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Is There A Way To See Paranormal Things More Clearly?

I’m one of those people who could be called ‘a little bit haunted’ – for most of short life, I’ve seen and heard just enough to make me wonder about my sanity, but nothing incredibly tangible: I’d catch occasional glimpses of out of focus figures in my peripheral vision, I hear whispering voices, but can never catch what they’re saying, or I think I sense other people but can’t see or hear them at all.

I was wondering if there’s any way to ‘turn up the volume’ – an effective way to actually see and/or hear these things clearly.

Asked by Mickey

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Hi Mickey,

Most people ask how to turn ‘down’ the volume, if not turn it off completely.

If you are a natural clairvoyant/clairaudient (seeing & hearing) you should develop the gift over time, otherwise try and find a training class somewhere near you and go to group lessons. If you know of a Spiritualist church they usually have them.

In the meantime, if you scroll to the bottom of this webpage you’ll find the links to the Michael Invocation and White Light Shields. Learn them and use them both, the instructions are the webpage. Being able to hear ghosts means they can see you too. A little Light protection can be a very useful tool.

Love & Peace