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My Son Is Scared

My Son Is Scared

Lately my son has been feeling as if something or someone is watching him he has been tapped on the shoulder and touched.

The other day he was walking towards my daughter and she saw something behind him it looked like a skinny girl but as he got closer no one was there.

What could this be?

Asked by Stephanie

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Hi Stephanie,

It appears your daughter can see ghosts, so it is possible your son can too, or certainly sense them.

Sometimes, after a person dies, they get trapped between ‘heaven and earth’ and do not go into the place of love that all people go to at the end of their lives. This can happen for soooo many reasons, but sometimes it happens because of violent death, or death from illness, or from a shock of some kind, like car accidents. The spirit of the person, which is now called a ghost, can wander the earth, because they are looking for something, even if they don’t know what that ‘something’ is. Sometimes they find a person who seems, feels, or looks, familiar, and when you are lost, any person that feels that way can give a ghost a bit of security as they struggle to remember who they were and what happened to them. In all cases, we should truly help these people cross over, whether we believe in a ‘heaven’ or not.

To do that is really very simple and requires a spoken request. For your daughter, who thinks she saw the girl ..

“Archangel Michael, please Find the girl ghost that I saw behind my brother, and Take her into healing.”

The words Find and Take are important. The Find command allows our angels (and no you don’t have believe in them either) to seek out the ghost/girl and talk to her, even if she thinks she’s invisible. The Take command allows the angel to take her hand, or touch her shoulder, and they retain that contact until both of them cross into the healing place. It’s there the girl will know who she was and who she is now. The change takes only a moment and is beautiful.

Your son can also make the same request.

“Archangel Michael, please Find the being that I feel is watching me and touching me, and take it into healing”. That will cover any other possible entity if it is not the girl that your daughter saw.

I have been using this request to rescue lost souls for over 20 years. It always works. It is not about our belief, but about our human gift to creation change around us every moment of our lives. Gandhi is ascribed the words “with our thoughts we make the world”, and so we do.

Love & Peace
Ama Nazra

I have seen a ghost before. But appeared and looked just like they did only younger. Was a School Teacher over 100 when she died.

Hi Jim,

The lady probably appeared to you as she thinks she looks now, rather than who she became over time. We all have a mental picture of ourselves, accurate or not, that we could project to our families and others, when we choose to appear to them. It is also possible that whatever event trapped the lady you saw actually happened to her when she was the age she looked when you saw her. How we feel about events in our lives can also keep us from seeking healing after we die, but the door is always open when we are ready to return to our true Home (heaven in whatever form you imagine it might be).

Love & Peace
Ama Nazra