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Can Ghosts Attach Themselves To People?

I don’t know if these details are important or not but I’m 15 and a girl. We built the house the year I was born so there’s no way there’s a history to it. But I knew there’s a presence in the house that was not natural, not bad or anything. Just not living. I played with this ghost as a child and ask him (the presence just feels like a him) to move something small and he would. He moves stuff and closes doors and taps randomly and walks around the house when we wants but only when I’m there.

These things have never happened to my parents or brother. I’ve ruled out every possible explanation. No drafts or sudden burst of air when something moves or a door shuts. No one is in the house at the times these things happen or when the footsteps are heard. It just doesn’t make sense if there’s no valid reason. But I know he’s there. And has been since I was a kid.

Do you think he could’ve attached himself to me? And that’s why he only does the stuff while I’m around? He’s never once hurt me and he makes me feel safe and protected. But why would he only do these things to me? Do you think I remind him of someone or something?  Just so you know, I don’t want him to leave… I just want answers. And I’ve tried communicating with him and it didn’t work. Any ideas would be appreciated, thanks!

Asked by AJ

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Hello AJ,

Is the ghost attached? Maybe. Attracted to you, not sexually given he arrived when you were small, but because you reminded him of someone he knew when he was alive .. highly likely. The problem is, you are aging and he is not. You are alive, living, growing and changing .. he is not. He is trapped in time and space and in the same pain and fear he felt when he was alive. You get to heal. He does not. Is that what you want for him? Perpetually trapped. And what happens when it comes time for you to leave home, when you have a boyfriend, when you want privacy for various reasons .. and your ghostly companion is still hanging around .. will you turn your back and walk away and not expect him to follow?

I feel sorry for ghosts. They are literally trapped, in bubbles of energy of their own making that includes all the sorrows. When they find someone they can interact with, it only lasts moments .. for they have no ‘time’ in their world, and they do not really see into ours. This is not the way I would want to live, though I have, so I know what it feels like ..

What they truly need is to be set free .. so regardless of what you want, will you do the right thing for the young man who will never age as you do, never know free, happiness, safety, peace .. will you help set him free?

It’s simple to do so. “Archangel Michael, please FIND the ghost who is around me and makes things move (or some other description) and TAKE him or her into healing”. Do it for his sake, but also do it for yours. He might be fun to play with at the moment, but it won’t always be that way .. that too I can guarantee. The longer a person is dead the angrier they become, and he might not want to share you. Give him the greatest gift of Love, and set him free.

Love & Peace

Wow it’s been forever. Hello! You are right….I think maybe it’s time to let him go. But I feel attached too. My friend saw him and said he was friendly but lately the air has changed. I have conquered my fear of the dark but now I constantly feel eyes on me and I run in the house to wherever I need to get to. I’ve recently gotten a boyfriend and things seem stranger. But he may be looking out for me. I don’t want him to leave….is there any other way? He hears what I say and I don’t want him to hear me reach out for Michael to take him away and for it not to work. I’m not super religious so the effects may not be the desired
ones. Thanks so much and I hope you reply soon! Best wishes, AJ