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Is It Possible To Unconsciously Cast Curses?

Is it possible to cast a curse by unconsciously disliking someone for a certain reason?

I have this way of thinking that feels semi-conscious, similar to daydreaming. I don’t believe this way of thinking is exceptional, but when I get annoyed of someone in this state of thinking, bad things tend to happen to them. The bad things that tend to happen, tend to be in relationship with the reason why I got annoyed.

Is this coincidence? Is there a name for this phenomena and can I turn it around? I don’t want to be a bringer of bad luck. If I am gifted with anything alike, I’d prefer to bring good luck to those I like. Although I am not sure if I might not already be doing so too.

To be clear:

I don’t tend to actively/consciously dislike people or wish them bad luck. I don’t hope for them to get hurt, and in the exceptional cases that I consciously do wish bad to anyone, nothing happens to them.

Asked by Rombert

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Hello Rombert!
A first thought comes to mind; ENERGY FOLLOWS THOUGHT! So you may want to get your thoughts and feelings in check! You see, by nature we are creator beings and we create energy forms by our thoughts and emotions.
The other possibility is that these are all mere coincidences. You might just be believing that you are the cause of all these occurrences when in fact it just could be happenstance or due to their own doing.

My best advice is to just keep your thoughts and emotions in check and most importantly, take responsibility for those thoughts and emotions! We are all responsible for the energies we send out into the Universe whether intentional or not! So, when you are feeling particularly agitated or angry, stop and count to ten and pay close mind to what you are thinking and try to replace it with calming peaceful thoughts as often as possible. When you are angry and think malicious thoughts(or even just slightly devious) toward a specific person, you sometimes can send that energy and intent their way. So own your feelings and say to yourself, although I am angry or aggravated, I have a right to my feelings but not to willing any malice on another human being. It’s all in your intent. I also recommend doing meditation and calming techniques to help you better control your emotions, as well. Taking Anger management courses are not a bad idea if you are really concerned about getting control of your thoughts and emotions! Keep me posted and best of luck to you! Hope all works out! Peace, Love and Light. Luna Terra

Hi Rombert,

I have another possibility.You mentioned that the “bad luck events” happen when you get into a day dream mode, yet when you have tried sending bad wishing thoughts on purpose, nothing happened. My idea is that these little day dreams aren’t “day dreams”, they’re the beginning of seeing the future. The annoyed feelings might be feelings from the future, unless you got annoyed because they did something beforehand. So there might not be anything about curses to worry about. You might be seeing and feeling the future events of people’s lives or something you’re going to see in your life about another persons life. I know, way out there possibility but it’s out there!

Also, being able to put a curse on someone isn’t a gift. It’s not a psychic gift.

Hi guys, great answers.

Rombert, I don’t see anything about curses in this question. But when I read it my first thought was ‘oh the karma involved’ … so let me give you an answer that combines both of the above.

“With our thoughts we create the world” is perfectly true. You wrote that you don’t consciously hate or try and hurt people, but you actually are creating the energy of harm by not taking control of where your thoughts are going. While Micle is right, you might just be ‘seeing the future’, you could also be reinforcing what will happen by continuing to focus it. When I ‘see’ an event I do not like or want to happen, I deliberately refuse to allow it to happen. I say “no, that will never be!” and shift my thoughts to a different, happier outcome. It might not be easy to do when you feel hurt or angry, but in the long run its better for you, and for the person or people you are thinking about.

So, an example: you are ‘daydreaming’ and see someone who annoys you get hit by a car. You should not think ‘good, they deserve it’ regardless of their behaviour. Instead think loudly, ‘NO! that is not going to happen’ and if the image won’t leave, then change it into a picture of the car missing the person completely.

Get stubborn about it. People are creators, and the power of creation, which some call magic, is stronger in the world now. We’ve run out of time to ‘learn’ to be responsible for out thoughts and actions. We have to do it NOW.

And karma .. if it is your will that the person is hurt because you reinforced it through vague ‘daydreams’, then your karma is affected negatively by the event, just as much as the person who did the harm to another.

Something to think about,
Love & Peace

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