house. I would suggest that you either have your mother’s house blessed by your local priest or minister, or you can scroll down on this webpage to the link for the Michael Invocation, and both of you say it for the house, and for yourselves. That should take care of the problem. The instructions are on the webpage itself.

Love & Peace

Hi Ama Nazra! What do it mean when you dream you at work at a tall man came in the room where i was and it look like i was sitting on a bed and he was sitting there holding me and he smells so good and it look like we was just sitting there and my coworkers came in the room and ask me what are you doing and i laughed and said he smells good and then i acted like i was sleep and he got up and told them i was his good luck charm and he said he won and he said he was going to give me $1,700 and i said no and began to leave the room and my aunt who past years ago was in the room lying on the couch and he ask her is she some ken to me and she said yes and he gave her the money and i came back in the room and took the money out of her hand and i recounted the money and i said it’s not $1,700 and put the money can you please tell me what this dream means.

Hi Vanessa,

When a dream has a message I can usually see it clearly and easily. When it is a bundle of wishful thinking, or hopes and fears, combined with memories of events, or things you have seen or experienced, it comes across as just that ..

If the tall man in your dream, who smells good (which I remember from the movie ‘Michael’ from many years ago – all the women said he smelled like cookies) was an angel, handing your aunt money which she gives to you, could symbolise abundance coming to your family, or through your family .. so you would benefit too. That he said he was your good luck charm, is not the words or acts of an angel .. who are protective and don’t play games of chance .. so if he was ‘real’ its more likely he’s someone trying to bribe you in some way, or pay you to do something for him, but the dream might symbolise the need not to trust this person, because he short-changed you .. didn’t give you everything he promised. Some agreements are better not made. Be careful what you commit yourself to, if you haven’t already done so.

Love & Peace