Ability To Sense Demons?

I just want to know if anyone knows anything about people who are able to sense demons.

Why would someone start being able to sense demons and have dreams of demons?

Asked by Caitlyn

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Hi Caitlyn,

Anyone can sense demons if the demons want them to. Some people, like me, are born that way.

A person might have the gift, but not have it develop, until something traumatic happens in their lives, like a head injury; or they get to a certain age – one they chose before incarnating into the world again, so that they could avoid demons, get rid of them or interact with them – I don’t recommend the last one.

You would have to tell me what the dream are about, and also what you have been watching on television, dvds and movies, before I could answer about the dreams. Often a fascination with the paranormal can lead to strange dreams, or worse, draw demons and other lesser problems, into your life.

Love & Peace

I have a friend who wanted me to ask more…
“Recently in the last couple months I have been able to sense demons around me… As well as having these dreams. Which is terrifying to me. I feel super alone in this because I know if I tried to explain to anyone I would sound crazy. The only time I tried to talk about the existence of demons out loud, I attracted one almost instantly.

My dreams are all different. Last one the world was in complete chaos and I was talking to this woman panicking about the end and her eyes turned black and i could see what she was….
Often my dreams are memories… memories of a bad situation, bad things that happened in my life but when I dream about there is a demon present.
I don’t watch much tv. Sometimes movies, mostly comedies. I used to be into watching shows about paranormal activity but I don’t do that any more because I’m worried about attracting demons and making it worse.

Do you have any suggestions? I’m so afraid and I dont understand what’s happening to me and I just want it to stop. Please help if you can”

Tell your friend s/he is not crazy. There are many of us who can do what you do. We don’t want to attract demons, but they have their own reasons for seeking us out.

Best advice – do what you are doing. Do not try to contact them. Do not pay attention when they are around. Use things like the White Light Shields and Michael Invocation (links to both at the bottom of this webpage). Watch your attitude to everything, and everyone, in your life. Always look for the Love. It’s very easy to hate when something that hates instead of loving is hanging around you. And say no if you do sense them seeking to talk to you.

I actually did this quite recently. I denied an entity’s right to talk to me, until it went away. The only time I ever conversed, for any length of time, with a demon, led to a very disrupted household; thankfully, very far away from my own family.

Often entities will encourage you to review bad memories – angels do this to help us heal and let go of the past, and any anger we hold onto related to the events. A demon doing this might be trying to claim responsibility for creating the incidents. Deny its right to do so. You can claim your dreams and do so within them. Sometimes our dreams are actually us astral travelling. If you don’t know what that means you can look it up on the internet. It’s enough to know that our spirit can lift from our body when the body sleeps, and go visiting nice places, not just bad memories. It’s a normal activity for our spirit and we always remain attached to our body for fast and easy return.

I have always been fascinated by the paranormal, and when the tv programs finally turned up .. was it 20 years ago, I saw the first when visiting England, I used to watch for fun. Now, mostly, they are a load of garbage, sensationalism and downright lies. I don’t call them entertainment .. more ‘mis-information’.

I do not know if you believe in God, but it can help to pray. The Lord’s Prayer is good and Psalm 23 .. you can look them both up on the internet if you don’t have a bible. I spent most of my growing years, from about 5 years old to after I was married at 19, sleeping with my grandmother’s bible next to my pillow. It gave me something tangible to secure my faith in. I am not religious but I know help when it turns up .. and we all have a guardian angel behind our right shoulder, one of the group governed by Archangel Michael. It might look male or female, but is neither, and will answer to Michael, or whatever name pops into your mind when you ask it. Something simple. They are always loving and supporting.

And try not to fear what you cannot see. The dark plays mind-games, if they can – so we have to be clever and not give in. They have no right to be there, so pretend they are not, and and clear your energy whenever you feel the need. The instructions for both the Invocation and shields are on their webpages.

Love & Peace

Ama, very good responses to people and great real information. Events happen in our life and sometimes, there is nothing we can do except ride it out in our own right of strong defense. There is another realm within and all around us. Sometimes, things like to play games with us. We just have to be strong, keep our faith and ask for protection, guidance and strength. Negative energy is a major player in our life. Negative energy attracts to us and carries with us…..I also feel it grows unless we release and detract that energy away from us.

I would strongly suggest to people on here reading, that we release negative energy and detract it away from us. If people in our life are negative, remind them to try and be positive. We attract what we put out.

Love and Peace as well,


Thanks, Eric,

I agree with the need for us to release our negativity in a productive and practical way … like going for a long walk, or hugging a tree. If we became more responsible for the energy our bodies produce every day (just think of all your moods and emotions; happy, sad and angry etc), this world would be a happier and more loving place. It’s very easy to be angry.

Love & Peace

Hi Caitlyn,

I don’t know if my reply to your question on demons will help you, but i can understand why you would want to know about demons. My life is strange. Strange things have been happening for as long as i can remember.

When i am asleep and wake up i can remember my dream. I have two different dreams. In some of my dreams there is an evil spirit. As far as i can work out it is an old man wearing a black coat and a black hat. I live in a bungalow and it is dark. There are church candles in each room. The candle flame seems to sparkle and has a really fain lilac glow. The other dream i have is people trying to kill each other. There is never any pain, but blood everywhere. Weapons used can be a gun or the Japanese sword.

I don’t know if i sense demons, but i can sense a dark, strange force making sure i live the life i do and it is not going to go away. When i am out shopping or on a train going to some place i can feel it with me. Like it is watching me.

Not long ago i had an interest in demons because i felt they were in my life responsible for what is happening. My interest was to try and get rid of them. Firstly, i had to have some proof that i was right and that demons do exist. Difficult to do. All the information i found said it is in my head. We get what we think and that’s that. I don’t agree. My life has nothing to do with what i think. How do you cope with something like that? No one wants to know.

I am a positive person living in an area of negative energy and i don’t know how to change it.

Hope this helps

Take care Chris

I grew up an only child around witchcraft in a very haunted house and my mom was possessed for 4 years…I experienced many severe traumatic events that’s left my mind body and soul completely damaged and in constant anguish.. I can sense and “see” demons. Very clearly. My mom’s was a huge bull like creature that walked on two legs with huge hooves that you could hear coming up the stairs.. a low animalistic/jurassic growl and he smelled like rotten flesh. He was covered in coarse nasty black fur, bull head, four giant horns that curled and piercing yellow/red eyes..when it was inside her low horrifying laugh would roll up out of her and her face would be twisted up and snarling. Her skin was tighter and looked Almost like a porslin doll, her features her sharp and exaggerated like the cheek bones and chin.. I’ve had these things follow me for years, they were like humans with no fur, like the creatures off the movie the decent? They would crawl around on the floor and slowly up onto my could see on the blankets where the hands would husband actually seen the creatures shadow on the wall as it crawl on me. I battled them constantly touching me for about 2-3 years. I have seen other creatures like one was a ball of fur little bigger than a basketball, slightly oval shaped and its feet? Were short so you couldn’t see them but it would move very quickly. Seemed to have no face …just brown fur. I have seen so many different looking ones. I have also seen angels however… the arch angel Michael has helped me before, he is so beautiful… he was so big and tall..beautiful like something you haven’t seen before. And he radiated a gold glow, a gold you have never seen. I have been surrounded by angels/archangels and felt and “seen” them fight off evil enties.. a serious spiritual warfare.. they were really really tall and felt so mom was sending out a psychic attack on me and they came to vprotect me.