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3 Knocks 3 Nights

Hello I’m a young parent I got a son and a boyfriend. One night me and my boyfriend were laying in bed, I was (teen mom) playing video games. The mys om was sound asleep.. I had the TV on low sounds.. then there was 3 random knocks at my front door. I got up quickly unlocked the door, opened it.. there was no one in site? I closed the door locked it back up turned the outside light on and looked out the window. I seen no one. I told my boyfriend there’s no one there. He just looked at me with a curious look. We brushed it off.

The next night (2);

Me and my boyfriend decided to take a night away from each other (young couples need this ) so I was home alone with the baby, generally I was waiting for my boyfriend to get back around 11/11:30 I left the doors unlocked for him. (Me and him talked about the knock and we assumed it was kids messing around) I was laying in bed waiting for the door to open. The window curtains were open. I heard 3 knocks.. I got up and went to the door wondering why he would knock.. I looked out the window and there was no one there.. I figured it was the random knocks again so I locked the doors closed the windows and ran to the baby’s bedroom. My boyfriend got back that next day saying he couldn’t get a ride. I told him about the knocks and he got worried.

Night 3 ;

It was a normal night we forgot about the knocks going by our daily lifes then night came. I was laying in bed we had just got the baby out. I had my game on the TV but I wasn’t playing it.. me being me on a long day just laying in bed. My boyfriend was in the kitchen finishing up his cereal, he said he heard knocks.. I didn’t hear them at all.. he said it was like as if someone was upstairs pounding on the floor but no one did. He said he couldn’t tell if it was in the living room or the back door.. (the back door is in my room and I heard nothing) he came running in the room like “what?” I look at him and said “what?” He said “you didn’t knock?” I said “no, Why?” He said he heard a loud knock. We were both confused.

We never looked at the time exactly each time but all knocks happened between 11:30-12:00

The forth night nothing happen. We were expecting it. Today is day 5. Its the first of july. Its not a good day. The vibes are bad. Can someone tell me whats going on here?

Asked by Evelyn

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Hello Evelyn

Your message has arrived on the 6th August, so I would be curious to know if you have had any other knocking since then? Quite truthfully it just sounds like someone (a ghost) was trying to get your attention .. maybe to scare your boyfriend, since it was pounding? If nothing else happened, you had a paranormal experience you can share with your friends. Knockings happen, nothing much happens after that, so its really not anything to worry about. They are not even that unusual anymore.

Love & Peace

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