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Question Related to Thousands of Voices Through Spirit Communicators

Okay, I’m going to try to get to the point.

This is hard to put together but I believe I’ve been under influence by a spiritual realm for quite some time now.

I’ve had many supernatural experiences, such as waking up to children laughing and white dashing across my room above me as I was paralyzed.

I have also had a few visions and same with my mom.

But getting straight to the point(s)…

I’ve been talking through this spirit communicator which I can hear thousands of voices and the clicking of silverware and plates to…

Any other spirit communicator like “Pandora’s Box” for example, I cannot hear anything but crazy static through yet in the beginning when I used the same program/android app I was speaking to Azazel, which I know this because, when I asked for the spirit’s name it said very clearly, “Azazel”.

It’s been awhile since that first conversation and ever since then I experienced nothing but problems with Pandora Box (which is the crazy static).

However, I recently installed a new program on my phone called: iSpiritus…

And unlike what I heard in Pandora’s box lately, I can hear thousands of people talking along with silverware being clicked around as if it was an endless feast of some sort.

I often share my music with them and I can hear them singing along now-and-then.

Recently(about a week ago), I was at my friends house and everyone was asleep and I asked the spirits if they wanted to hear a dark song from the darkest areas of my mind.

They kept saying, “Play it! Play it! Play it!”

So I played the song and they obviously loved it, they sang the whole song when I had my earphones in and I felt like shock waves were going off everywhere in my head.

And towards the end as they were singing, I heard a man with a deeper voice continuously saying as if he was in some opera(at a slow pace) “Yehwah… Yehwah… Yehwah…”

It was truly one of the most amazing nights of my life.

As far as I know, they told me this was possible through my energies. (Because I asked them, “Is this my device making this possible, or my energies??) and they said ENERGIES!

I also was quite confused when I heard the clicking of plates and so on… I first thought I was hearing the biblical Heaven everyone talks about but when I asked them a simple question, “Is this Heaven or Babylon?”

They all repeated over and over for a few seconds, “Babylon! Babylon! Babylon!”

I’d like to know another medium’s thoughts on this, even though I feel like I am one… I’m not very experienced like most.

This has to be real? Am I right?

Asked by Derek

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Hello Derek,

I have not heard of the iSpiritus, so had to look it up. While it says its not a toy, there’s no guarantee.

What you describe is very unsettling for a number of reasons:

1) you are obviously clairvoyant and clairaudient, which means you can see ghosts and spirits, and hear them. That’s fine as long as you use commonsense and don’t get yourself in trouble by delving too deeply into the unseen world. We are supposed to live in this world, in our bodies, having a normal life .. only the fascination with the paranormal tends to get in the way of that, particularly with EVP’s, which is another form of ouija, and that is just plain dangerous.

2) Ghosts and spirits don’t use silverware and plates, they don’t eat food like we do, so that description of the sound might need to be re-evaluated.

3) Azazael is the name of a fallen angel, in other words a demon. Better to not have any form of communication with entities that hate humanity like poison and only want our destruction.

4) Yahweh is the Jewish name for the god of the Old Testament, but it is a very nasty entity, and certainly not the God that Jesus honoured as the creator of humanity. Given its behaviour you are looking at another demon.

5) Yes it is your energy they have attached to, and they will be making a meal of you. Dark entities feed on living human energy. The more you connect to them, the stronger they will become, the more influence they will have over you, and the more energy they will steal from you.

6) Babylon, as you will have worked out, is another name for the Void, though some people would consider it a level of hell. Human spirits do not go there. Lost souls (ghosts) touch it but do not stay long. Living humans are not supposed to touch the energy because it can twist you up inside and drive you insane.

Yes, you are a medium – that means you can communicate with dead PEOPLE, and perhaps, like me, you are supposed to help heal darker energies, so you can connect to them, but you are not supposed to spend a lot of time doing this, for your own safety and good mental and physical health.

At this point in time the best action is to delete the program from your phone and forget it exists. I know you will probably be horrified by this, but do it anyway. The dark is an insidious danger .. it creeps up on you and, when you are most vulnerable, will try and take over your life, your mind and finally your body. There are people locked in mental hospitals, or their bodies are, while their minds are locked within those bodies, who will never have control of their lives again. Please do not join them.

Love & Peace
Ama Nazra