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Angel Baby And My Daughter

Okay so I have a 14 month old daughter but before her I had suffered a miscarriage. Now EVERYTIME I ask my daughter “where’s my baby?” She points & looks up I never taught her that.

Is there anyway kids can sense that they have an angel sibling? I’m just creeped out by this right now.

Asked by Kayla

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I know that babies and small children can see angels and spirits.people do not turn into angels when they die though Angels are angels, spirits are spirits. they are different beings. I had a miscarriage before my daughter. Was born it was close enough during my pregnancy with her I think she may have had a paternal twin but misscaried one baby and she remained it was so early in the pregnancy the doctors didn’t even know I was having twin’s .That being said I believe your daughter could be seeing the spirit of her sibling why not. I don’t feel there is any reason to be creeped out though. Maryam.

Hi Kayla,

I agree with Maryam. Humans don’t become angels, but children we have who are ‘in spirit’ do come to visit their siblings. I have son in spirit who has made his presence know quite clearly 🙂

Young children can ‘see’ everything we can’t, and if your daughter is not unhappy about her sibling visiting, then I don’t think you should worry about it, or find it creepy. If you don’t want it to happen again, so say, the spirit won’t visit again .. or never say that phrase to your daughter again. She’ll still see her sister, but she won’t bother you about the visits .. until she can talk ..

Love & Peace

Hi Kayla

A day or so after my mum’s death, my dad’s neighbour came round to offer both condolences and help. She brought her toddler with her, whom mum and dad knew very well.

At the time, I was in the kitchen. I could feel my mum hanging out in there with me – she was not best pleased at being wrenched from her body so abruptly, so was having a general moan about the whole ordeal lol!

Anyway, as soon as the neighbour, with toddler in arms, came to the kitchen door, mum suddenly lightened up and started smiling and waving at the toddler. In turn, the toddler was totally transfixed by the ‘thin air’ just behind my right shoulder where mum was standing. He then started to giggle and point and try to get his mum’s attention. His mum said something like; “why do you find the lady (me!) so funny?” The mum was totally unaware my mum was there. But the toddler recognised her and responded like he would’ve done when she was still alive.


I wouldn’t worry about your daughters reaction. It’s perfectly natural. As we get older we are taught not to ‘see’, but rather deny the existence of the sixth sense that God gave us – whether by our peers, or religions, or social lack of acceptance of anything deemed ‘spooky’.

If you find it unnerving then simply stop doing or saying anything that might encourage your daughter. But, if you are happy with the thought that she can ‘see’ then don’t discourage it but rather, allow her to grow out of it in her own time.


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