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A Spirit In My Bedroom?

I’ve always been more “open” to paranormal experiences throughout my life. I’ve had many moments growing up where I’ve seen things or heard things and even felt things push me before. But, it had been years and years since I’d run into anything. But, my husband, 7 month old daughter and I all just moved into a house a few weeks back. I noticed when we first moved in that the master bedroom and bathroom seemed to be almost infested with flies.

My first thought threw back to scenes from Amityville Horror and I tried to pass it off as all the flies must have gotten in because we had so many doors open while moving in. Anyway, they all die off but then new flies just take their place, so its like a graveyard of flies in my bedroom and bathroom, with fresh flies all about. They arent buzzing around though, that’s whats odd to me, they just sit up on the walls and ceiling. I dont know if any of that is related to this next part but wanted to put it out there.

On to last night’s events… I woke up in the middle of the night to a sound, I’m not sure what the sound was, but when I opened my eyes and they adjusted to the darkness, I saw a person, wearing white, standing a few feet from my daughter’s crib (she sleeps in our room). I immediately froze, heart racing, as the person moved towards her crib, and then leaned over it, as if bending over the crib to look down on her.

I tried convincing myself it was my husband checking on her. The person turned and walked away, out of my range of sight in the dark. I immediately nudge next to me, trying to see if my husband was indeed out of bed, and fright came over me when I realized he was still next to me. I shot my gaze back towards my daughter’s crib and saw the person standing over me, moving closer.

I screamed and closed me eyes and started hitting my husband to wake up. I told him there was a person in our room, between the bed and crib, he lunged out of bed, and got between me and the crib and was in an attack stance in an instance. He kept asking me where they went and I couldn’t see a thing in the dark, so I turned on a little light near me and shown it around the room but we didn’t see anyone. I was convinced this person went into the bathroom or closet. My husband turned on the main light in the room, loaded his gun and proceeded to clear the bed and bathroom, followed by the rest of our house. All doors and windows were closed and locked. The cat was still sleeping on the couch. No disruptions to the house, no broken windows, no person, anywhere. I was hysterical, crying and insisting I did see someone. I was so panicked, I started throwing up.

Eventually, he calmed me down and assured me no one was in the house and that we were all safe. But, that’s because he firmly does NOT believe in anything paranormal, whereas I DO believe, so once I knew it was not a living person, I KNEW it was something else that I saw.

I know I was not imagining this person. I was fully awake as it happened and not under the influence of any drugs or alcohol. I went today and bought some basic protection symbols (crucifix, rosary, some medals to wear around my neck, etc) but I’m wondering if there is anything else I can do to help ward this presence off?

I didn’t get a violent or angry vibe from it, it just seemed like it was looking down on baby, and then me. But, I still don’t want it around! Help! What can I do? And any tips on talking to hubby about this, since he’s a major non believer?? THanks!!

Asked by Colleen

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Hi Colleen,

I know the feeling about not being believed, although your husband did check out the house for you, bless his heart.

You can direct him to my webpages .. the link to Sacred Gates – Ama Nazra is at the bottom of this webpage. Check out the Victorian Paranormal section and read all about ghosts and how real they are. It probably won’t convince him, but it should give him some knowledge to work with.

If anyone went near my baby I would go ballistic. Thankfully my daughter mostly found them entertaining .. she smiled and cooed and talked to them .. my son never noticed. They are both adults now. In the meantime, your ghost does not sound harmful, but, in my opinion, every ghost should be in heaven, not hanging around the living for any reason.

You have three choices. You could ask the minister of your local church to come and bless your home, or you could ask a medium to come in and talk to the ghost – specifically to cross it over, or you could scroll to the bottom of this webpage and follow the link through to the Michael Invocation and clear your home yourself, or get your husband to do so .. btw, guns don’t stop ghosts.

As to the flies .. they lay eggs very quickly. They have short lives. While they can be a sign of a haunting of some kind, they can also be getting in somewhere in the room, even through pipes .. or just be ancestors of all the others you keep spraying. It might be worth checking out the plumbing and any gaps around windows etc, before looking to a paranormal cause. You can also ‘insect bomb’ your home .. in Australia we can buy them from the hardware store .. or spray with some contact insecticide? Eventually they’ll run out, sooner the better.

Tell me how you go, either here or privately from my website,
Love & Peace