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Question About Bloody Mary

I read a post of Bloody Mary and paranormal experts says that there is a spirit known as Bloody Mary.

At night if you dim your light of your room and look into mirror and say Bloody Mary 3 times, a spirit will appear or pass.

It is also said that there are many incidents who proved this right.

I just want to ask is this really true and if yes did the spirit harm or kill anyone or something worse.

Is there someone who tried it and is still fit and fine. Is Bloody Mary harmful to us?

Please let me know.

Asked by Bhushan

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Hello Bhushan,

It’s a hoax. Bloody Mary is supposed to the first child of King Henry the eighth and Katherine of Aragon. A quick search on google finds a great many links that will tell you about that very sad queen, and lots of other nonsense stories with female ghosts of different names and ages, all who will appear in a mirror if called. Mind you, a face might appear in the mirror if your house is haunted, so calling one is not a very smart idea. Ghosts are lost, hurt, angry human beings who no longer have their bodies, and often don’t know they are dead .. they need to be in healing, not entertainment for curious ghost hunters.

As to whether a ghost can kill someone .. I grew up seeing ghosts and demons. Ghosts may give you a bad fright, and if you have a weak heart, it might give out .. but the ghost didn’t kill you, your own body did. And you can frighten yourself with fearing what they ‘might’ do, but again its not the ghost. Demons have more fun keeping people alive and harassing them, but there are not as many around as people believe .. so stay away from ouija boards and don’t invite either entity to bother you. They are not a game, and nor is that board.

Love & Peace
Ama Nazra

First off, as much as it would be nice if there were such thing as paranormal experts and gurus, there really isn’t such a thing. We’ll never been experts or gurus in any field and the paranormal is but one of them. While I have done paranormal research and investigation in the past as a hobby and professional work at one point, I’ve never considered myself the most knowledgeable person.

Negative entities love people that are pompous, full of themselves and any other negative emotion or action, they feed off of that stuff. Ama is also correct, there aren’t that many demons out there. Granted, demons and other negative entities go by a whole variety of different names depending on the language and culture of a given people at a certain time in history.