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Do Plants And Trees Feel Pain?

Hi, it has been a while since I’ve posted.. I love seeing new names and comments.. but, this is a silly question… I’ve read where you need to talk to your plants and let them know you love them and so forth and so on… But, really.. has there ever been scientific proof that a tree or a flower feels pain when cut down or plucked?

I know.. but I can not stand the thought of any living person or thing hurting. I guess it is the empathy that I have. What do ya’ll think?

Asked by Lisa (LaFawn)

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Hi Lisa,

Yes, there have been many tests done by scientists, that show that plants ‘feel’ pain (perhaps not in the way we do?) .. they certainly react to be cut, and they also react in different ways to different sorts of music. As for trees, they inhale our negativity and give our positive energy .. just sit under one for a while, most people feel better for doing so.

Do trees scream when they are cut down? Hmm… I wish more people would hear it, so less trees would be cut. We are busy suffocating ourselves in our incessant need for chipboard, MDF and other types of ‘manufactured’ woods, such as disposable chopsticks (no offence meant to anyone who uses them). It might be easier than washing up, but its a real burden to our dwindling ‘natural’ reserves.

I did a quick search for ‘scientific proof that plants react to being cut’ and came up with quite a lot of interesting pages. Kirlian photos are fascinating too.

Love & Peace

yes they do, with personal experience i have felt their pain and felt them love and comfort me when i felt bad and i have felt their pain when they are cut. my mother taught me and my brother when we were young that the grass and plants and trees have feelings and feel pain, thats why i stopped plucking the grass and noticed what i was doing XD i didnt realize i was so sensitive and could feel their feelings cuz when i took a look i realized it was pain i was feeling XD so yes they do feel pain and they do calm people too. take care of your plants and give them love and talk to them, they will listen and talk too 😛 sounds funny but the best plants ive had were the ones that i talked to the most and shared fun with and actually tried understanding and connecting with them. i guess they felt so much more energetic to know someone human can talk to them and they bloomed more XD it was nice. 🙂
trees and plants are living creatures just like us humans and even dogs, theyre alive so they do feel things 😛 and yes, they do move as well XD just more normal for them than to us. vines? they move XD there are some plants like mimosa pudica that move when you touch them, theyre awesome! and moonflowers bloom only at night and are really sensitive to touch 😛 its funny how its slighlty metaphorical or symbolic with this as they are so sensitive to touching them. moonflowers are beautiful and smell amazing and seem very romantic but you cant touch the creamy petals or else itll fall apart or get hurt a bit if its barely opened XD it dies in the morning though 😛 but they bloom all the time if its warm, easy to take care of 😛

there is scientific proof i just cant find it right now maybe later, but theres proof as when grass gets cut they send out a chemical signal (just like when we get hurt our brains send our signals through our bodies to tell us we’re hurt so GET BACK!) and it goes out into the air telling the other grass and plants to prepare for an attack. you know that smell when you mow the lawn? thats the chemical, thats them telling each other WE’RE BEING ATTACKED XD
theres another tree that sends signals like that when certains insects come and try to go on them and eat them. they ahve to defend themselves too XD so how are they gonna defend themselves if they dont tell each other far away that theres an intruder 😛 XD
something attacking.

sending chemcial signals is one thing. im sure they have many ways of communicating, plants have been around for millions around more than 300 million i think (unless our views of history change XD) and we have only been here for a couple million (i suppose, i dont know if you can count alien ancestors as something else XD) and if we have evolved to have emotions and stuff imagine something that has been there for longer than we have? im sure they are very awesome at doing at what they do 🙂

so. 🙂 no worries, the trees love you 🙂 love it and it will love it back 🙂 its very calming so im sure youll enjoy it. sing to it if you want it might like it

and some studies show metal music is kinda ehhh for the plants XD they seem to like classical and calming and happy music they grow better XD heavy metal and depressing ones seem to make them sicker or grow slower 😛 you can try it urself. id rahter not put on heavy metal music to kill them, maybe just set aside an experiment to have some plants taken care of normally without giving love, just water and regular sunshine and same for another set except for the other ones, give them happy music and love way more and see what happens 🙂

same stuff, just one set is given love and positive happy music 🙂 get creative if youd like and see what your plants like 🙂

im a plant freak

here are the moon flowers and mimosa pudica (you can find them in walmart or online. moonflowers are fouind in the seed section, theyre easy to grow and mimosas can be found in home depot 😛 nurseries are better though for plants 🙂 )

and here is the mimosa pudica (it moves when you touch it its fun and pretty, great for kids :P)

its all cheap stuff to buy too no worries easy to take care of 🙂

im wondering though about vegetarians though, ive heard many say they dont eat meat cuz thats killing living creatures and they have feelings so its painful…so what about plants? XD theyre living to and many places use pesticides and who knows how that makes them react. if its doing bad to people it probably isnt the best reaction to the plant XD

not to make the whole thing sad, just respect the other creatures and know they serve a purpose in life too 😛 ppl gotta eat too

k so yeah! plants got feelings. 🙂 if i find the websites ill link it here and let you know 😛

There is no scientific evidence that plants have any subjective awareness or can feel pain. People who think there is are confusing sensitivity with sentience — that is, they are confusing the capacity to react to external stimuli with the capacity to respond subjectively. Science is showing that plants have amazing abilities to react chemically to their environments, but they do not have the nervous systems and receptors that are required for consciousness and suffering. Here is one article on the subject:

I found these 2 websites and one of them has a video.
Here is the link for the one with the video:
http://www.disclose. tv/news/Science_proves_plants_feel_pain_and_have_telepathy/104529

And here is the article:

(I have deliberately broken the links as its a policy of the site not to have outside links, so if you take the space out after the . out after you copy the entire link into your browser the webpages will open – Moderator)

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