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I Am Wondering What Type Of Spirits Are In My Home

Are my spirits malevolent?

We moved into our home about 17 years ago. After a about 5 years I noticed strange thing happening. All the basic things have happened that you would expect with paranormal activity. I had the house investigated 2 years ago and then again on May 10th. The activity is getting worse and I have many evps that I collected myself.

When they were here they felt nauseated one person was touched and their meters went crazy. They also said they heard a growl in the basement. When the woman first entered the house she said there was a man here and that he was hiding.

Just yesterday my one cat was howling at one part of the basement; she has never howled, and she was staring at something. My oldest son entered the room; it only has a curtain for a door. While he was in there the curtain was pulled aside as if someone left and then it fell back into place.

Do you think I should continue to provoke it, I already have 2 names.

Asked by Cecilia Martens

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Hi Cecilia,

You would have to say what they are doing (perhaps start there) or give someone your address so they could check the energy of your house .. but don’t do that on the internet, on a public forum. You could get a medium to come and visit and talk to them and cross them into healing, because most of the time they are ghosts, who really should not be hanging around.

The next move is up to you ..

Love & Peace

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