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Someone In My Bed

Hello, my husband passed 17 yrs ago, and I miss him terribly!

Last night I rolled over in bed and was on my back, when I felt someone getting in or out of the bed! It sunk down. The blankets made a rustling sound also, which happened to me once before at the bottom of the bed. I kept my eyes closed and did not feel scared.

Do you think it was my husband? How can I be sure? I’m a little nervous! Thank You.

Asked by Patti

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Something similar happened to me. When my wife died in 1999 sometimes in bed at night I could feel her hand on the back of my head. It wasnt scary, but kind of comforting as if she was trying to say everythings fine now.

Hello Patti,

As long as you felt safe, it may well have been your husband. People are becoming more sensitive to the spiritual planes now, so visits like this become more noticeable.

But .. please don’t ‘invite’ the entity to do that again, just in case it isn’t your husband. There are beings that will take advantage of the living if you let them. Your husband will never hurt you or make you feel uncomfortable, if he comes to visit again.

Love & Peace

Hello Ama,
Are there any way of knowing we have been visited by our loved one’s spirit or some kind of entity? Is there communication technique that we can use?


Hello again,

If you had been visited by a negative entity you would know. You would feel cold, frightened, maybe helpless or lost, depending on what the entity was .. an if it was a ghost, whether they tried to share the memories that trapped them with you. That’s what they do with me, because I am a spirit rescuer, a form of medium, who can help lost souls cross into heaven.

When a spirit of someone we love comes to visit, memories of them pop into our minds, happy ones, conversations we had .. they either seem to repeat, or suddenly go off on tangents, particularly if we are concentrating on something else. I have a few ‘friends in spirit’ who pop in from time to time, and its like they have popped in for a moment, left a hug and some lovely warm energy, and gone again. That’s another sign of a good spirit, that they only stay for a moment, and don’t hang around forever.

Negative entities can give a person nightmares, they can try and interfere with your body, they can try and influence you to do bad and unhealthy things, like hurt yourself or others, or drink too much, or take drugs, or overeat .. usual mistakes that living people make, that are then encouraged by what feels like a voice in your mind. You will note that I wrote ‘feels like’ because sometimes we can’t hear a thing, but we still do something we wouldn’t usually do, and can’t work out why we did it.

The best way to communicate with those who have died is to go to a trained professional for a chat. It’s much more fun that way too, because then you don’t have to doubt what you saw, felt or heard. Visit a medium, ask them to get in contact with the person you love, and then ask them to get the spirit to tell them/you something that no one else can know .. then you’ll know its really your loved one, and that life continues after life .. and that is always reassuring.

Love & Peace

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