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What Touched Arm While I Was Going To Sleep?

Last night I was laying in bed, half in and out but aware of my surroundings. I felt like someone was tapping, or tickling my upper arm just below my shoulder. I thought that it was my husband and used the same arm to brush him off and I felt an arm.

I reached over to my husband and he was completely covered and laying on both of his hands. I turned on the light thinking that it may have been my daughter but there was no one in the room.

I am completely freaked out. I know I felt an arm when I was brushing what I thought to be my husband away…

Please help I am terrified to sleep.

Asked by Julie

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Hi Julie,

Unless it happens again, I wouldn’t be too worried about it. It sounds like a ghost came to visit for a moment, and hopefully has gone away again. If you would like to feel safer start by clearing your house, and yourself, with the Michael Invocation (at the bottom of this webpage) and then use the White Light Shields (also there) to wrap your home up .. then sleep peacefully. Odd things happen, mostly not harmful – and a visiting ghost might have simply wanted your attention.

Love & Peace

Ive had those same experiences. Shortly after my wife died, sometimes while lying in bed I could feel her hand on the back of my head.It hasnt happened for a long time now, but at times I feel fingers tapping me in bed.

The other morning, while I was still sleeping, I woke up because my bedroom was cold and pulled the blankets up close to my head. All of a sudden I felt a hard jerk, like someone was pulling the cover off me. I jumped up and looked around and there was nothing there.
Needless to say that was the end of sleep for me. I got up and left the room.

Nancy Abbott

I would have growled at whomever pulled the blankets, asked Michael to clear the ghost, rolled over and gone back to sleep. Grumble.

Love & Peace
Ama (giggling)
p.s. I have been ruder on occasion.

It has been real quiet in my house for awhile and I haven’t had to use the Michael Invocation for a long time. This time it caught me off guard. It was very early in the morning when the house is usually quiet and I’m in my best sleep, but it jerked on the blanket hard enough to wake me up!

Probably he was a male daemon. As I told in another post daemons are like human included wisdom and instinct and affection. As we humans are different in these things, they are different as well. Some of them are wise,logical, honesty and some are ignorant, emotional,lusty and so on. Essentially, daemons avoid humans and are not allowed to appear to humans unreasonably. But some daemons disobey God, appear to some humans, scare or annoy them. Or even Some evil and turbulent daemons hurt some humans. Of course such daemons are little and mostly live in the away deserts and lonely places

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