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Knocking On Headboard And Footsteps By The Bed

I fell asleep watching TV in bed after dinner. Just after 7 pm I was shocked awake by 3 tremendous knocks behind my headboard. I jumped up and heard a shuffling sound beside my bed in the pitch dark room. Panicked, I turned to put the light on, and heard HEAVY foot steps running away from the bed and out into the hall. It was already gone as I turned back. My cats were sleeping with me, the male chased whatever it was out into the hall.

The female cat and I ‘watched’ as the source of the sound moved down the steps and into the room below us. Then another “person” started running on the floor above us and then the female cat ran out to investigate (both cats behave like dogs when strangers are in their territory). I was too scared to move, instead I called a relative who lives nearby and said I heard an intruder. In the end, I heard what sounded like 3 people in different areas of the house at the same time and then …it just stopped. Both cats came back. The female jumped on my lap and trembled, the male seemed agitated and kept pacing.

When my relative arrived and checked the house, all was as it should be. I can find possible explanations for the pounding, including I was still dreaming, but I can’t explain the chaos that followed. Now, all the lights are on, and I know the doors are locked and I’m safe, but I can’t sleep. I keep thinking of whatever it was that was standing over me as I slept and then ran out of the room.

This is the second time in the last few months that I woke up to 3 loud knocks, but last time, it was just the knocking and I was able to convince myself it was a dream and go back to sleep. No chance of that tonight.

I don’t know what this is or what to do about it. Please help.

Asked by Tracey